I Am Tired of Looking at White Pete

12 Jul

LanguageAs I was reading a post written by Hued Flower, I felt like writing a comment. I had a long day, and as I lost my notebook with over three weeks of unprocessed notes, I was not fully centered. My notes are useless to other people, because I do not use names of others unless I make lecture notes. I can imagine that the notebook nevertheless makes an interesting read. I learn from this. I should not have let go of the notebook so someone could write something down that I did not need. I have already taken steps to change this habit.

Without my notes, it is more difficult to put together articles. I was going to write on banking for one site, and on scams of temporary work agencies to get employment on NBP. Among many many other things.  I now have to decide on whether to start over, or to pursue getting my notebook back intact. Also, all those that I have contacted in the last three weeks: clearly, I no longer have your information. When you see me, do not hesitate to provide me with your information afresh. However, if you were just into empty babble, then miss me.

What does that have to do with Hued Flower? As I read Flower’s article, the lectures that I had attended last weekend started to run through my mind. No notebook needed. “Knowledge without action is useless.” Hued Flower wrote about the lack of knowledge. And I asked myself whether there was a lack of knowledge, or whether there was another problem. I started to write this comment:

“Nice post. I use it to ponder on what our strategy is, and what it should be. We are not the only group of people with problems within the group. All groups have inner wars going on. Yet, when they beat another group, they celebrate it. Do we as Black people ever celebrate beating other groups together? Here in Holland we celebrate the end of slavery: Keti Koti. What end of what slavery?! We are celebrating NOT beating any other group!”

How painful. I should be using my words to cut up other groups. Instead, I hurt myself. I stood around like the ignorant person that I am, trying to celebrate Keti Koti, when I know that no chains have been cut. There was no lack of knowledge. I KNOW that the chains have become invisible to those who were foolish enough to believe they got “free”. Bam bloody hell boozled. I still got played for a fool, and fools do not win. Keti Koti? You show up, you are a fool. Showing yourself to be a willing slave. You stay away, you are a bigger fool. Because if we all stay away, then it will be used Bamboozledagainst us in their blame-shame tricking game. They will continue to speak for us and claim that we have no need for awareness on the Dutch role in the enslavement of Africans, African Americans, and African American Dutch.

What we need to do with Keti Koti, is to speak up for ourselves. No gathering of African Americans should forego on speaking on the chains. We are the ones to raise the awareness that the chains in whatever form need to get cut. And we are the ones to do it. The Chinese are not asking their former opium-pushers to have mercy on them and pay reparations. They are too busy taking over white business all over the world. What need do they have for reparations, when they can get the West into severe debt? The interest on the loans alone, will cover any need for reparations. Bam bloody… pay up. Until the sick ones throw out the monopoly money system.

See, our whole thinking stinks. Yes, we need to analyze white pete and the pale horses. But, we know so much about white pete that we act the part perfectly ourselves. Only among ourselves. We have/are yet to understand that slavery is “just business”. We do not get to say anything unless we show that we can mobilize our people for the only worthy cause: freedom from other people. Where are our workers or soldiers to do the work necessary? Let me get to the second part of my attempt to comment:

“Are we celebrating the Haitian revolution? Do we even know about the Haitian revolution beyond his-story? We are too busy fighting a whole system called white supremacy, without having a system of our own to fight it with. What system did the Haitians have in place?”

White pete says that Haiti is the poorest country in the world, and we do not hesitate to believe so. Well, I put up one article at Too Much Black, and I never ever – neva eva – have to waste energy on white babble on Haiti ever again. I just throw back two words covering three commodities: black and gold. Black covers the people and the oil. And white pete is not the only system craving the riches. So, for Haiti to end imposed poverty, all it has to do is to know what the other system is. And act on that knowledge. Instead of letting your soldiers starve, you feed them so they can fight for freedom from other people. Or, pay for freedom in gold and oil. Still, before new parasites get in, there better be a system ready to be acted upon to become self-sufficient. Pay the new parasites to get the old ones out, and then take control over your own resources.

I can hear people gasp, as I am not supposed to talk about strategy in public. How many times do I have to explain to people that if they live in a city and have a cell/mobile phone at hand, there is no privacy?! (Former) gang members are ahead of the pack. They know how to throw up signs. I may want to sign up for sign language class now, before white pete demands the prices to inflate beyond my limit (their sky). To talk in “private” is to let ”them” know. Why not other Black people? ‘Lack of knowledge’, for sure. It is time to deal with that. What strategy did the Haitians use? What strategy did Nat Turner use? What strategy are the Chinese using? What strategy are we using?

Skin ColorSkin color 2We are caught up in defining “we”. I am among the guilty. White pete and pale horses versus Black people. Brown Black versus Black Black. African versus African American Dutch. Why? To be able to deal with reality, you have to know what it is. Ignoring racism makes you… ignorant. It only becomes dangerous when we get emotional about it. We will not jump on white pete for not paying us for our contributions to their material wealth, but we will jump on each other because white pete taught us to hate ourselves.

What do I care if someone calls me ugly, when that person depends on me to eat? I will only care about it if I have nothing to eat while the abuser is throwing away his food. Instead of getting emotional over fake beauty, I should check to see why I am no longer in business. Why? Because I was ignorant. With all the knowledge that I had, I still invested in the wrong business plan. The business plan of Kumbaya. I can blame it on white pete. But, white pete does not care.

White pete does not like people. Period. So, why are my Turk (Turkish) neighbors not crying victim? What strategy are my Turk neighbors using? The Turk neighbors use white pete for money, and that is the beginning and end of their love relationship. The Turks clean up white pete’s mess and get paid. They put their little pay together and buy the junk that they need together – preferable from their own group. Their little pay gets stretched in a way that beats the underpaying white system. Instead of pulling out of the system, they use the system in a way that keeps life manageable for all parties involved.

What does that have to do with me? Instead of pulling out of the white system without a back-up system, I am to use my buying power to entice white pete to pay decent wages or allow for my new business to flourish. More money for me, means more money for them. I am not interested in white pete liking me. They do not even like themselves. So, leave it. I am interested in white pete coming up with the trick money. For now.

“See, I think that we got soft. We have become accustomed to white babble. Children hear white babble at school almost the whole day almost everyday. How are we going to get our children to sit down, and talk at them for almost the whole day almost everyday ourselves?”

I better correct myself on this one. Why would I replace their sick system with… their sick system? Who in their right minds would talk to children almost the whole day almost everyday? They do not like their own children so they do away with them in prison-schools. Get them ready for office jobs. But, our children are smarter than that. White pete has control over our children for many years in their sick school system. But we can easily educate our children to see beyond the white babble with less effort. I did not say no effort. We have to get focused and put in the necessary effort repeatedly. And cut through the white babble efficiently and effectively. Now, what is to be put in the minds of those children when the white babble has been removed?


I See Black PeopleWe have inherited a white pete state of mind. So, we know that white pete mimics. They do not learn by going through stages of development. They steal and mimic, and call whatever they act out their own. So, if they are unable to be original in anything, then who have they stolen their system from? Does it not make sense to go back to the Source, and learn the original system and upgrade it to present, near future and further times? Is that not what white pete has been trying to do all along? We see the Moon, but we do not know about the dark Moon. So when we see the Sun, how are we going to know to look for the Second One? We let white pete steal OUR system, corrupt it, and now we stumble around confused.

Action. Knowledge without action is of no use. Are we to wipe out the white system like China (supposedly) did, so we can replace it with our own system? Or do we use the white system and rebuild our former system that will deal with white pete as it could not before? Or do as they did and steal their sick white system and cut them out of their own system?

“When white Pete attacks us on whatever, they are stone cold. We are the ones getting emotional and giving them our energy. The energy we need to work on our business. Many bloggers show that they can put together a business plan, and have a business up and running. No matter what white Pete says. And then? Are we willing to enslave our own people to be able to run a successful business? That is the question. Not for churches, but for the rest of us. How far are we willing to go to take our freedom? We fight against being slaves, because ‘we want free’, yet we are enslaved more than anyone else.”

Something is off with my own strategies. So, I am asking myself if I got stuck in insanity no matter my own writings. Am I doing the same thing that others have done before me, so that the same thing is being done over and over again? If I am just as insane as white pete, then I might as well just shut up, sit down, and watch other groups adjusting their strategies as they go. I might learn something new. Yet, I sincerely feel that no one is doing anything new. It may look new, but unless someone puts up a third Sun in the sky, I am not to be fooled by the shine of empty words. If I have become part of the problem, or more accurately: if I never stopped being part of the problem, then that is a problem to me.

Something is not right. My whole plan was liberation for myself. But there is no liberation by myself. I typed it, I read it, but I have to let this sink in for a few days. “There is no liberation by myself.”




22 Responses to “I Am Tired of Looking at White Pete”

  1. Masks of Ivory July 12, 2013 at 6:13 pm #

    Really insightful and rich read. I’m interested in learning about the second and “third” sun.

    • No Black Pete July 12, 2013 at 6:49 pm #

      Much appreciated. Glad to see that you know about the Dark Moon. You get your lunar energies right, and the Second Sun will find you.

  2. huedflower July 13, 2013 at 2:13 am #

    I love hearing your perspective, it’s wild to me how someone so far feels the same exact way. Although we know this is a world wide scheme, it’s great to hear from another brother from your side. That same brave self honesty you exhibit, is what can set so many of us free, which then can unite us.

    Peace from a sister

    • No Black Pete July 13, 2013 at 11:19 am #

      Much appreciated. You may call me ‘sister’. I am not willing to put on any more make-up to fix what does not need to be fixed. But as you wish, I could call you ‘brother’ and ‘sister’. (It is the “another brother” part.) You remind me of someone I spoke to yesterday…
      Anyway. I AM tired of looking at white Pete. I do not find the insanity entertaining. I am now looking at them thinking “is that all you got?!” I rejoice in seeing other people voice how they cut through the veils. There is not enough light in the day to read all of it, but I make an effort. Not for not, but to see how we can put in place strategies that work to reach our common goal: freedom from sick people.

    • huedflower July 13, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

      I’m sorry, I didn’t look at the about me section, the close up of the picture would have told me enough. The hat and Pete in the name is what drove my assumptions. This makes me feel even happier that you are a woman who sees the system for what it is. As women of color we have much power especially when we are the ones who raise our children and choose our men. If we refuse a man who is disrespectful to his people, and raise children who are educated correctly we change the world.

    • No Black Pete July 13, 2013 at 9:03 pm #

      No harm done. Alek does her thing, even when she is made to look like a man. Still, no Black Pete.
      There is much work to be done. It begins with self. To be able to apologize for a mistake made, even when no harm is done. Or especially when harm is done. And I am not even talking about somebody else. Can we apologize to our selves for our own ignorance? To own up to it, and to do better. How else can we become the most valuable player in our own families, our own communities? White Pete already knows that we are MVPs. We are the ones to catch up. As for ‘disrepectful men’, I will leave it. I feel a rant coming up, but I am tired. Its been a long day at Kwaku festival. Peace.

    • honeytreebee July 14, 2013 at 7:44 am #

      This is a great piece. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

    • No Black Pete July 14, 2013 at 9:49 am #

      Much appreciated.

  3. huedflower July 13, 2013 at 2:14 am #

    Reblogged this on Hued Flower.

  4. honeytreebee July 13, 2013 at 8:39 am #

    No Black Pete
    This is a very thought provoking piece. In regards to educating the future generations I think that we should get our children out of the system as soon as possible as to leave them there is to leave them with someone who will not neglect them as this would be bad enough , but with someone who means them harm and is interested in keeping them unfree for so many reasons. You bring up some very interesting stratigies to think about. I do think that children should be taught about white pete and where we are now in this and that is why when it is attempted in the USA they do things like bomb us from the air, bust levies like in washington state, have sundown towns, and put freeways through our once thriving communities. While educating our own is important and a must we must also find ways to protect our own. We have mad much gains in understanding and overstanding of white pete and you are right this knowledge does us no good if we do not use it. We need to study the board and learn from our mistakes and understand that white pete never gives black pete anything it is always a trick. Living amongst white pete and intergrating is only a trick as they don’t really live next to us and now we have no businesses, communities, or networks of our very own. But let’s no frett we learned something and the game is not over.

    • No Black Pete July 13, 2013 at 11:39 am #

      You got it. And I will refrain from preaching to the choir. Like I say on TMB: “we only just begun”. I see no fat lady, so we move to reach into the past and pave a path for the future of our children’s children. Still, I have no idea what my own next step is going to be. Something IS changing, but it is not white Pete. It is US! I see it with bloggers. They multiply! It is no longer one site to write on the insanity, but as many as they can pull off. Like the borg. Hmmm. Preaching to the choir. But, that is because the audience on the other side seems to be vast asleep. Ah. I discovered a flaw. I am supposed to make the choir SING, so they can wake the audience up. Duh.

    • honeytreebee July 14, 2013 at 7:56 am #

      Yeah, lets fire up the organ and get to singing if, that is what it takes to wake them up. But what should we sing first and loudest, watch out for that devil sinnerman, get up stand up, africa unite, or perhaps you had something in mind? All are great songs and I’m sure once we start singin loud enough they will wake right up. I know this may be jumping ahead, but maybe just maybe we should get out into the pews and sing just a thought.

    • No Black Pete July 14, 2013 at 10:16 am #

      Our hard work shows that we do not bank on one song. We need a full repertoire. Some like their lullaby soft and slow, some like their alarm loud and fast. The singers have to be skilled in singing all kinds. The leaders direct, and watch to see what is most effective in the present, and strategize for the future.
      There is no jumping ahead. But before you jump, get your footing and aim right. Peace.

    • Imhotep August 5, 2013 at 7:07 pm #


      I have a feeling white pete is doing everything in his power to hide Our history from Us. Any person who took slavery to the next level like white pete, would probably try to hide their history because they should be ashamed of it. Worst of all, it would have been “plain slavery” if white pete had only called us names, whipped us, and got us to work for him. No, white pete had to call Our Women names and then rape them. That whole act gave away who white pete is. It is obvious he is Our albino son (who looks for love from his Mother all of the time). He gave himself away after he contradicted himself to Our Ancestors. It is very difficult to live amongst white pete as black pete. You know white pete is looking for any minute he can get to replace Us with himself.

      Integration always existed. White pete snook into Our neighborhoods anytime he could (because he cannot stay away from Our Mothers). After slavery, there is no such thing as segregation. They came back to Afrika for a reason.


    • honeytreebee August 12, 2013 at 4:49 pm #

      Imhotep you’ve got it. These monsters do everything they can to tear at us. When black women reject them they attack not just us, but also our men. Keeping a distance away from the Pete’s is hard as they are everywhere.

  5. Imhotep August 3, 2013 at 10:51 pm #

    I’m tired of looking at them too. They really are a caricature of themselves in this time. The men cause trouble. The women just deny, deny, deny that the men cause that trouble.

    There are variations of white men, too. So, it is hard to stereotype them all as being one way. You have the men that are just Neanderthals and they do not care about hiding that side to them. Then, you have the educated white man who “wants for there to be an order to everything”. It is hard to tell which one is the most dangerous out of the two. The average “hang low saxon” will beat you down. If he cannot do that, he will spit at you. The educated white man will create a virus to hurt you and your family. The latter is a mass murder when the first one is “only being himself”.

    – Imhotep

    • No Black Pete August 4, 2013 at 12:15 am #

      They are beating us by torturing us to believe their propaganda. We need to stop listening, and just know that action speaks louder then words. And they have already showed us their actions. Who wants to turn the other cheek for another serving? Peace.

    • Imhotep August 4, 2013 at 5:14 am #

      I don’t know how they can even say a word. They are violent when they do anything. Their heads look like red balloons about to pop at any minute. Yet, they have long lives for some reason. I wonder if I am living in Hell everyday. They get away with too much that all of this just doesn’t seem real at all.

  6. Imhotep August 5, 2013 at 5:09 am #

    White Pete is the mutated Albino Son to the Mother of All Civilization (The Afrikan Woman). Unfortunately, because of this, White Pete will never separate himself from Us. We have a very complicated relationship with each other. I think the yt man is/can be attracted to Our Sisters. Because he knows that Jah made Us as a love interest to the Afrikan Woman, he hurts Us all. Yt women ( mutated Albino daughters) will put it out there in public that they love Us and want Afrikan babies. Yt women are adopting Our babies right now. Many Brothers, like Myself, would much rather have a Sister over a yt woman. So, the yt woman works with the yt man for Our destruction. There is a “if I cannot have you, then no one can” relationship they have with Us. So, they would not mind killing Us all to make themselves (they are too arrogant) happy. We are going to have to work together as a People to survive all of this. We have got to stop talking about what We are going to do, and just do it.

  7. Imhotep August 12, 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    Jah is tired of white pete and his work too.

    Did you hear about the sinkhole near disney world in florida?

    white pete has no respect for anything but himself. No man is an island! white pete believes he can run against that statement because in his mind, “the white man is superior to everything”. Jah is taking care of them everyday.

    • No Black Pete August 12, 2013 at 3:41 pm #

      That sinkhole and all the poison that is in it, is a very interesting thing. I have not had time to post on it yet, as there are still many other topics and articles in line. But I have one eye on it.
      White Pete is not even superior to himself. But unless we realize it, things will remain the same. Correct that, it will get worse. Even their Jhw-seus could not find their off-button.
      As long as white Pete is flourishing in Europe, their ‘American’ offspring and their ‘African’ ‘negroes’ do stand little chance. Airport security is to keep the dumbed-down versions far away – preferably near a sinkhole. Peace.

  8. No Black Pete July 3, 2014 at 7:46 pm #


    “So, I like how you describe how it is to “discourage” us from even attending. Indeed, I have lost interest in attending Roots festival (which is today). Instead I will be at a Black power lecture where I can come to understand how little even I know.”

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