Resistance May Be Futile But Self Is to Be Taken Seriously

25 Aug

Steve Cokely Eye2Their cave is distracting, even though I have not stepped into it yet. I continue to prepare myself mentally to take on this ugly task. I will be stepping into their cave so I can continue to feed my family. My goals are clear, but I feel a lot of resistance. It is never a good sign to have to depend on untrustworthy people. But, as long as I find that I have to, I will choose those that at least pay me to babysit them. I will not be babysitting out of the ‘goodness of my heart’. Go babysit yourself then, and deal with your insanity yourself. See how you like it.

It is good to know that white pete cannot even function without us. But, white pete is to pay up. They should pay extra for the extra rules they dump on us, but we will deal with that when it is time to settle the score. I am not depending on white pete to like me or validate me. I am far removed from the ignorant “negroid” that was left to fend for herself among predators. I have learned that they want me to regard their ‘gesture’ to hire me as a favor, when I know full well that they only look to steal my work to call it their own.

Anyway, whether they like it or not, I will be one of their overseers. One who is very aware of the different rules that apply to different people in this business called life. I am not interested in leading a team of different people. It is very important that I direct an all white team, so that I can treat them equally. Equally to themselves, of course. And to know that I have different sets of rules to stick to myself. To know that I am in the business of slavery, and that white pete will test me to see how much of a slav they can will me to be.

The slav that I am willing to be, is the one that sells them their new world babble back. It is a false religion they sell us. People actually believe they understand what is going on now that they can talk about the psychopaths and their not-so-secret societies. They think it is different from the last gospels the world leaders constructed for us to get blinded by. How many people know that capitalism and socialism are two versions of the same brand of control by the same soulless ones? Both ‘systems’ blame the sheeple for the misery they find themselves in when they are led astray by doctrine and ‘isms’, dogma and ‘igms’.

Conspiracy theory. It is big business. Very bi-hig. Everyone is into it. I have been one eyeball-deep into it myself, so I do not underestimate the power of this new religion. The new world psychopaths have invested a lot of money to make us buy into it in several ways all the time. Their many sites promoting conspiracies all over their new world web have us easily fooled. Their jhwvie ‘I goat whatever II’ woke me up. It showed too many sexual symbols to make me believe that it was to warn against the new world chaos. People questioned the French scapegoat. But, it is not necessary to be part of not-so-secret societies to be doing the new world psychos’ dirty work. Help them have the sheeple fear them more than their GMO food. Uh oh, MonSatan is back in Europe. The European Union let them back in? Um, no. They never left. I already told you that last week. Get ready to sue the European Union for killing us slowly. Class action.

Djimon Hounsou Branded by Calvin SmallIt took me a while to understand that I was working for the new world chaos people who have the millions to pay for my work. But like their black pete they want me to work for free. Once I realized the error of my ways, I knew I had to go back into their cave to figure out my next assignment, and sell them back their new junk order. I am to treat them like any other brand. Apple Bottom, Nike, Armani, jhws, white pete, racism. To refuse to advertise any more of them, until they pay me for my work. And I will be charging them for all the work already done.

I had six sites advertising their nonsense. Oh, what fun it is to… no longer have to waste time on them. Now they have to pay me for what I already do: keeping one eye on them. Basically, snitching on white pete for money. Indeed, they get to be called “spies”, whereas we are called “snitches” even though we do not owe them any loyalty. As long as I know the deal, their white babble cannot stick to my brain.

This is the power of writing. My words are powerful, but they are meant for me to wake up to my Self. Instead of getting all depressed about entering their dark cave, I release more of their poison from my mind, and get ready to deal with the next assignment. Instead of crying about it… uh, now that I am done crying about it, I can easily understand that “I can handle it.” It was about well hell time too. Damn.




2 Responses to “Resistance May Be Futile But Self Is to Be Taken Seriously”

  1. hunglikejesus August 25, 2013 at 10:58 pm #

    I have still not figured out why Black people are so hyped to be walking billboards for people that wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire.

    You are correct, we got to do some figuring before we head for the woods. No need in running if you just got to turn back around for some damn water.

    The biggest conspiracy theorist in this country is Alex Jones, and he is raking in the dough. The same info that people can get on their own, they let this big, fat mouthed, creepy cracka dictate to them whom they should fear. He race baits on a daily bases, but because he’s white it’s not considered race baiting, just getting the info out. People will line for their instructions while he’s telling them don’t line up for your government instructions. He’s nothing but another government employee of the month.

    And sista, I have been an unintentional victim of your words. They have shaken me awake on more than a few occasions. Don’t sell yourself short.

    • No Black Pete August 26, 2013 at 9:18 am #

      Much appreciated. White supremacy – no matter that it is not supreme – never sleeps. It cannot afford too. If we wake up and not fall back to sleep, it can be taken down within a few months. Too bad that we have soldiers willing to die for “whitey” but not to bring their system down. Not yet.
      We have some conspiracy theory millionaires, that instruct us on what to believe. They have become the new religious leaders, even though they admit that they just pass on what the System – some “insider” – tells them to. Always warning us after the fact. Then, what is the difference from mainstream tele-sick-vision? If NWO was all powerful, they would not need more idiots to sell their story. It is the biggest scam around. Not that the actions of the police state are not real. The fourth reich is real, just not all powerful. Anything they do to us, we can do to them. But, our path is not to become like them. We are supposed to rise far above them and ‘release’ them from Earth. Show them that we no longer need them as our slaves. But, then again they were already told so many centuries ago. So, there must be something wrong with us if we keep repeating the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results.
      I got some cave-work to do. Peace.

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