No. Orange Pete Does Not Work

8 Nov

Maxima and Black PetesThat is what I get for not following the orange indoctrination programs. I could have sworn that I saw fake princess Irene of the orange shield and her real frog Van Vollenhoven unlocking their bikes, as I passed by on my way to the super-poison-market today. It is a good thing that I am no betting woman. To belie myself that I will be able to win when not the odds but the game is fixed against me, echoes insanity. Fact proven by the people I see indulging in it over and over again.

Never mind that I do not even know what “kraslot” is called in English, as I do know to watch people scratching away their money at the super-poisoner. “Told you” they sell only poison. Which I still consume for lunch a few times a week. Poisoning myself allows me to venture in and watch ‘normal’ people go about their norms. To see the satisfied look on their falling faces when they win crumbs of crumbs, to then invest the whole tiny crumb in new lottery tickets.

The choice in poison food has gone down. American style poison variety has become a curse. Why pretend that one toxic brand is better than the other twenty, when they all come from the same factory? You have to go to an arab poison store to find out what happened to the seventeen other brands that got cut. One brand still missing? I bet they sent it to Africa to ‘feed’ the starving children. How is that for cruelty?

No, it is much better to have plenty of choice in the flavors of other addictions. “What you need, pete? You know your local super-poison-market got you.” Alcohol? Got it. Energy-robbing drinks? Got it. Cigarettes? There you go. Sex? No. Condoms, but no sex. As the pink make-up wearing arab girls only work in the poison-markets during school vacations, the groups of arab boys no longer hang around to show off their borrowed cars. “Yawn” to me, but not to young girls who know to look down on zwarte piet who to them is Black, and to do as ‘aroused’ little arab boys signal them to. Smile, touch hair, turn around to your friend so she can smile at them too. Double yawn.

No sex, but plenty of lottery tickets. Almost as good, right? Scratching an itch to feel better about your miserable state as the self-chosen new orange king tells you to work harder. If you can buy scratch tickets than you have no need for their newspeak welfare. See how they flipped that on you? They sell you poison, and when you fall for it they attack your human rights and turn them into privileges.

Is the ‘king’ threatening us with a shut down too? He better announce that from another country. The klan, ashke and nazi are European. As they full well know from their own real story. The descendants locked out of royalty will know what to do with that orange shield when he dares kick them out of welfare. First they attack and take away some of their toxic  jobs, and now their welfare crumbs. The black pete war cannot distract from the daylight robbery.

OrangesOh, he was talking to Black people? White pete did not even care? See that is what you get when you do not even know what he has said. Come to think of it, has he said anything ever? He was quiet at Keti Koti, and I have not seen him since. Is his mother still dictating all the royal orange speeches? So many questions. As Dutch bores me to near death, I will start looking for an English version of his speech (to be posted on Perfidious Albinos). Still, whether the speech was mostly his mother’s left hand moving his lips or not, the fact that they want us to pay them more money to allow them to enslave us better, is real.

White pete needs to get his head out of his black pete wig. Whatever is done to Black people first, will be done to white pete second. As white pete does not protest the law, policy and police – and now lack of welfare state – used to make Black people volunteer further into mental slavery, they do not see how their own servitude will… Wait a minute… Wait one well hell minute! Back up that bandwagon!! Cut the music!!!

What servitude? I have gotten so used to look at things from a “Black perspective” that I forget that white pete has no Black burden to carry. As I watch my white neighs tout overfull grocery bags with gentech food, rolling by in their new bankloan cars, I am reminded of Article 1 of the Dutch Constitution. It applies to them. They are the equals. So when the oranges take things too far, white pete can simply cry foul, and gets just-us. debts disappear and damages (money) will get transferred into the mandatory bank scam accounts. All Seth. For us to get shocked to see that they can shoot to kill and get away with it. If we even dare to fire a warning shot, we get targeted for assault. And then punished.

As I watch Black people trying to work together with white pete and “people of color”, I sit back and watch. I try to bring to mind any time when that ‘color of people’ allowed us to advocate to end the Sinterklaas en zwarte piet travesty at their venues. Uh. Maybe poverty among Black people in Hell Land then? Nope. Nothing Black comes to mind. Yet, they can advocate their cause at our venue and get applauded?

Black WallstreetReciprocity. Without reciprocity there can be no community. I can try to help build come-unity all I want, if the go-away-unity does not care to reciprocate by taking care of the needs of the builders, then I know what time it is. Time for the next generations to show the oldtimers how come-on-unity is done. This not-so-old Black woman and her donkey are moving out of their way to go deal with Paris. Yes, still Paris. It is what they use against us to make us look for a white savior, or perish.

Simultaneously I wish those who have put a lot of time and energy in the zwarte piet law suit before the lower courtship of Amsterdam on November 8th, much clarity, strength and resilience. It is not every day that we get to have our say in court, and for the world to listen in. The revolution will get tele-sick-vized. When there finally is one.




4 Responses to “No. Orange Pete Does Not Work”

  1. hunglikejesus November 15, 2013 at 12:56 am #

    How could this be put into more American terms? I mean I’m sure if I followed the point completely because you used so many local entities. I may just be thick.

  2. Natalie November 20, 2013 at 10:06 am #

    Your blog, although fluffed with advanced vocabulary, seems like rantings of a hypocrite. You speak against discrimination but I cannot seem to find one blog that is “politically correct.” I ask you, what gives you the right to bash other cultures, ideas and religions; all under the same voice, screaming for equality for your fellow black man? It doesn’t make sense. I am an American minority living in the Netherlands and I believe if your views were ever to be adopted on a “serious” level, we would have a Black Hitler to answer to.

    This is wrong. It’s all wrong. But, since I am an American through and through, I know, just as I, you also have the right to your opinion and the freedoms of uncensored press. I just can’t understand how someone who is crying to abolish discriminatory views, can have so many discriminatory things to say about other religions and the amount of times “white” and the misspelled “jhws” appears in your content is nauseating. (And no, I am brown not white).

    You should see the world colorless; as perspective and personal attachments are your only “facts.” If you are ashamed of the tone of your skin or consider your color to be lashed out against… I believe, sir or madame, the problem lies not within the white community around you, but within your own frame of mind. If someone in America was molested or sexually abused, they may perceive a child sitting on Santa’s lap to be highly inappropriate. That person’s warped perception should not dictate customs and cultures and force the removal of time honored traditions because of their personal attachments to an action, image or proclamation.

    In America, we call that a hypocrite while in your circles, you must be considered a Black Power Leader. Attitude reflects leadership and if your “followers” truly hang on to your every word, war is the only solution; segregation the only answer. You are clearly lashing out on your own destiny. You are disgruntled by the things you have not been given or afforded and in your mind, you have a genuine entitlement to such things so you are fighting not the people and thoughts around you but rather your own shortcomings. You are hanging on to the past so tightly because current events do not justify your hatred for another race.

    I suggest reading materials by Martin Luther King and other peace related activists. There is nothing wrong in trying to stomp out a culture’s hatred for another race, but that’s not what you’re doing. I think you are high on a soap box preaching a radical speech that was written to manipulate minds that are confused and dangerously open to suggestion.

    *All that being said, I shall make a prediction. No way will this comment be permitted on your blog as it speaks out against you. No response will be received because you cannot deny your extreme hatred for other ways of life and other perceptions. All these reasons bring me back to your complete and utterly shocking hypocrisy.

    • No Black Pete November 20, 2013 at 11:23 am #

      Ah, more fanmail. You should have waited just one more day. Your rant would fit in well with my upcoming rant. Interesting.

      I have difficulty reading through your rant, but that is because of your need to look for trouble where there is none to find. It seems more like a cry for help. To help yourself to more personal information. Like I said a few posts ago, I decide what I write on. Trying to dictate what I write about will only give you more articles on your precious jhws.

      I am well acquainted with the Kumbaya nonsense you want to embrace. It is your jealous god given right to learn the hard way or not at all. One thing you will never be able to say, is that you have not been warned.

      I have a few minutes of idle time, so let me correct you on that first paragraph. Nowhere on this site do I propagate political correctness. You cannot fight insanity with political correctness.

      “Equality”? Equal to whom? You will have to read the articles again to figure that one out. I am in no need of fans, but there is an urgent need for people who can see past the white babble.

      As for the rest of your rant. Thank you for calling out your own demons. But I have no need for them.

      Stop falsely predicting, and get to work.

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