We Are the Guardians of Kwakoe and Kwaku

6 Aug

Kwakoe Festival at5The beauty of Kwakoe. Alike last year, I have waited for Kwakoe – now Kwaku Summer Festival  – to finish, before writing about it. I am of the belief that I am not to stand in the way of the organization. Those who put in the time and effort are to finish what they started, and for me to hold my peace until the fat lady has left the grounds. Of course, peace does not extend to the violation of my civil rights. Uh, civil privileges and human rights. I am all for security against white corporate crime, but very much against the securing of admission-fee paying public. I fully expected to have to stand my ground last weekend as well, but I found that things had changed for the better.

Bypassing a large crowd waiting to buy paper wrist bands to enter the concentration camp, I found that there were many more booths to buy the bands from. Within five minutes, I was ready to get inside the camp. Mentally prepared to defend my rights, I found that no one was interested in even dealing with me. I was not awarded a chance to sharpen my civil disobedience skills. Instead, only those volunteering their wrists and hand bags, were treated like criminals. That is what ignorance or submission will get you: the opposite of what is in your best interest.

The first week, the security force forced the bands on our wrists. Well, not my wrist, but everyone else went along. As if that was not shocking enough, this weekend I saw people putting on the bands themselves. Just the fact that I saw it and understood it, made me not say anything. Some people simply could not care less, and it is no use arguing with them. Some people would require me to hold their hand while directing them through the indoctrination program step-by-step. Other people would not be able to believe a word I would say. It would seem like magic to them. How inna hell…?!  Sleeping beauties. The bad news is that their children watch them, and mimic them. Getting used to paper chains at an early age.

Of course, it was only right that finally the majority of security force men were of a Black hue. Reported rampant unemployment among the Black youth because of the exclusion policy of white corporate Hell Land, should have made it easy for city council to know to demand the security force to hire young – or not so young – Black men and women. Get them indoctrinated first, and the rest will follow. It is standard white pete practice, so what took them so long? Get some fine looking brothers with tattoos all over their bodies. Blissfully ignorant that the ink is travelling through their bodies to collect in the lymph nodes in their arm pits and their breasts. Did you not hear that breast cancer in men is on a steep rise? Well, if you did not know… Know to do your own research. I am not the Oracle. You know?

So far, the changes upon entering might have had nothing to do with my insignificant article. I write to be able to keep my one eye open, until I finally know enough to open up the other one. And then there are still two more eyes to go. Besides, I have been informed that I have not been the only one complaining about the crowd being controlled by a white minority. (Sinterklaas anyone?) And many people have been wondering about the white boys counting our money as if it was theirs. A reference to Dagobert Duck (Scrooge McDuck) may be in violation of the Florida boycott, but as I already drank some filtered tap water from my Tweety cup this morning, I will stand my ground.

Mother Earth and LokoWhat got me to suspect that someone with some influence, had read my article, was that some trees got planted within the camp. How about that? Some trees got planted! I am beginning to think I should have asked for more. But greed is not my thing. People know that they need to pay me for my work. And yes, “just some advice” is work too. Cut the check, and I will have something for you. Otherwise, miss me. I know my worth, so greed functions to recognize it in someone else. If it is not mine, then it has to be yours. Go get upset somewhere else. Do you not know that I have the power to make trees appear?!

For some reason, I do not feel like getting into what the crowd was like. I will use the information to write an article on patterns and trends. I will only say that I had a good time watching the crowd, and to talk politics with those interested. With my intellectual mind busied as I tried to make sense out of nonsense, there was little room left for discontent. Music everywhere. Food everywhere. People everywhere. The trick to getting the best out of Kwakoe is in the circling. If you want to be seen then you need to circle the grounds. If you want to see, than you need to stand or sit at a spot where the circling can be watched. It was the circling at Keti Koti that made it resemble old Kwakoe. And the circling was perfected this last Sunday.

Remove white pete from controlling the event, and we got it. How else can it be Kwakoe? We started Kwakoe. The organizers by organizing, and the crowd by crowding. We put time and effort into Kwakoe. We made sure that everybody knew when it started and, most importantly, when it would be the “last weekend”. No one was to miss the last weekend. “A’o span!” To dress up, show up, and enjoy ourselves. Parbo beer, ginger beer, markoesa. Blood sausage and fladder, grilled chicken and spare ribs, nasi and bami, roti, telo, corn, and bara. Bojo, fiado, plantain crisps. Ah, the good old days when I still ate junk food. The point is that we did that. How can white pete show people from Caribbean America how to enjoy themselves?! Frenemy, puhleese. Next thing you know they are going to try to tell us what beauty is.

Because of the lanterns in the camp, people could circle until midnight. I was not dressed to impress, so I did only three circles. It was enough to register what I needed to register. The Jongereneiland (the podium for youthful artists to perform) worked as well as the Waterkant podium for the adults. Youth and older ‘youth’ were enjoying themselves. Youth culture may be in trouble – as the denigrating white version of HipHop has taken root in Hell Land too, youth looking like Little Windy Wayne calling Toxic Role Modelthemselves b@tches and ni@@as – but their talent and creativity shines through regardless.

If white criminal organizations are not hiring our youth, and Black businesses are struggling, then they will have to hire themselves. Our youth showing us how to recreate a Black economy. By ourselves and for ourselves. But, this time around we cannot let white pete in to profit from Black power. It is the same lame trick everywhere, over and over again. We better start educating our youth on what to do with their power. Or some thing else will.

It is also our responsibility to keep the Kwakoe spirit alive. Freedom fighter Kwakoe fought for our freedom when we were maimed and exploited without any recompense. That is why I take issue with the attempt to whiten Kwakoe. We need to keep in mind that it is not a white thing, it is not an arab thing, it is not a Chinese thing. It is to remain a Black thing. Those who know the difference are responsible for pointing out the difference. We are to keep Kwaku a Black thing, or suffer the consequences. All I will say is: Roots Festival. I have never seen so many people scrunch up their faces, and refuse to pay to go into the public park. And how about all those people leaving Roots Festival early? Not at Kwaku. People were circling the grounds until midnight.

There is not much left to say. When it comes to Kwaku, I think that my work is done. For now.





5 Responses to “We Are the Guardians of Kwakoe and Kwaku”

  1. No Black Pete August 6, 2013 at 9:10 pm #

    NB. Clearly, KWAKOE stands for the old Kwakoe festival, or the freedom fighter Kwakoe. KWAKU stands for the new Kwakoe festival. I am a proponent of calling the festival Kwaku, as it is the correct spelling in Surinamese as connecting to English. Yet, it is not the only spelling as many still connect Surinamese to Dutch.

  2. No Black Pete August 10, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    You did not drop a link. When I come across pictures of Kwaku, I will put them up. Or leave it to Dutchess when she gets back. Peace.

  3. hunglikejesus August 12, 2013 at 12:10 am #

    “Little Windy Wayne” LOL!!

    I thought that person in that photo had some kinda skin ailment.

    Another lesson learned. I had no idea they cared over there in Hell Land.

    • No Black Pete August 12, 2013 at 1:07 pm #

      Little Weirdo has some kind of ailment alright. Much of that ailment got planned right here in Hell Land. I do not like being here, but I am in prime position to analyse the white madness and how it effects and was intended to affect Black people. Peace.

  4. No Black Pete August 12, 2013 at 1:09 pm #

    The next article may show up on Wednesday. I do not know yet. as I have not written it yet. I was thinking writing about the institutions, but if anything else happens to draw my attention I need the freedom to deal with that in writing. Peace.

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