White Pete Has Some White Babble to Share

4 Nov

How It Used to Be?Understand Sinterklaas and Black Peter before judging
by Daniel Schulten (2011)
notes by No Black Pete (2012)

In any case the Black Peter role predates the slave trade

White schooling is poor education. They teach children about Black slavery for the whole of 30 minutes, compared to a three-year propaganda curriculum on jhws and their concentration camps in their Second War on themselves, topped by a yearly two-day mandatory guilt display. But, then again, the children do get to celebrate Black slavery for at least a month every year. It is no wonder that their sick minds do not want to know about Black slave trade, except that Black people should “get over it already” and for white pete to continue with the business of it. 

As for predating the Black slavery they do not want to know anything about, that is a matter of refusing to educate themselves on this matter. Ignore it and it might go away. Even though I was victimized by the same sick schooling, I made an effort to undress the lies. It is shocking to see how strongly white pete wants to hold on to the lies long after the toxic schooling has ended. It may be shocking, but I overstand. When all that there is to choose from is insanity, then any insanity to remain insane will do. That insanity fits the System that wants you to remain insane, so you will keep thinking along the programs the System instilled and installed through other sick people and sickening things. “Do not judge me, hug me.”

and certainly predates the 19th-century minstrel shows by a few hundred years.

Sinterklaas en zwarte piet is alike the minstrel shows. The celebration of Black slavery serves as indoctrination through entertainment. Most Americans got the point by now. But, there are hardcore descendants from the Dutch, German, AshkeNazi and so on, who have planted their seeds in the stolen New World, and those seeds keep sharing the sickness that comes to them by their nature. The Minnesota girls may have learned that lesson by now, but as shown on Too Much Black, recent ‘Holloween’ proved too much of an opportunity to let go by without showing that core sickness.

They stand proudly in their racism. What did that little white girl say about her blackface? “Go find your dad”? Oh well, at least they know that they are racist. The Dutch pretend to not know. Not know about Black slavery, not know about their descendants in the New World, not know that soot comes off after a wash. Yes, the Dutch prefer to remain deaf, blind and dumb. Nobody touches their black pete! They will cripple you, while they pay the UN more of your money so the world knows to back the well hell off. No black pete in the UN. The UN makes Dutch Santa Satan PAY UP to look the other way. Just business.

People equating the Black Peter role with minstrel shows are looking for a racist connection, where there simply is none.

Yes, the Dutch are very simple. They will deny reality, and demand you to do the same or suffer the consequences. When they say there is no racist connection, it means that there is a racist connection. “Yes” means “no”, and “no” means whatever their sick minds can come up with. It is a “children’s party” after all. Beyond that it is standard practice: the victor gets to tell the story of the victim. The sick one gets to spread more sickness.

Ignorance must be bliss to them. Blissfully getting trapped in Hell Land. White pete and black pete sitting in a tree… In case people got lured in by the white babble, remember, black pete is white. They are kissing their own insanity.

And while I don’t want to claim that the Netherlands did not have racism in the past 500 years, the origin of Black Peter is clearly not based on racism.

See through the white babble. There was no ‘Netherlands’ 500 years ago. Only Neanderland: swamp and bugs. Hmmm. A little innocent humor to lighten up the racists. Maybe black pete will lighten up and be brown pete next year. Maybe that will trigger the arabs to finally join the bandwagon. Never mind that some of their tribe were eyeballs deep into Black slavery themselves. Of course, they will join in to take over the whole show, and transform it so white pete can continue with upgraded insanity. Brown pete will soon become black pete again, and then some. “Ha, fooled you.”

So, let us stick to sick schooling and deny racism. Stick with the “soot” story, and get some radiated ‘chicken’ nuggets from the McKillers while you are at it. 

Secondly, I have trouble understanding the claim that in the past Black Peter was seen as a dumb, uneducated character.

Germans Show the Real SantaThe Dutch have trouble understanding the obvious. They are used to communicating through lies, so they have no use for any truth. It was Santa who did all the punishing himself until he got a ‘helper’. Then they split Satan from Santa. Then accused the Black people of being Satan (or his children) and enslaved them. Then the helper became a black pete resembling an enslaved African, and made responsible for punishing children. Thus to help indoctrinate.

Then some Canadians ‘freeing’ Hell Land in their Second War on themselves, came up with the idea to have more than one helper, et voila, Black pete multiplied to the absolute frenzy that it has become after they divided up the spoils of war among themselves. Then… no. Let us move forward over half a century, and see that nowadays this type of ‘helper’ is called a “handler” in white slave programming. Coincidence? Take an uneducated guess. Black pete does not get an education, as he is told what to do and when.

Contrary to what is reported on wikipedia and other websites, this is incorrect.

Take note. A white pete source has been called faulty.

Traditionally, and I am referring [to] the times that corporal punishment was acceptable, Black Peter would be the stoic, quiet, fearsome character that was there to take care of the naughty kids.

Why would an intelligent black pete take to savage beatings of children, if he could just sit down and talk to them? He could show them not to trust their parents, who willingly gave them to a strange white man, so the white slave with blackface could beat them up. Or allow the children to get kidnapped so Santa could use and abuse them. Pedophile cells and rings are very active in Hell Land, do they not know? It makes it very interesting to see how the kidnapping of their own children is woven into the “children’s party”.

As views regarding raising children and corporal punishment changed, the role of Black Peter became more upbeat. Right now, the Black Peters and Sinterklaas operate as a team with each Black Peter having some sort of specialization.

Yes, I laughed too. “This is too easy, man!” “Specialization” is code for “knowing your place”. Learn from this. When they ask Black people if they are team players, they want to know if you know your place. To show willingness to be treated like slaves. White people will expect Black people to do all the work, or suffer violent ridicule and expulsion. If you are Black and work for white pete, then you are the ‘team’. Of course, for less pay – if at all. They will push for you to ‘volunteer’. And this is how they want you to take it: “upbeat”.

Any clumsiness on the part of Black Peters is there to make it entertaining for the children—typically the presents or something else will go missing. For example, right now in the Netherlands the horse of Sinterklaas is missing and my five-year-old nephew is terribly concerned that the horse may not be back in time for the distribution of the presents on Dec. 5.

Black Pete 99I already covered this in a previous article. But I can add to it that it is not only about fear of punishment (not getting a gift while the child has tried to be ‘good’), but also about anger. The child learns early on that black pete is to blame if it does not get a gift. All the parents have to say is that black pete lost the horse – Black people are not to be trusted – and the child will feel righteous anger towards black pete. If not the first year, it will have learned to do so by the second year.  

No one stops to wonder what the horse has to do with anything, when it is black pete doing all the work. All the team work. Santa-Satan oversees, otherwise black pete does not know what to do? That can only be if black pete – who is still white – is dumb.

I am sure the Black Peters will resolve the matter in time, just as they always do.

Why wait for white pete to solve what is plain for Black people to see? Sinterklaas en Zwarte Piet are emblems of the racist past, present and future, of Hell Land. Stop horsing around. That may be cute when you are two years old, not thirty-two and ready to break the levees of the mind of your newborn.

To illustrate how involved the entire country of the Netherlands is, there is a daily Sinterklaas-news on TV and questions were asked in Dutch parliament regarding the whereabouts of the horse of Sinterklaas.

Yes, the Dutch government oversees the celebration of Black slavery. The Dutch government serves the queen of the orange shield who decided on which corporations could enslave the servants. Black people pay taxes to the self-chosen ones only to get ridiculed and further excluded? How much more money will the new king of orange demand? I can venture to ask, since I never understood this “place” that they keep punishing me towards. In ignorance I did sign to serve the queen, but as I refuse to serve any king, there is no more place for me in their well hell.

Finally, perhaps I can offer the following thought.

Great. More propaganda poison.

The Netherlands, just like Canada, is a reasonably advanced country with laws and customs that allow multiple cultures to express their cultural identities and safeguards against discrimination and racism.

I can stop laughing long enough to point out the fact that “some are more equal than others.” If your culture is “white” or “jhw”, then yes, you are protected. You get more than enough money to put your full attention on Black people who are too intelligent, to get them to toe the slave line. Hell Land is an advanced country in deception. They fooled the sea into giving up swamp so cities could be built. Everything else is subdued by laws and customs.

“Tradition.” That is how devious these people are. Anyone with a bit of money flees to other countries. Hell Land is for sick business, not welfare. Come to think of it. Black people may be the only ones who may still believe that Hell Land is “advanced”. Trying to get a piece of this swamp pie. Why eat what your enemy prepares for you?! “Vreet ie niet.” Stick with your own food. And education.

If 17 million people in the Netherlands, from multiple backgrounds and with several skin colours, celebrate Sinterklaas enthusiastically, which is primarily an event to bring joy to children, then maybe this tradition cannot be that bad.

Rainbow Petes“Multiple backgrounds”? A literal translation of “verschillende achtergronden.” I would like to see the Dutch government brochure this white pete is using for his babble. “Several skin colours”? I thought white pete was vehemently against rainbow pete? Not realistic enough. It was confusing the ‘children’. How do you teach ‘children’ racism when you are confronted with yellow, blue and purple clowns? Well hell, they could use it to teach them about the “immanent alien invasion.” Or is that trend not doing so well in Hell Land? Too many real demons causing white skin to crawl, for other aliens to be scary.

“Enthusiastically”? If your job depends on it or you have a craving for toxic candy to fill the emptiness inside where sanity should have taken a hold but got killed by sick schooling, then you better “fake it until you make it.” It is no use telling the fakers that they now have to keep it up, as they no longer know fake from real.

On to the real babble: “it is just a children’s party.” Then why do supposed adults have a psychopathic glow about them when they anticipate and participate in the travesty? Adults hiding behind innocent chilluns. I consider that beyond ‘bad’. It is rotten. Stinking swamp. Oh, that is why they buy each other perfume as gifts. Insane you very much. 

Do people really think that an entire country would wholeheartedly support the Sinterklaas event if it would be filled with racism?


Perhaps before accusing 17 million people of being racist, it is worth doing a bit more research and maybe attend an actual Sinterklaas event.

17 million? Those who live tax-free in other countries still get counted? Jhw-Zeus, these people will inflate any number. Equating one million “likes” to one million people. Quite the babble. Of course, I used their lies to show how insane they are, and will remain to be. These racists need to do more research on how to hide their sickness better. It is what happens when their insanity has become their norm. Their norm-for-all abhors standing in sanity. Join them and get contaminated.

It is too bad we will not have this opportunity this year in New Westminster.

The victim card. They always have it handy. Well, the fond memories of Sinterklaasje en zijn knecht (Santa Claus and his slave) will have to do. Or fly into Hell Land, in time for the big celebration of slavery on December 5th. Yes, another month of this sickness. But, to let you know that the police state is coming along nicely in Hell Land too, they will search your ‘nootjes’ at Schiphol first. Only a minor inconvenience. After the ‘search’ for your peppered nuts, you will be able to indulge in blackface all you want. You may even get a ‘lintje’ from the new self-chosen king. Yikes, I better quit while I can still move. Too many of their spies all up in my business already.

Oh. Final note.
The-evil is not a slave. Black people should not be either.

Source: http://www .newwestnewsleader.com/opinion/letters/134928188.html




3 Responses to “White Pete Has Some White Babble to Share”

  1. stuartbramhall November 4, 2013 at 6:57 pm #

    I’m assuming the Dutch operate strict segregation of black and white like the Americans do, right? It’s my impression that strict segregation is essential to maintain both personal and institutional racism. I can offer my own family as an example, but it’s a pattern I have seen replicated many times.

    My parents were ultraconservative racists until my father lost his job at age 40 and they both went back to university, obtained teaching degrees, and began teaching in Milwaukee inner city schools. At that point, they both made the discovery that I made in my early 20s – that African Americans offered a kind of emotionally intimate friendship that wasn’t offered in the white community. For the first time in his life, my father had a best friend. The two families went on holiday together, and my parents severed relations with my paternal grandmother when she told them: “Don’t bring Al along next time.”

    Years later when my father died, it was my mother’s African American friends who came to the house daily with food – not her white ones.

    • No Black Pete November 4, 2013 at 11:03 pm #

      Much appreciated. You tell a story that is impossible for me to tell as well. I am seen as radical when I mention the lack of empathy and all the insanity that comes from having to function in that state. I will leave it at that for now.

      In Hell Land there is both segregation and integration. A minority of Black people are allowed to hold certain positions and live in certain neighborhoods when they do as told by the white System. The majority is actively excluded out of opportunities “to move up the ladder”. The Dutch situation is more complicated than the American or New Zealand situation, because the white Dutch do not recognize the “Blut und Boden” part for Black people, no matter how many generations they have been in Hell Land.

  2. No Black Pete November 7, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

    “The term stereotype derives from the Greek words στερεός (stereos), “firm, solid” and τύπος (typos), “impression,” hence “solid impression”.
    The term comes from the printing trade and was first adopted in 1798 by Firmin Didot to describe a printing plate that duplicated any typography. The duplicate printing plate, or the stereotype, is used for printing instead of the original.
    The first reference to “stereotype” in its modern use in English, outside of printing, was in 1850, in a noun, meaning “image perpetuated without change.” But it was not until 1922 that “stereotype” was first used in the modern psychological sense by American journalist Walter Lippmann in his work Public Opinion.”

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