White Pete Messing With Black Memory

26 Nov

German children in blackfaceDamn them to hell. Oh, we are already there. Further down then. I managed to lose the whole article I wrote the day yester. No big deal, only some ranting on… uh. Nope. Gone. Amazing how a bit of cleansing also washes away the negative words I spilled as an alternative way to get the white demons off my back. I am sure that I was attacking white pete, arabs and jhws. Ah. Some of it is coming back to me. Jhws as the code word. The theft of Africa that is now called Arabia. And wondering how things were going in Chad. Hmmm. Let me see if I can reproduce it after all. “Black people have been coming to Hell Land for centuries already.” Yes, that was my opening line. And then…

Black people have been coming to Hell Land for centuries already. It is something white pete is blissfully ignorant of, but we have been here before the Spanish, Germans and Russians flooding in, even knew how to spell civilization. It is powerful indeed to not only know his story, but also ever more of our own story. To know that all that they have accomplished is to mimic us, but as their bodies and minds are hard-wired for evil, it looks nothing like what we taught them. Why destroy and maim, when you can create and build?

Most Surinamese Dutch and Dutch Antilleans who came to this hell pit in the belie that white pete in Hell Land would be different from those in the Americas. In Africa. In Arabia (formerly known as Africa; watch the take-over of Sudan, Mali, and what is the other one?) In Asia. Surely the lovely white stories in the school propaganda books were true? Did the white and brown teachers in fool school not make our generations belie ourselves so? White pete would not lie to children, would they? Zie ginds komt de stoomboot… (‘There is the fu@#@#@ boat…’ A rough translation, yet direct reference to the Satan Claus and black pete program.)

The same people who put their trust in their enslavers, now bemoan the fact that not only do we not get reparations because we are still seen as property of the orange shield, but all of them got their promised pensions cut. All of a sudden the former Dutch colonies are not seen as former Dutch colonies anymore. Unlawfully, but very legally, excluded by the stroke of a pen. All that is left, is to put this lie in their white story books too. To state that Hell Land got rich by… magick. Ha, fooled you thrice. The victor does not only write the stories to spell tell, but also keeps the stolen property. And property cannot own property. Unless the proprietor allows for it. Explicitly. Ever only for a short while.

Who Is the AlienI have not read the court bank verdicts yet. I need to remind myself of traps called Civil Law and Commercial Law again first. Human rights versus Property Rights. To know that commercial property rights trump all privileges awarded to the property. The white judges and courtship banks are not going to explain that to the ignorant populace who get their insight in law from tele-sick-vision and waste-papers. Your right to remain silent will be used against you. As your melanin speaks loudly against you already.

All those property units belying themselves thinking that they have civil rights when they have no property rights. No, that house belongs to the bank, but they made you responsible for the upkeep. No, that car belongs to the bank, but they made you responsible for the loss of value. No, that child belongs to the oranges, but they made you responsible for keeping it alive long enough for a ROI-al payment. And you… How old are you? You better not plan on getting older than 70 because there will be no more pension for you. Eat more poison food. Get a vaccination.

The sick judgments of the court banks are no good, because the good stuff is always left out. In the stead, I need to read the submissions to the court bank to find out if the most obvious of obvious arguments have been included: white pete is not only a beliar, but as he lives to lie, cheat, steal, maim and murder, he is the perfect servant of the-evil. Oh, that is not a legal argument? Well, find the violations of Civil Law and Commercial Law then. It is a good thing that at least one of our organizations has been collecting all the black and white papers to make it easier for the advocates. To fight the Legal Practice of Slavery. Proper respect.

Just to make something emerald clear. I do not agree with Farrakhan nor Elijah Muhammed that white pete IS THE D-EVIL. It does seem to be their cold heart’s desire. The most devious being is not the one commanding or carrying out the vile evil work, but the one to come up with the imperfect setting for that evil to come into being in the first place. White pete IS EVIL, but not the-evil. The-evil does not turn into a pathetic whimpering heap of blubbering fungi when his powers (demons) leave him. The-evil is the evil. The-evil was the first one in, and will be the last one out. White pete simply showed itself to be a perfect empty vessel to use in the ‘fall’.

No need for applause. I will be ripping my own people a new one soon. Some of us like to talk about a bunch of ignorant stuff. Even the brightest bulbs among us can still get distracted by trash and ish. Remaining unaware that the Sinterklaas bullcrap is for the lowest echelons of the sick pyramid. No one seeking to climb that pyramid would want to get caught “dead or alive” with blackface on. They command it of others, but will not risk getting their own hands and face ‘dirty’. No, the upper echelons of the toxic pyramid prefer to run around naked in the cellars or the open fields of their groves and castles. Drinking blood and semen. I would tell you more, but I do not know your age, so I will leave it at that.

Spiting their face nrey-4Would the-evil itself have a need to put blackface on? Nope. The-evil is able to hide in Indigo. Let me just say that it would only need blackface if it could not hide in the ‘dark’. Would the-evil itself have a need to run around naked and drink plasma? Nope. The-evil is already full of itself. So, watching white pete, it should be turquoise clear that as evil as they allow themselves to be, they still answer to a boss. Actually, a few bosses, but that is for the advanced class.

Enough of a recall. It is time to work on my articles on Paris. That is, I need to start writing it already. Or better yet, figure out where my next meal is going to come from. That sounds like a better plan.

(This article has already been edited. Not to worry. White pete may take offense for a second, but that selective memory does not allow for them to let go of their main target Quinsy Gario. In the stead, I do worry about whether I have offended fungi by comparing it to white pete. Such is life.)




4 Responses to “White Pete Messing With Black Memory”

  1. Jeff Nguyen November 26, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    There is his story, the one written in the blood of domination, colonization and war. Then there is our story. Our textbooks aren’t going to tell it for us. It is time for our voices and tales to be heard. Good stuff to consider here, NBP.

    • No Black Pete November 26, 2013 at 3:44 pm #

      Much appreciated. This article just shows that whatever has been forgotten can still be pulled from our collective and/or higher mind. Keep an eye on their insanity, and another on our path out of this hell pit. Peace.

  2. stuartbramhall November 26, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    God, it’s painful to wake up and realize that you’re thinking the oppressor’s thoughts.I blame the brainwashing in the media over white men’s spectacular technological achievements (only if you look closely you will find many US inventions were by black men). It’s always “we” have done this or “we” have done that – like the rest of us don’t have any choice about whether to be proud of white men’s spectacular achievements. I never had a choice whether to do any of that stuff – and nearly always it benefited a minuscule number of people at the very top of society at a great price paid by everyone else. I have never been part of that “we” and have no intention of joining.

    • No Black Pete November 26, 2013 at 8:37 pm #

      It is one powerful spell that they cast on us. To wake up to realize that there is more waking up to do. More spells to dis-cover. I do know that the technological ‘advancements’ are not real. Old news that they put forward as new junk. It is used against us to hide the forgotten stuff. If we could just get this memory thing right. Something is off with this whole puppet show, but I do not get it. Yet.

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