Stepping Back Into White Pete’s Cave

19 Aug

Hell's Gate TurkmenistanIt is not for the lack of trying. I just cannot do it without going insane. I cannot live a double life of doing exactly as insane white pete dictates, and then to “act Black” underground. Under what ground? Or, under whose ground? I have worked on many projects in the past year, and the only thing that seemed underground was the money. So, the projects have come to an end. I learned a bunch, but it is white pete that is going to profit from it for a while. If not to have me solve some of their petty problems or be the problem for them to focus on, then to keep me busy and away from my community. Back to work General, and “no more of that No Black Pete nonsense.”

Working for white pete is like stepping into a cave. As I enter their sick buildings my senses go into purple alert. There is no Natural light in those buildings, how can I then function Naturally? They know that if I do not get regular fresh air and contact with Sun-Ray, at one point I will start to malfunction and dysfunction. And white pete will rejoice for they will take that I will have transformed into their beloved black pete. Which is why they hired me in the first place. Most of our people who manage to get into leadership positions, are hired to be their black pete, or else fail. It is the blame-shame game at its best. Still doubt who invented it?

For the love of happiness that could only come by the way of money, I always had to ignore my senses warning me when I entered their caves. With the emphasis on a socially engineered common non-sense, I did not have the sane sense to trust my senses. Those same senses that warned me for years, about the poison that was put in our food and water. And, that I am not to share bread with an enemy, or else I might as well be eating their poison. Sick people, sick food, and sick buildings. Going back to work for white pete is going to be a major test. Not because of their petty office politics, but because of being too close to them while locked up with them in their caves. If you sleep with dogs and fleas is all you get, then you are lucky. Do not wait for the luck to prove to be yet another part of their scam.

elephantiasis-of-gerardo-feldstein-5Life should be good outside of their caves. But, leave it to white pete to come looking for me. They were not satisfied stealing time and money from me. As I watched them steal and lie, they showed me how they did it. Now that I know it, it seems like child’s play. “Sinterklaas en zwarte piet is for the children.” Indeed. How do they do it? Simple. They work together. They are one. Remember that white pete likes to cut up things. They do not only cut up things that do not belong to them, they also cut up themselves. They will cut of the leg of one of their corporations, and give it another name. “Henceforth, thou shalleth be called gel.” And all that is left to do, is to have their robots and puppets convince the sheeple that their leg is not their leg, but someone else’s gel. And make us pay extra for worse disservice. That someone else is… them. It never stopped being their leg.

We could do the same thing. Draw up papers to say that cousin Booboo or the next-door neighbor is providing services for us, and have the ‘payment’ serve as costs on our own ‘balance’ sheet. It may work out for some of us, but not all of us. Because there is one thing that white pete has that we do not. No, not trust. What happened to you the last time you trusted a white pete? They are an untrustworthy bunch, and are proud of it. They will smile at you while their legalized criminals rob in your face. What you can trust on is that their fake split-off and fake ownership scams work, because they have systems in place to enforce it.

One system is aimed at us. We are to believe the blatant lies they tell us, and if we become ‘disobedient’ then they will disproportionally punish us. And blame us for ‘forcing’ them to punish us. Classic psychopathic maneuvers. The other system is to keep those in the know in check. They do not trust each other anymore than we should. Things get ever more insane, the closer one gets to the inner circle. Still, they will tell you: “As above so below.” Both systems force people to play along or suffer the sickening consequences.

It is risky to enter their caves. Especially, since I never believed that I really got out in the first place. The chemtrails and chem-dome does not allow for it. That reminds me to watch Total Recall again. Anyway, I would like to iron out several more weaknesses, and only return to the cave when I have succeeded in turning them into strengths. I consider it unfortunate to know that the only way to outgrow the weaknesses, is to actually enter the cave and deal with them while I keep white pete in check. I better hold on to that iron so they know to keep their insanity close to themselves. My turn to paste a smile on my face while I cut their psyches up. The hired assassin. Not to worry, I write this so I can read it back and see what it is that they would like me to turn into. The poison food in their corporate restaurants always messes with my memory. And, I am to remember that I have already been warned that there will be no resting place if I fall into that trap.

Whoop AssOf course, I could use some more time. But, I know that if I was ready they would not dare to hire me, would they? To be ready is to remain focused on my path and grow, while I easily hand them their insanity back, and then some. Cut, slice, cut. Oh well, it is good to have something to strive for. The good news is that I will no longer be half-stepping into their cave like Eric Sermon. “Y’all know we come through the club; Steppin like ba-boom-boom-boom-bup.” Instead, I take to heart that “if you ain’t ready, then get ready.” I will leave it at that for now. Back to their cave.





4 Responses to “Stepping Back Into White Pete’s Cave”

  1. No Black Pete August 20, 2013 at 11:53 am #

    Much appreciated. Someone has to do it. I am sure that they will behave themselves in the first two months. Sigh.

  2. hunglikejesus August 20, 2013 at 8:57 pm #

    Has White Pete gone back from once he came?

    And if and when you lay down with dogs, you’ll be lucky if fleas are all you get.

    • No Black Pete August 20, 2013 at 9:44 pm #

      White Pete never left the cave. That is why the world he created for us to believe in, is just an illusion. Not the world itself, but what they made of it. One big dark cave. At least that is what I notice as I step back into it. It is as if I never left, but I can clearly feel the difference this time around. Peace.

  3. No Black Pete September 11, 2013 at 8:54 pm #

    Could not find the right post! It is impossible to keep track. I still cannot find that clip on the air. Well, the trailer will have to do until I can find it. Peace.

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