Getting Out of the Murky Water

23 Sep

WarningConspiracy theory as such can no longer hold my interest. It has become just another form of entertainment. Empty. Ask any passerby about the system, and they will have an opinion on it. Even if they only borrowed it from someone on tele-sick-vision. By now we all know how this addictive system works. To add anything else to the murky water is to drown in it. Conspiracy theory was a nice starting point, but I am hardly a beginner. It is time to deal with the real.

Real murky water in Colorado. I tried to miss it, but one of the conspiracy blogs had several good articles on it. As I read it, there was something familiar about it. No, not mountain lions. Also not the ban on collecting toxic rainwater. Not even the flood itself. Experiences in Suriname and Brazil show that flooding usually has to do with man before Nature. The ‘harvesting’ of the rainforest, and all the toxic mining activities. Who knows what they are upto in Colorado. Gun control?! Is that not simply another smoking gun?

The answer is pretty easy once all the petty stuff has been brushed off. Petty stuff as blaming Nature for whatever has been man-planned. Just like… Katrina. You invest all of your life in having a place where you can find and keep your footing, but there is a need to shock the country – the world – into compliance. Oh, and kill some. It goes with the plan. Only eight people died in Colorado? House LiftIt seems like the government is slacking. No, wait. Six hundred missing. That looks more like it. You had no flood insurance, because we did not warn you that we were going to flood the area? How about a nice toxic FEMA trailer?

The Final Extermination Management Agency had been turning away (non)professional volunteers again. And drones had been sighted. But do not worry about it, it was only the government pretending to protect and serve. Serve whom? No. The question is “serve what?” Let the “oil spills” guide you. Oil again? No. Oil still. Can someone dig up Tesla, clone him from DNA from his bone marrow, and let him explain again how ancient Egyptians (Kemetians) used “free energy”? As long as there is a worldwide enforced need for oil, there will be Katrinas all over the globe. And those warning about it risk getting Katrina-d.

I will be looking at the mess they have created in Nigeria, and write about the mess they will create again in the Caribbean. It is always the same old same old. Only the wrapping paper changes. New puppets, new code words, new gestures. But underneath it is the same old mess. Hating on Drake QBut, let rapping paper Drake ease your mind. Those leaked tracks are banging. Banging hard against the levees of my mind, but I have no need to let any unholy-hood music mess with my brain again.

Dealing with Katrina knocked some of the wind out of me. As I expected that it would. I came close to calling it quits, and see if I could just hitchhike my way to Africa, and go sleep under the Sun. Only for a little while. But, with all those sick white pete hungry for substance, it is better to deal with them in their labyrinth caves. No need to sit next to them in a small car going nowhere but toward doom. Thus, I am still here to solve the problems that need solving. To help myself, as I am not able to help anyone else beyond the words I spill.

Caught by surprise as I spilled out a poem yesterday. It drove me to tears. It has been such a long time since I wrote the last one. Ah, Katrina. I did not even realize it. Too much murky waters that were still to get drained. How wondrous the mind. That poem spilling out was the affirmation that I would seek elsewhere before. Pen to paper, fingers to keyboard, and there it is. Healing. Instead of feeling all sad about the struggle, I should breathe in deeply. Wait a second. And then breathe out deeply.

Job AttachmentI survived. The storm and the flood. I feel sad for I cannot say “mommy, I made it.” She does not have the ears to hear it. I accept it, and move on. The sadness makes way for gratitude as I realize that I did survive. Sur vivre. On top of life. Great. Now what?




5 Responses to “Getting Out of the Murky Water”

  1. No Black Pete September 23, 2013 at 7:36 pm #

    It is no use comparing him to the white shooters. They live to remain quiet. He was Black and remains forever quiet. They claim mental illness and not getting help. These ELF and EMP and whatever, are like a spell. Direct access to your brain. But, they need access first. I will write about it another time. Or just check TMB. Peace.

  2. Jeff Nguyen September 24, 2013 at 1:44 am #

    And is it a conspiracy if it’s true? The rabbit hole gets deep.

    • No Black Pete September 24, 2013 at 7:56 am #

      It is no longer conspiracy “theory”. It is an conspiracy agreement. We now move on to understand how they manage to keep the veils in place, and how we have helped them, and still do. Peace.

  3. hunglikejesus September 28, 2013 at 4:18 am #

    What happened in my Colorado (I call it my Colorado because I own a piece). The fires burned away most of the vegetation that would diverted rain water or held it longer allowing it to be absorbed into the ground. Also, the ground has been baked hard and the rain just run off. Not mention that had this storm that just hung over the state and just dumped water and more water.

    As far as CT, well, I was a big one. Now, I just don’t bother, maybe in the periphery they’ll catch my attention, but it’s like beating your head against a wall, and I suspect that’s the purpose. Yeah, it’s just entertainment and in fact, it’s “real life” reality show for us snobs who wouldn’t dare watch a reality show. Life is like a window, you just look until you get tired, you close the blinds and go get on the internet. Now that, that is where life begins..

    • No Black Pete September 28, 2013 at 7:34 am #

      It is good to know what is fact or fantasy, so life plans can be adjusted to take in the new facts or fantasy. But, to always check if the information helps or hinders.
      Close the blinds, huh? That may be the time to go out and hug a tree. Draw in some energy to help overcome the madness. Peace.

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