Black Pete Is A Matter of White Pete

12 Nov

Blackface at StonehengeHow is the black pete war going? One year ago Dutch new-waste-papers had difficulty publishing articles on protests, while a platoon of protesters from the UK, thought it was important enough to hop over to Hell Land and participate in raising a less humble voice. One year later, and Hell Land has declared a black pete war. Let us protest aloud this Saturday. Saturn’s day. Black is the appropriate color.

If I had been here last year, my sick mind would have been of no use. I needed to flee both Hell Land and Paris to come to a better understanding of the white sickness. Indeed, I had more important things to do. Like talking to white pete elsewhere, about jhws and nazis holding hands. Dang. There I go again, getting my article blocked by WordPress. They have no problem publishing articles of jhws wearing blackface, and articles richly embedded with the N-word. But mentioning ashke-nazis? Now, that is different, not equal.

And WhitePower is always right, right? So let us accept that jhws are different. Their own testaments state so. It is their will to tell us that they were cursed, kicked out of Eden and Africa, including stolen Africa now called Arabia. They needed no seduction into material wealth, as these mercenaries were eager to trick any Negus they ‘visited’ upon, into giving them as much wealth as possible, or else. Or else, they would go around and kill his people and servants, and blame the massacre on plagues. Seven tribes of ten plagues? Their scorpions must have stung them hard. All matters, as their jealous wannabe-god delivered.

And what is that mess in Genesis 20:12? That is what you get when you let jhws to tell you your African stories as if they own it. Their sickness turns it all into… sickness. That sure is different. Too bad that most of us do not recognize it as utter insanity. We debate which one is the real “jew”. Huh?! How much more insane can it get?! We used to know better. In their new god-spell they spell tell about our Hero who refused the material wealth that the-evil offered him. We were still wise to the sell-back scam. Then, what did the self-chosen jhws do? The same thing that they continue to do to us.

Blood of AfricaLet me go down the short-list.
1. Attack us and throw us in jail with ‘fine’ specimens of their tribe, so they can occupy our minds and further divide us. 2. Make a public spectacle out of brutalizing us, so we lose self-control, self respect and Self knowledge. 3. Call our women prostitutes, so they can rape and maim them as they please and dare call it justice. 4. Have us carry their sin as our burden, and tell us that it is our curse, and continue to lie to ensure their just-us.
Anything else? Hey, you better quickly learn what they did in our-story… or you will allow them to repeat their-story into our reality.

Oh right, this little huge tiny thing called Black slavery. You know, that ‘children’s party’ they keep talking about. It was there in their new will and testament. No need to doubt that the Hero was Black. Mel Gibson showed us how inventive they got with a whip. Putting a tree on his back, and wherever else they could hit. And then made him carry his cross (their burden) up hill. No, not done yet. There was something about a hammer and three nails, and something about vinegar to let seep into his wounds. Nice bunch, huh? And after the Hero died well enough for them, the jhws continued on their ‘mary’ way. Prostituting themselves to their jealous ‘god’.

There is no need to get up Seth. You should just not try to dictate what I should write about. I will go against it easily. I have got plenty of jhw stories to choose from without discussing their arab brothers. I still have a long list of books written by ashke and nazi to select propaganda from, so I do not have to make up their stories. There is so much jhw material out there that I could simply point, and not waste my time explaining how to connect the dots. How easy for them to look good mouthing other people’s words. Thou Heru knew.

No need to get up Set. Your beloved insane ‘god’ has already been sending plenty of sick people and harsh entities to try to Seth me up. After the last time I almost wet myself, after I almost shat myself, and after a near heart-stopping moment, I had enough of the bloody hell puppet show. Fear is not to be a factor Deathbeyond giving me a heads-up warning. I am to put a stop to this infantile reign of terror. There is at least one power Higher than the-evil. I will call upon the One – OHMy – until I see the-evil consumed by his own fire of greed. Watch him illuminate his own behind.

There is a point when and where you get tired of the constant attack. Demons walking around indulging in blackface. Black people blinding themselves to their own misery as they do Setan’s dirty work. And a mass that does not care about their own massacre, never mind my-ass-acre. And I am supposed to turn around and help them? Help them do what?! There is no more money here for them to steal. And. I have moved out of the way so there is nothing left here for them to maim.

Instead of continuous moaning and bemoaning, I have taken time to notice that a few of us cannot be corrupted, so easily led astray. We have Heru in our midst. That is whom they are really looking for. The Ones that will put a stop to all their insanity. All the Ones need is protection, and for the brave ones among us to help weld and wield their weapons. No, not me. I may be stupidly brave, but I am off to deal with Paris. Yes, still Paris. The deadline to enter is 13-11-13, do you not know?




6 Responses to “Black Pete Is A Matter of White Pete”

  1. Jeff Nguyen November 13, 2013 at 2:07 am #

    “My-ass-acre”…brilliant. I know embarrassingly little about the Netherlands but in America we have professional sports teams with names like the “Braves”, “Chiefs” and “Redskins”. Many Americans don’t see a problem with this and have convinced themselves that Native Americans are ok with this, as if they had actually asked any for their opinion. Sometimes the truth has to come out kicking and screaming.

    • No Black Pete November 13, 2013 at 10:20 am #

      I am keeping a half eye on the Redskins travesty. It comes up every so many years. It is the first time that there is a loud enough protest for things to seem to go somewhere. I will watch and see.
      It is interesting that white Pete needs no “one Indian friend” to claim to be able to speak for AmerIndians. So Black people need to see that “one Black friend” touters are no different. One Black person disagreeing is enough for white Pete not to be able to speak for us. I will gladly be that “difficult person”. Well, when I survive Paris. Maybe. Peace.

  2. Harry November 26, 2013 at 2:50 pm #

    What is Projective Identification?

    Projection is the unconscious act of attributing something inside ourselves to someone else. Usually, but not always, the “thing” we are projecting is an unwanted emotion or attribute. For instance, if John does not feel good about his own body image, he may see Mark and and think to himself, “Hmmm, it looks like Mark has put on a lot of weight.” Now, if Mark has in fact put on a lot of weight, John would simply be observing reality accurately. If Mark has not gained weight, we could safely assume that John is projecting his own perceived unattractiveness onto Mark. John, by projecting onto Mark, is also distorting his own ability to perceive reality clearly.

    Projection occurs inside one person’s mind. In the above example, the projection is occurring inside John. Mark may be walking past John and not have a clue what is going on regarding John’s perceptions of him.

    “Projective Identification” becomes a two-person process. Let’s use the above scenario, but this time let’s have John and Mark interact. Let’s say that John meets Mark, greets him, and then comments to him “You look like you’ve put on weight.” Mark, quite understandably, may feel hurt, and/or angry, and/or embarrassed by this comment. The cause of Mark’s uncomfortable feelings, however, should be scrutinized closely, because it is at this moment that we must decide if this pair are accurately perceiving reality or if they have entered into a shared delusional state. If Mark has indeed gained weight recently, his uncomfortable feelings in the wake of John’s comments may simply reflect his own feelings about the state of his own body. If Mark has not gained weight recently, we might say that he has become identified with John’s projection of uncomfortable feelings about body image. Thus, Mark comes away from the interaction feeling hurt, angry, and embarrassed, when he in fact has nothing to feel hurt, angry, or embarrassed about. He literally gets stuck “holding the bag” of uncomfortable feelings that do not even belong to him in the first place.


    • No Black Pete November 26, 2013 at 3:53 pm #

      Dear mister Kooi,

      I had to cut your article short. My readers know what projection is. A link would have sufficed.

      As for your ‘joke’ on mister Gario. Too long, and even if short it would not be funny. I do not condone making fun of someone who has been threatened by blackfacing punks. How to read projection into that? That white Pete wants to kill himself? Oh well, that comes with white ‘culture’, does it not? Pass the pepper nuts.


    • Harry November 26, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

      Dear [NBP],

      Easy on the peppernuts
      I am RACISM. I am BLACK PETE. That is what I have been adressed. I don’t like it, so I make fun of it. Pete defenders would say: “Go away.” The other side of the coin is: “Now I got ya.”
      They adress RACISM. They want to hear: “Go away.” And then they can say: “See, now I got ya.” That is the game of Tommy when he asks: “What do you mean i’m funny.” “I almost got him.”
      Why people play games. Why Henry says: “Your funny.”
      Why they say: “You’re racism.” Why I ask: “What do you mean i’m racism.”
      Quincy uses characters that refer to nazi. His character “S” in the word IS, that charater is 40% swastika. A wannabe rapper in the Netherlands compared the Black Pete with holocaust. Quincys Art Project. It is about communication.

      You may shorten this reply, it’s more for information.
      Pete will stay for a while.

    • No Black Pete November 26, 2013 at 4:59 pm #

      Thanks for the song. It was interesting, but I had to cut it out. You expected as much, so no feelings could get hurt in the process.

      It may be difficult to understand, but I do not know mister Gario. I am an indepedent scholar and writer. Just like anyone else in the world still can, I have watched some interviews (both in English and Dutch) on white Tube, and as far as I can tell mister Gario has been able to explain quite well why he objects to blackface and Black Pete.

      Clearly, I cannot speak for mister Gario, because I think the whole Santa-Satan Claus show is a travesty. So, any further commentary on mister Gario or fulfillment of a need for further explanations of his interviews, is to be deposited on any of his many sites. You will recognize those by… his name.

      Much appreciated.

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