Black Boule Helping Out Black Pete

21 Nov

Beyonce In BlackfaceOf course, there are more important things to write about than white pete and his racism. I could join the bandwagons falling apart after Kanye West released his latest video showcasing his fiancée Beyoncé… uh, Kim. It is so easy to mistake them as they somehow manage to morph into looking as one. I would wait for Rihanna to close her legs, and join the look-a-like contest, but my last two functioning brain cells are still in shock from that terrorist video. ‘Uh uh, Kanye.’

How about the Black boule pull back in their rabid rappers and blackfaced clowns?! Eric Sermon warned us over ten years ago, that the fool school rappers would sell us empty babble to get “spins”. Hmm. How to translate “spins” to mp3, 4 and 5? Kemetic triangle. Anyway, what miserly West has managed to produce and put forward for viewing, should make him volunteer to loose the “Yeezus” nom-nicker, and start using [!@!#@#]. Well, that one is not so polite. Maybe “Gibber” as his new nickname then. No need to add anymore ish.

Yes, I know. I complain about it today, and tomorrow I will hear the neigborough’s kids play it on their ego-phones. Singing along sweetly, because their parents gave up on their intellect a long time ago. Where do they find the money for those mini spy computers anyway? Oh, that is right. The PTB gets to the parents’ rapidly rotting brain cells and rapidly devaluating monies in their holy wallets, through the addictions of their children. It used to be that children would get ridiculed at fool school if they could not keep up with the latest trends. Nowadays the parents will get ridiculed right alongside their fools in orange program school. They could not stand the pressure back then, and they sure cannot stand the pressure up now. Ka-ching for PTB.

Now that I got this mess off my last two surviving brain cells, I can happily hip-skip to the matter at hand. White pete and his sickness sitting in a tree. Remember that they keep chanting that the Sinterklaas en zwarte piet travesty is “just a children’s party”? Oh, you are already sick of hearing it? See this Hell Land is not for the weak-hearted. They will fool school you in your face while they chant Kanye behind your back. On their ego-phones. Wondering if the trash is naked.

This next video is brought to you by someone whom I do not know. No surprise. I do not even know the people whom I think I know. No, I am not complaining, just saying. As people whom I do not know often bring what we all should already know to the table. “What then?! Say it already!!” Hey, I am only working with two brain cells here! Patience used to be a virtue. Oh, never mind. Before I have to explain what a virtue is. Using emoticons.

Okay. Okay. I am done pulling a Kanye on my not so patient audience. Before I have to explain what sarcasm is too. The video is about white pete ‘decorating’ the monument for the commemoration of Black slavery in Oosterpark in the capital village of Hell Land called Amsterdamn. The same monument the Dutch king sat in front of at Keti Koti. You know, when he remained silent, and his wife took to singing Redemption Song. Yes, that one. You know, when the king of the orange shield faked a smile, instead of apologizing for the Black slavery that they are still involved in. Yup, still that one.

Anyway, white pete adhering to the orange indoctrination programs, decided to show us uppity “negers” (negroes) that we are included in their “children’s party” after all.

They put black pete hats on the statues of the figures representing toiling Black slaves.

Oh what fun it is… to deal with these defaulting sick deficient beings. Mind you, there is a hospital right across from the bush in the background (at 0.21). And around the far corner there is a police station. Hmm. As if that should mean anything. Even worse, I just now realized that they may have been in on this sick ‘joke’. Protecting their barbie-arians. Welcome to Hell Land.

Which reminds me that I have never seen so many tourists roaming around this damned city in the middle of November. All ready to partake in the official opening ceremony of the “children’s party” last Sunday. Learning from last year, I did not venture out to see supposed adults getting high from seeing their pedophile pope and dumbed down slaves roll into the haven of the damned. Thus, I cannot tell you if the tourists came streaming in to watch a tragic scenery and collect evidence, or if they helped establish record sales in black shoe polish and will provide proof of their own insanity.

Yes. Yes. I will stop the gibber and ish. I do not know how Kanye and his sort pull it off time after time after time. No end. Practice must be making their ish perfect for the sheeple. Yes. Yes. Here is the video. Chilluns.




11 Responses to “Black Boule Helping Out Black Pete”

  1. ShelbyCourtland November 21, 2013 at 3:16 pm #

    I need to just copy and paste this statement as I find myself typing it so often these days and here it goes again, “I don’t even know where to begin with this one, I really don’t.” Sigh!!!! It just keeps on coming.

    I must admit that I am running on ‘fumes’ because my two connected brain cells have quite given up already and threw in the towel. Nothing and hardly anyone is making ANY sense these days as you have pointed out with this one. I just watched that new Kanye video and for the love of….!! What the ????? I cannot type anymore because I do not want to cuss all over your blog. You see, I don’t look at that mess because I know that what I would see could cause me to have a ‘blood pressure’ problem. Have mercy!!!!!!

    Thank you for posting this! However, I am still in ‘agony’ from watching that Kanye video, not to mention the one you posted.

    Stay strong and take care,

    • No Black Pete November 21, 2013 at 4:27 pm #

      LOL. Did I pick the wrong moment to check up on the Black boule clowns, or what?! I am suprised I got a half decent article out. The need to get that junk off my brain was pressing! No need to curse, I think they got that covered already. Sigh.
      It is war. Peace.

    • ShelbyCourtland November 21, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

      You know that I understand the need to get junk off the brain. I have been cleaning house lately. I am still on ‘spring’ cleaning.

    • No Black Pete November 21, 2013 at 8:29 pm #

      Yes, it is important to put out the trash. Too bad that they are running all over town with blackface on. Still
      “spring cleaning”? What happened?

  2. Kushite Prince November 21, 2013 at 7:25 pm #

    Great post Pete! Thanks for that video. I must be honest,I can’t stand Kanye and Kim. Or should I say I personally don’t think they’re in love at all. People don’t know that many celeb couples are “put together”. But I digress. Kanye is a pretty talented producer,I’ll give him that. But he’s really full of himself. He acts as though he is God himself. Kim is just a plastic no-talent,attention whore made famous from a sex tape. Nothing but an Armenian five dollar whore. And the entire Kardashian family are classless tramps. I would be ashamed to have offspring by one of these skanks! Kanye sold out a long time ago. He even admitted it in a YouTube video. He has no soul anymore. His soul belongs to the “beast”. His daughter was even born on June 15,2013.
    June = 6th month
    666??? I’m sure it’s just a coincidence right? I’ve been studying numerology,astrology and the occult for over fifteen years. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. Anyway in getting sidetracked. The bottom line is these two deserve each other. But here’s a question to ponder. Which do you think is bigger? Kanye’s over inflated ego or Kim’s surgery enhanced butt??lol

    • No Black Pete November 21, 2013 at 7:47 pm #

      Oh my. Just as I was hexing a third brain cell back to life. I am sure some readers will appreciate this information though.
      Nice credentials. Any tips on how we can put those “skanks” and their beasts back to sleep?! They are ruining my Sinterklaas.
      (For the sensitive readers: whore=horse. It is how white Pete looks at women according to the Willie Lynch letter.)

    • Kushite Prince November 21, 2013 at 9:07 pm #

      Putting these filthy beasts to sleep?? That’s my main objective for myself and friends of mine. It’s all we talk about. We have things in works. Of course the Internet is not the place to express all these plans. But believe me—I’m on it!

  3. No Black Pete November 21, 2013 at 7:35 pm #

    Dare I say
    Rarely do I
    Agree with what
    Most would eagerly
    Allow their brains
    To absorb knowing
    It being poison
    Created to numb

    Fresh new born
    Labeled so for
    Ever in the
    End they will
    Rest assured dumb

    I got your message, and this should be enough of an answer. Almost forgot my message back: Schizo Frenic Fusion.

  4. ShelbyCourtland November 21, 2013 at 11:01 pm #

    Oh, ‘spring cleaning’ is just when you absolutely tear the house apart only to ‘clean’ it back up. It’s about getting it ready for summer and putting up the winter stuff and getting out the summer stuff. I just meant that I’m just ‘spring cleaning’ my mind to get rid of so much old stuff. Shake the cobwebs off, so to speak. We ‘southerners’ have so many quirks and idiosyncrasies. We take some getting used to. LOL!

    • No Black Pete November 22, 2013 at 8:32 am #

      LOL. Was just wondering what got things so messy that you get no Spring break still.

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