About Well Hell Time Black Pete Showed Up

7 Oct

Terror FaceFront page. White pete in the fancy cave office is no longer able to keep up with paying inflated bills. Work pressure keeps mounting, and there is no black pete around to blame. Nor Black people. We are the first to get fired whenever they feel like it. Unless we managed to get our hooks into a white pete who knows better than to let his sacrificial lamb escape so easily. Once you condone to being the black pete of someone who carries much weight, the other white pete will have to back the well hell off, and find another goat. By then any color will do.

White pete can rest assured, I have already spotted the first black pete in super-poison-market Albert Heyn. Now that they put their beloved black pete on their own brand poison candy, they have no more need for my money. Sadly, I do depend on two items from this poison market, but I will be actively looking to find a healthy replacement. Oh, what fun it is… to recognize the descendants of nazis and the klan. (How are the oranges doing these days?)

So, protesters, sharpen your T-shirts and prepare disgruntled radio speeches. It is only October, and white pete is all-ready to put in play his favorite scapegoat. They have no money to pay their bills, but, damning themselves to further hell, they will have the money to start celebrating the early return of Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Satan Claus and black pete). And the celebration starts NOW. The cleaning up after white pete is long overdue. What took black pete so long anyway?!

We need to get ready. Within a few weeks all the planned and executed financial crises will be blamed on us. No, “us” still does not include arabs. They would not want to be caught dead being Black. They only want to pretend while somewhat alive – however much their Jinns permit. “I have five children to feed.” Standard arab propaganda. You better believe that mercenaries get paid.You Wanna What

We are the ones who get shot down, but that is only part of their “blame the victim game”. Take it personally and it might push you over the edge. It is a good thing that here in Hell Land few Black people take their own lives. It is big news when that happens, because it does not fit our ‘culture’. Most ‘opt’ for the alternative: going insane for a while.

Clearly, those looking for jobs should try the health scare industry. We have had Rockefeller-care in Hell Land for a while now. And I am no fan. For those jumping up and down to get Obamacare, take heed. I have never seen so many sick people in my life. Every white pete past thirty seems ready to drop at any moment. Unless they are getting high on sick substances. Like their own children or poison candy. Take away their fix, and it is plain to see that chasing that toxic candy at the end of the rainbow got them spent.

Today I had the ‘pleasure’ of watching old white women who had their faces drop. I cannot describe it in any other way. It is a phase after “old hag”. Hey, not my words. That is what their own men say about them. Judging by the grandchild that was talking to this one dropped-face woman, she could not be that old. Well hell, I hope that was her grandchild. My brain can only take tiny little bits of insanity at a time. Maybe I should have asked her about her age. No use, anything below 110 I would have rejected. Maybe that newspaper I glanced at last week was right. Their next generations may get past 100 years old. That is, if you were to judge the aging of their deficient skins.

Old FolkWhat a day. Every time I venture out, I have to brace myself. Watching white pete and arabs is quite a job. Be aware. Be ready. Be quick to sidestep. I did well today. I will conclude my day by daydreaming about moving to Paris. That is, I need to get the daydreaming over with, and settle on a plan. I am to treat Paris like Africa. No welcoming wagon. No forty acres and a mule waiting for me. But, on the upside, also no black pete.


One Response to “About Well Hell Time Black Pete Showed Up”

  1. hunglikejesus October 11, 2013 at 3:20 pm #

    The sarcasm was just dripping from this piece. It was a good read for me as I love all things sarcastic and mostly the people that can pull it off.

    “Work pressure keeps mounting, and there is no Black Pete around to blame. Nor Black people.” I was under the impression that they were one in the same. Please explain this to me.

    Also, I know nordic peoples like to eat gross food like canned fish; have you been reduced to eating gross canned fish? I only ask because you often mention the super poison market. Also, I’m an extremely picky eater, anything outside of Honeycrisp apples I’m gonna look at it real good and give it a good snuff. With that I have a very difficult time eating any food where I can’t read the incidence. That means no food in packaging with some kinda foreign chicken scratch on it, how is it shopping in Hell Land for food?

    Pray Tell.

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