Know Why White Pete Wanted Kwaku

16 Jul

Crowd - Misha Gordon7Too many things on my mind, my mind on too many things. That means that I need to unload. Let me start with the obvious. The Trayvon Martin case – to call it what it was – seemed like just another unreality tele-sick-vision show, as it had the same script. A finely scripted script with finely scripted roles. A big divide across the color lines for the ignorant audience that has been fed empty white babble about justice for all in a white supremacy system. Black people get into an emotional state, while white pete remains ice cold. Quite comfortable with his own sick vision, white pete allows the audience to entertain him. Feeding us more empty babble to get our blood boiling. The verdict? If the “creepy cracka” does not fit, then you must acquit.

We now await the civil law suit, so we can watch Trayvon’s parents triumph like the family of OJ’s dead wife did. Never mind that the government agent seduced and killed the dead wife. Is Zimmerman a government agent too? Let the family wait for him to write a  book on how he targeted Trayvon, and sue him for the property rights. Again in the same way that the family of OJ’s dead wife did. Not that Zimmerman will be any more capable than OJ to actually write a book. What are we to do in the meantime? Back to work soldiers.

Soldier or not, I shall report on the Kwaku concentration camp that I visited last weekend. Where to begin? Well, let me begin with the long line that I had to wait in upon arrival. A waiting line at Kwaku?! It felt surreal to me. I stay away from venues where they make people stand in line like cattle. I was to consciously decide to leave and forget about Kwaku, or to stay in line so I could get processed. Luckily, miss Charm walked by and I got distracted for a minute. A tall dark-skinned Black beauty. I checked to see if she was really that tall or wearing hoochie heels. Nope, she is really that tall. To then wonder whether it is positive for dark-skinned Black women to be charming models. Do people now see a person, or still a thing to be used? It sounds like a topic for another article.

Reluctantly moving along with the other people in line, I turned the corner and got confronted with “house rules”. To make sure, I just now pulled up the Kwaku website again to check… Nope. Not a word on concentration camp rules. We were meant to get surprised by them. Forced to cooperate through the elements of surprise and cattle processing. But, let me back up a bit first. Because, I think that I spotted the hidden list of concentration camp rules, because I was looking for them. The day before Roots Festival in Oosterpark in another part of Amsterdam, I had spotted a similar list of concentration camp rules there. An arab was quick to agree with me that the ‘rules’ were disproportional. Well, I did not say “disproportional” to him, instead I used the words “ridiculous” and “what’s next.” And I might have mentioned a certain form of Germany.

So, standing in the processing line, I was on alert. I started to look for Black men and women in the ‘security force’ that would get paid from my admission fee. I counted one Black man and a somehow mixed woman that I would count to be on the side of Zimmerman. If I am wrong then I will be the first to apologize. Just leave a comment. Anyway. The ‘nazi jugend’ at the gate looked to enjoy themselves in their role. They had on orange shirts, so I was quick to judge that that they represented the owner, the new king of the orange house. I wrote down the company name, and was Wistar Polio Vaccine in Congoready to focus on something else. And that is when I saw the slave reprogramming tool called “house rules”.

All of the concentration camp rules irked me. But when I read that children below the age of 13 had to identify themselves, I reeled in… knowing that I would write about it. The police state is demanding Black children to identify themselves. This is what we get when we do not protest their dictatorship rules. Did we protest when they demanded by law that Black adults and adolescents from 16 and up, had to identify themselves ? If you were not thinking of Germany back then, then you better start thinking about Germany now.

Remember that this was Kwakoe (now Kwaku) festival. A Summer soccer festival organized by the Surinamese community for the Surinamese community. Why? Because white pete sure as well hell was not going to waste any money to organize anything for our youth nor adults. If that is clear, then the next bit will be as clear. The pay booth was ‘manned’ by white boys! I had to hand over my admission fee to white pete! So, we have a sealed-off concentration camp, nazi jugend at the gate, and white boys in charge of the cash? If it was not for miss Charm passing by, I might have called it a day and just sat in front of MeKillthemDonalds or Kentucky Fried ‘what the hell happened to the’ Chicken, and watch the aftereffect of Black people eating white junk. The chemicals in that food make people act ‘black’. The kind of black that white pete prescribes. Black pete. You know, when white pete puts on blackface and acts out what is in their sick mind. Black pete is white.

Still thinking “so what?” That is okay, because I have more. You know I got you. In return for disgust and admission fee, they wanted me to allow them to tag me like a cow. I can laugh about it now, but when the somehow mixed woman tried to put a paper keti (chain) around my wrist, I was not amused. Ever since they came up with the nonsense many years ago, I refused to get tagged. Back then it got me angry stares from ‘my crew’. Never to get invited along again for not playing by white pete’s rules. And look-a-here now. They demand that our 13-minus years old carries identification papers so any behavior deemed criminal by white pete can get properly registered. Now that the children of ‘my crew’ entered their teens, I wish them luck. With parents like that they need not fear white pete. They will fit in fine.

Of course, there is even more. As I walked through the gate into the sealed-off concentration camp, one of the jugends aimed for my bag. He wanted to look into my bag. To make sure that I had no weapons of mass destruction with me. I cannot blame him, because I can easily use my pen to cause harm. However, curiosity killed the cat, so I told him “NO.” He might have been on his last life, so I felt like saving him. I was ready to walk away to inspect the lay-out of the concentration camp, when the jugend told me that I was not allowed to enter. Even though I was not in the mood for anymore of their intimidation, I did not only smell stink, but also a good story.

This is why I started the article with creepy Zimmerman. It is not as if we do not know our civil rights, but it is that we have to know that white pete considers them to be a privilege. There is a private ledge in place. Unless legal admission fees are paid and the privileges get awarded in their court of their law, any right that we are made to believe we have, will not be worth the white paper it is written on. White pete can put together concentration camp rules, and have those annul any of the rights we think we have. Still want to walk into a concentration camp like a mindless zombie?

What's NextAs promised to the jugend, I will leave out a direct attack on individual security jugend who went beyond their mandate, and thus wished to remain hidden behind the ashke and nazi group. Even though I tell people that they need to write down names and send letters to the superiors of the jugend who directly violated their rights, I was willing to agree to not cause some individuals problems. I got an apology and information. The nazi jugend was not getting paid out of whatever would remain of the paid admission fees after the white pete boys were done ‘counting’ our money. Instead, they were hired by the city council directly. City council had demanded security to be in place at Kwaku camp, and ‘sponsored’ that security.

Great white pete tricks. To appear as a ‘sponsor’ of Kwaku festival to the world, but to only sponsor the obligatory security jugend under direct orders to get us to comply with the outing of the Dutch nazi police state. I should have asked the question first. How to get Black people used to a nazi police state? Well, turn our festivals into concentration camp drills. Have nazi jugend practise on Black people without an option to protest. To get us used to neighborhood watchers making ridiculous demands, and aim for the heart. If you do not like it, then no Kwaku for you! Ha, blocked you out of your own festival.

Do not think that many Surinamese or African American Dutch minded this travesty. I agree with former organizers that Kwakoe Festival was never ours to begin with. It was condoned – allowed – by white pete. We accepted this ‘nice’ gesture, and went to sleep. As some sleep on, others have been shocked into a rude awakening. When did city council decide to turn Kwakoe into a concentration camp practice? At least three years ago, so it could enforce the shut-down two years ago, leave the festival bleeding one year ago. That was the time-line for the execution. As many of us should know by now, white pete plans ahead for DECADES. Did they start conniving 25 years ago?

And now we are surprised that the government willfully violates our civil privileges by mandating a supposedly private security organization to physically condition us. I was not surprised to find a near-dead Kwaku fest-evil. However, by the time Aptijt was performing, Kwakoe seemed somewhat revived. Only somewhat. Surinamese women are known for their ‘dancing skills’, but I quickly discovered that there was not much of that going on. Was it the effect of a concentration camp void of trees and freedom? I was not surprised to see that no trees translated into no birds. But, not even any flies?! How about that? Even flies knew better than to get caught in a submission boot camp. A boot camp run by white pete.

How many Black people in that securing force? After checking all the gates, I came to four Black men in total. Oh, and the somehow mixed woman. And I may have counted one of the Black men twice. I forgot to compare tattoos. Never mind the bodysuit tattoo hype, and the need to save up plenty of money to be able to get the tattoo removed when society no longer considers it fashionable. It is much more interesting to share another trick city council put in play. No, not white women. That is a continuous trick. How about criminalizing using the sound of music?

Shoop da Whoop 2The Milieudienst (environmental department) was present to conduct decibel measurements. Things did not look well from the way the face of one of them quivered as he seemed to receive electrical shocks from his inner demons. And, at 9 p.m. sharp the nazi jugend went around the concentration camp to ensure that all turned off their music no matter the dBs. But, get this. On my way out of the Bijlmer area way after 9 pm, I came near the Ajax (soccer) stadium, and there was loud blasting music and incredible noise! The stadium was not even in sight when I could already hear it. A right for white pete is a privilege to be earned by Black people. And the system is set up – not rigged, but set up – to change as soon as people figure out how to earn the stripes needed.

There is so much more to say about the concentration camp and the police state enforcement. Also about how white pete made people still pay admission fee near closing time. It was no use arguing with the jugend. They were happy to be executing strict orders. Their turn to say “NO.”

They should pay better attention as they are looking at their own future. Whatever they do to us, white pete will also unleash on his own. That is the nature of this beast. Anyway, do not wait for me to inform you any further. Go check out Kwaku camp for yourself, even if only from the outside. I will not be back unless I get paid to do so, or until the last weekend, when the popular crowd shows up in their attention-grabbing outfits and bodysuit tattoos. Then I will gear up to write about the final day of the festival, instead of how much the Dutch and Germans are alike.




2 Responses to “Know Why White Pete Wanted Kwaku”

  1. honeytreebee July 18, 2013 at 11:30 am #

    White Pete can’t make nothing of his own he need black people to steal from and to feel significant. This is typical pattern and White Pete gets Black Pete to be the wedge in the door to get in and push us out. They did the same with west coast jazz and cut off the black community from the music and now the music stops for white Pete out here. White Pete wants everything we have, but doesn’t want us to have it yet, has no way to make it grow or keep it or anything alive as White Pete can only destroy and kill; best in world at that. Yeah, they’ll price you out of everything including your own mind.

    • No Black Pete July 18, 2013 at 3:59 pm #

      The Kwaku fest-evil is not over yet. Three more weekends. By the last weekend I will know if people have accepted the concentration camp fest-evil. Until then, I keep away from the nazi jugend. My time will be better spent writing about the ‘weather’.

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