Chocolate Musings

12 Sep

CookiesOh, beloved Sun. I will miss You, even though You are not the one abandoning us. It is white pete spraying the toxic chemicals in the air to protect himself and to poison us. But, I know that You are still out there, and within me. If I could just let go of the chocolate poison cookie, everything would be as fine as it can get in this Hell Land. “Well hell, I need another chocolate cookie.”

Enough of that. As we head for the season that will torpedo most of us into stacked depressions, I feel that it is important to practice gratitude now. Practice makes perfect, and despair abhors practice and perfection used to end its reign. Practice gratitude before you forget how to spell it. “Practice putting down that cookie, ma’am.”

Good advice. Now what? Do it. Sigh. I am grateful for… some things that happened on the journey that I am on. Ha. I better stop clowning. Depression is no laughing matter. It is just that I am still upset over the fact that I had to take this journey at all. It has been brutal, and if it was up to other people it would still be. It is a good thing that it is no longer up to them. That is why I look forward to reaping what I have put in to be able to outgrow them. Still, when it comes to other people it is a different game, and I might consider hiding a priority. “I need to hide the chocolate cookie before I eat it.”

Many people set out to manipulate, and take to decoding the mystery that is me, very Sirius-sly. Of course, there is the obvious decoding done on the basis of skin color. Black people are traumatized, so how difficult can it be to decode a traumatized person? The darker the skin, the more trauma. As they fail to decode, they resort to calling me “arrogant”, which is new speak for “uppity”. Just because I remember that I was born whole, and without the help of unholy white pete, does not make me arrogant. I just have a basic notion that I can trust myself. To get rid of all the poison that I have picked up along the way, ever since white pete did manage to get his sticky hands on me. “Put down that sticky cookie, ma’am.”

Oh, right. Gratitude. For some reason I am very distracted. Sigh. I am grateful for… remaining dauntless even though there has been much to fear. I was a victim of a sick system and the people who act in line with that system, for such an awful long time. I could proceed no further down their path into well hell, and took the time to look fear tonkinese-kitten-sean-naberstraight into its popping eyeballs. Past the foolishness of such an action, one eye opened. “Hey, you look like me.” But, with deficient skin and hair. And a lack of empathy and compassion. With a fake smile, and painted-on lips. “And, hey, do you see the same colors as I do with your deficient eyes?” And. “Why do you do everything in groups if you are claiming to be a worthy individual?” Do not mind, I already know the answers. “I crown you a worthy individual chocolate cookie.”

And that is when they attack your “uppity” behind with their silent weapons. They stand back to see the effects. They no longer have to dirty their hands themselves. Their scientists, technicians, Numerati, CEOs, and Generals, are the ones who allow for the killing from a safe distance. And the cretins watch from a distance using their satellites, death towers, and our ‘smart’ phones and pads, to provide visuals. To match the reports that their doctors at the hospital, teachers at schools, and Human Resource department at your j-o-b, put together. All information gets loaded into their virtual matrix. “Hey you, on the screen, put down the chocolate cookie.”

What is up with that dang chocolate cookie?! “Oh, my precious.” Instead of reaching liberation like Nemo, I seem to turn into Dora. That cookie is distracting me. “Oh, the sweet smell of poison.” Focus! I am grateful for… understanding that all the talk about cookies on the Internet, has caused a spike in the number of chocolate cookies sold ever since. Whenever I get to a Dutch website, I am warned via a pop-up screen that I cannot block, that the website uses “cookies”. They pound on my weakness like Neanderthals carrying clubs. The warning about cookies is just 2much4me. Either I deprive myself of their empty babble and miss out on what the psychopathic ones are up to, or… I might as well eat that chocolate cookie, and stop obsessing over it. The websites are not going to stop with their advertisements for cookies. All our information gets gathered and processed whether we like cookies or not.

With the cookie finished, I can get to the main topic. Clearly, this article is about schizophrenic people. Until recently, I was struggling to find efficient and effective ways to deal with psychopaths before turning to deal with them in their cave again. As I started to understand their deficient craving minds, I started to think that I had accomplished something, but it did not feel that way. I was clearly missing a huge piece of the puzzle. With all the focus on psychopaths, I came to realize that I was giving the other sick beings a pass. They could hide behind the psychopaths, and remained unnoticed as they continued on their shattered ways. Well, not unnoticed by the psychopaths nor away from them.

metal-wire-sculptures-park-seungmo-2Dang. As interesting as the rest of the article is, I have to cut it short. That chocolate cookie is messing with me. The poison is spreading, so I need to lie down for a minute. This is what you get when you let your desire guide your ways. Set that mind right, and the poison hiding within that appetizing cookie will speak louder than the chocolate on the outside. To be continued then.


6 Responses to “Chocolate Musings”

  1. No Black Pete September 13, 2013 at 1:24 pm #

    “My Precious.”

    White state of mind. Schizophrenic or MPD?

  2. hunglikejesus September 15, 2013 at 2:06 am #

    LOL!! I had to laugh first.

    This up coming season doesn’t depress me, summer depresses the hell outta me.

    I’m very grateful for your blog and honeycrisp apples. Put down the chocolate poison cookie ma’am.

    • No Black Pete September 15, 2013 at 10:18 am #

      Much appreciated. Many people will be glad to hear that you can pull them through the ‘festive’ season when we get drenched in the poison of being happy on command.
      LOL. It is a good thing that I do not like honeysoaked apples. I will look at that cookie one more time instead. Peace.

    • hunglikejesus September 15, 2013 at 11:37 am #

      You always crack me up. “Honeysoaked” apples, what is that? And why is it always a good thing for you to be opposite me?

    • No Black Pete September 15, 2013 at 1:23 pm #

      Opposite. If that is what you want to see. The way I see it, you can have ALL the honeyglaced apples you want. But, I will have to block you if you start to mess with “my precious”.

    • hunglikejesus September 15, 2013 at 1:25 pm #

      You win.


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