If You Do Not Know White Pete By Now…

13 Aug

Golden Carriage Gouden KoetsFor some of us, X-massacre has come early. Different sacrifices in different parts of the world. Most people will have no idea where I will be going with this. I did not know myself until a few hours ago. Now I look back, and see that all I had to do was to wait for it. To hold off on all the small-time white pete nonsense, and let the best story find me.

One of them had to move on. They kept him alive as long as they could, sacrificing many men in doing so. Maybe not many, but definitely a few. Either way, they came up short. For as much as they look upon themselves as gods, they still cannot do what used to come to us Naturally. They pretended to be able to figure it out, and they sent some of their grand sons back to the maisons to study our notes in the secret libraries, but to no avail. Things had already been arranged for this man to reincarnate back into this Hell Land, and they chose this day, and now hope for their scheme to work out as planned. The expectation seems for him to reincarnate back into their new world monarchy to balance out their numbers.

Some hope for him to return as a Black man. Some of the hopefuls are white. They know that the only way for them to liberate themselves from well hell, is through embodiment in the Black skin. A-damn man has to turn into a hue-man before he can leave the Hell he created. Sure enough, we allowed them to create it, but that is just how ignorant we were. We created a monster, but most of us had no idea of its monstrous appetite. Empty beings do not feel satisfaction for long, if they can feel it at all. Still, some of us knew more than they let show, and purposefully failed to warn the rest of us.

Now these white sons crown themselves kings of the Earth, when the Earth is our Dome. Do not worry, their grandma sons already know this. So, if they wish their own well, then the body of a Black man is what they have wished for and have made ready. It is not for his benefit, but for theirs. They will try to take possession of that Black body to enforce their own enlightenment. The same thing that they have been doing for a few centuries – over and again – but is not working out.

Clearly, it is not working out for us. And, some of the people who want the white son to return as a Black man are Black. Most of them are those who consider being Black a curse. So they think that they are cursing this white pete by wishing him to return as a Black man. That is what arrogance will get you. You will bless those who curse and destroy us, while you curse those who are divine no matter our current mind state. Trading places. Those who have hidden our knowledge, have the power to turn things upside down and all around. They can turn the real Kings into their own sick image. This knowledge is necessary for people and things to make sense. They know it, why do we not know? Or do we not only know, but are the very ones who planned it?

They chose this date to end the remainder of the useless life of their prince. He was kept alive like a Kentucky Fried that-ain’t-no-real Chicken. Before getting teary-eyed, consider how many of our people they have practiced this on. May our people find peace, as I ask the Elders to help release them from their bonds. Leave none of our wanderers who are of use in the spiritual war, tied to this Hell Land. I thank those wanderers for showing me that to eat any food mindlessly, is to be gulping down junk like a you-better-fry-it-because-that-ain’t-no Chicken.

Back to the darkness-bearers. Are they going to freeze their grandma son in, and bury an empty coffin? Or did his brain turn into pulp, and they might as well get rid of the body? Do his sequestered doubles also have to die? So many questions, but not enough interest to answer them. All this because I glanced at their propaganda newspapers when I went out to get junk food from the super-poison-market. I got a chocolate bar for 65 cents and an aloe vera drink for 65 cents. Hmm. I have been battling cravings ever since I gulped down the poison like a no-chicken Chicken. I shall overcome it. It was the only way to discover what to write about.

Swamp PeopleThe whole of Hell Land grieves.’ That is what one of their propaganda waste papers claimed. Oh. I keep forgetting that I do not count. I am not Dutch to those who call themselves Dutch, but are not Dutch either. This Hell Land used to be over half sea, and the rest was swamp. After their Ice Age. I still do not understand how they got themselves closed in. The Eskimos did just fine. Why did white pete go ape? Always more questions. The point remains that this Hell Land was quite uninhabitable. Does “Dutch” not sound alike “Deutsch”? So, the Dutch should call themselves “German” or “swamp” beings. Or, I just get those monkeys off my back.

A lot of wordplay could be thrown in at this point, but unlike the savages who learned to shave off their body hair, and wear clothes and crowns, I have a soul. And I have been taught to stick to norms that prevent me from stooping below being hue-man to mimic ani-mals or ani-mans. We should not have enabled the ani-man to reproduce, but we thought that it was only natural, and a handy attribute. Look at us now. Frankenstein has taken over, and is ripping apart the world, to piece it back together into his own image. How? They still take guidance from us. They have stolen our scrolls and tablets, and keep them hidden from us. They study our written knowledge over and over again. Every time they manage to decode something and miscreate it, they rejoice and hand out trophies among themselves to fool the blind ones. Blind or not, we are still their gods. How about that?

In Hell Land they have secret (from the public) and open (aimed at the public) rituals. The secret rituals revealing the eye of Heru, show that their top grand fakes know that we are their gods. The open rituals like Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Setan Claus and black pete) serve to have the public keep us from our god-potential and treat us as the slavs they still are. Underneath all their appearances and theatrics, they are chained to their well hell. There is no liberation for ani-man, except by the mercy of us. That is why they are forcing the ‘forgive the white devil’ nonsense on propaganda tele-sick-vision. Along with expressing their fear for Black people taking revenge. Some will have no problem taking revenge. I do my bit by directing white pete to Chinese super-poison-markets. They know that extinction will be the death of them. And the feather with which they write and seal their lies, is the same feather that will be used to weigh their evil.

When it comes to their dead bodies, no ritual can save them from judgment. A Black god keeps telling them as much over and over again. Every time they read his tablets, they are reminded of the fact that they will have to answer to the Black ones that created them. Some await their return in the physical realm while in fear of the end of their world. Those white pete are a funny bunch. Why White Men Assaulting Black Woman 1632would the gods limit their power to matter, only to get captured and enslaved by their own creation? Judgment is where their sick white cunning is of our use.

As they turn willfully ignorant at hearing the bad news, most choose to ignore ‘death’ and live out their insanity in their very very short life span. The whitened arab moor-con that told me that he was of the same mind as white pete, showed me how sick he was by adopting the white paradigm while professing faith in the All-ah. He really expects anyone to save him from his Hell? I just looked at him as he babbled on. And so did the white pete sitting next to me. He must have recognized his fellow ani-man.

They pay lip service. They can try again as a pig. Because that is what we will turn them into the next time we feel like experimenting. White pete knows as much because they have been miscreating all kinds of mals and mans that would scare the hell out of us if they ever turned them loose from the cages in all those labs and on those islands they use for their experiments. The bad news is that they learned most of it from us. Yes, some of the same scrolls and tablets they have stolen over the past three centuries. But they cannot do what we were able to do Naturally. They had to let their own back up grand mason die, because they can only mimic gods. It takes Indigo maturity to actually be one. Even when they stop their Canaan-canine-Cain ways, they still would come up way short of our excellence.

Of course, I know that people would prefer that I write about the symbols of the darkness-bearers. But once you know they are not original in their use of our symbols, it gets old really fast. You still want to drink Starbucks coffee when you learn what their logo stands for? Never mind. Addictions are not to be taken lightly. I seem addicted to 65 cents poison myself. Back to the matter at hand. At the fact that I waited for them to show their use for this day. Even though their calendar is off by a few years, they show that accuracy is irrelevant. It is all about the numbers they get us to be-lie-ve in. 13-8-13. The “8” represents infinity. YAWN. See, I am bored already. I will just stick to what I was Set to write, and know that what I already wrote is just right.




5 Responses to “If You Do Not Know White Pete By Now…”

  1. No Black Pete August 15, 2013 at 8:08 pm #

    I do not write to report on the ‘news’. Just check any Dutch waste paper for the details and propaganda. Peace.

  2. No Black Pete August 15, 2013 at 8:09 pm #

    “Death and nature are stupified,
    when a creature rises again,
    to answer to the judge.

    The book will be brought forth,
    in which all deeds are noted,
    where the world will be judged.

    When the judge will be seated,
    all that is hidden will appear,
    nothing will go unpunished.

    Alas, what will I then say?
    To whom shall I appeal,
    When even the just tremble?”

  3. diaryofanegress August 18, 2013 at 11:54 pm #

    We’re creating their reality just by learning who we are. Nothing else needs to be done.

    • No Black Pete August 19, 2013 at 10:26 am #

      We have created reality, but did we foresee a ‘fall’? Some say that we planned it all, and will rise more powerful. Some say that we got surprised by their evil. That we had no idea what we were getting into. In any case, we are supposed to get to the next level. The more we are able to shield ourselves against their insanity, the better the Earth will be able to withstand their poisoning tactics too. White Pete and the Mongolians remain interesting study-object as we are supposed to figure out the workings of evil. At least, it is still not clear to me. If most ani-mals have a soul, then why not all ani-mans? Peace.

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