White Pete Turning Black Power Into Profit

6 Jul

For the first time since whenever, I will not be at Amsterdam Roots Festival at Oosterpark. As happens in so many cities all across Europe, these park festivals are a way to enjoy the Summer in the cities left behind by residents and swarming with tourists. Those left behind or coming from afar band together in the parks, and enjoy themselves. All festivals have one thing in common: they are free of charge.

Burning HoopGood luck trying to get into Oosterpark without paying admission fee this year. They have changed a public park festival into a money-making machine. City council spends tax money on the festival and will have us pay admission fee. They want us to pay pay pay for the success of the festival. I will have to say “no, no, no.” It is not only about the money though. I remember enjoying the festival for many years as Surinamese and Antillean bands were playing. But, with no such bands playing when I finally got to the park last year, I did not enjoy the festival at all. Still, I was not going to complain about it as it was free. To not like it, was to just move on and go home. Not much energy wasted, so no big deal. Other people liked it, and white pete could get his ‘dance’ on. The same drunk dance every year. Not my idea of fun, so I left.

This year they are going to make us pay for white pete getting his ‘dance’ on. He will have to do so without me. I will not be reaching into my pocket to fatten white pockets. I do not like how they marginalized an Antillean Band in the leaflet, but at least they were mentioned, invited and – hopefully – are getting paid. I have checked that same leaflet to find a Surinamese band. None. Dutch African Americans are skipped to make way for Africans – no Diaspora.

That leaves me to question. Whose roots are they celebrating? Why would I pay them to help celebrate other people’s roots, while our direct roots get ignored? Arab and African music is great. But, I can go to many festivals in Europe and hear arab and African bands play – for free. And when I go to an African festival, I definitely enjoy myself. Until ‘they’ ask me where I am from. Then I become the outsider who only looks like an insider. To the African from Africa – no Diaspora – I am clearly African American. To African Americans… it is the other way around. It is a good thing that I can decide for myself.

As African American Dutch, I would like to celebrate my own roots. City council has decided – or allowed to be decided – that Amsterdam Roots Festival does not have to properly represent the Surinamese and Antillean community. It is the strangest thing, as there are so many Surinamese and Antillean bands and other performers who would not mind earning some money representing our roots, to pick and choose from. Is Amsterdam deciding for Dutch African Americans to just accept their African roots, no matter that the Dutch king is still to inform us where exactly they stole our ancestors from? There is still much homework to do before I can “go back to Africa.” Besides, I should ‘go home’ to the Americas first.

Oh well, it is a good thing that we still have Kwakoe. Uh… This year it is Kwaku Summer Festival, and we have to pay an admission fee. WHAT?! For those who do not understand the upset, let me explain. Kwakoe (festival) started as a soccer (football) tournament during the Summer holiday, for Surinamese children who could not go on vacation to Suriname nor afford to go out to expensive entertainment parks and the likes. So, a few Surinamese men got together and organized this tournament for our youth. It started small in about 1975, but it has become this very big deal. It has become so big that the city council did not want a bigger piece of the pie, but full control.

Kwaku LogoFrom the new Kwaku website, I understand that none of the original organizers have remained aboard. It seems like a completely new organization harvesting the many fruits of the labor of the previous one(s). This creates room for white pete to have full control and turn Black power into money. Take control, harness the power, and make money. The result? I expect a much whiter Kwaku.

Simply look at Roots festival to see what they want to make of Kwaku festival in the very near future. How many Surinamese bands at Roots, again? ZERO. Keep that in mind while you look at the Kwaku logo. I applaud creativity, but when is the last time you saw an orange/blue woman? Or man? What about that logo screams Suriname or Kwaku? The logo is gay – yes, GAY – while Kwaku was a Black MAN. A real man. Not some drunk Little Wayne representing the Black boule.

The sheer irony. I double dare anyone to say Keti Koti. So, I can tell them to get themselves a double dose of KMT and Akan history. When it comes to their thievery and perversion, white pete is patient. I can call it as it is, because I told people about the danger of the Kwakoe success years ago. But, I was too caught up in my own drama to be able to predict that they would, of course, even prey on our children. Especially on our children. White pete cannot be satisfied with a cut of the juicy pie. They will move in to take control, and the next thing you know perversion comes in. They will destroy Kwaku – no Kwakoe in 2011 – before they let Black people succeed and free themselves from their grip.

Harsh words over an admission fee? Yes, as the Bijlmerpark in Amsterdam is a public park. Why seal it off to collect an admission fee? I do not see them sealing off posh Grachtenfestival (canal festival) and asking the white yuppies to pay an admission fee. Also, the fee may seem low now, but what will it be next year? And, it is eight days of Kwaku. (We seem to have lost two weekends somewhere.) We have to pay even if we only drop by to say ‘hi’ to someone? Because, that is what a lot of people do in the first weekends. To drop by to see who dropped by as well. Or to drop by and get some food on their way home. Or, to pick up your child who lost his soccer match. And, like Dutchess at Dutch Guyana, I strongly object to having children pay for any festival. This festival came into existence in support of our youth, and now we allow white Pete to demand them – us – to pay a fee?

As the new organization has planned interesting entertainment for the youth, why implement exclusion tactics? They can organize all they want, but if the youth cannot afford to join in, then what is the point? It is not only about the youth. What happened to the relative higher poverty and unemployment of Black people in Amsterdam? All of a sudden it is okay to demand ‘poor Black people’ to pay up or get excluded? No, I am not interested in “Stadspas” nonsense. A discount means that you still have to pay. How expensive has security gotten to want to shake over half a million of extra money out of those ‘poor Black people’ who cannot afford to get out of Hell Land for a decent vacation in the Caribbean to nurture their roots?

People who do not see a problem with the new way of the same white pete, will be able to enjoy themselves without complaints just fine at Kwaku. And I will drop by as well. I will even pay and remain incognito – yes, Black – and hear what people have to say about the money-making. We all know that in the last weekend over 150,000 people will show up. Assuming that the upset over the fee will die out before then. Anyway, admission fee alone will amount to 450,000 euro. In 2011 Kwakoe was claimed to cost 200.000 euro. Too much according to city council who only wanted to ‘invest’ 100,000 euro. The same city council that still sits back and allows for massive inflation to cripple the Black economy. If city council is sponsoring for at least 120,000 euro (inflation correction), if all those merchants pay 1,000-3,000 euro for a market stand each, et cetera… then why do we have to reach into our pockets to come up with over half a million euro?

Follow the MoneyIf the money collected this year, will ensure a free festival next year, then I will show up all those eight days and pay admission fee twice. Brave words, because I know that prices always go up, never down. Whenever white pete claims that a price went down, then you better check quality and quantity. Anyway, the only free festivals in Amsterdam will be the Grachtengordel Festival (canal festival) and the Uitmarkt (promotion for the new theater season for the grachtengordel). No need to guess, those are white festivals, and city council happily foots the bill for whatever is getting billed. Free police. Yet, Kwaku gets a bill for ‘security’?!

Enough about white greed. They do not see their sickness as sickness. No wait, before I started to complain about admission fees to ‘free’ festivals, I finished an article on white pete knowing exactly what is wrong with them. It will be up in two days. Like I said in the last post. We are the ones wasting time trying to fit the pieces of their sick puzzle back together. But their puzzle is only perversion. Put it together quickly, and let go. So we do not only see how they congregate to get us to pay admission fees to our own parties, but we will be able to do something about it. Well, some of us. Most of us do not want to let go of black pete – WHO IS WHITE – as an insecurity blanket.




15 Responses to “White Pete Turning Black Power Into Profit”

  1. hunglikejesus July 7, 2013 at 1:32 am #

    As they do here; they charge for everything on public property. They also put on acts that most Black people won’t interested in, because the lack of interest by Black people means less Black people.

    Here, when at fests or what have you, you won’t be left out for not being a part of the whole group. Here, you’ll be left out if you’re not part of any group and there are plenty of groups. With my high cheekbones, long locks and my dark skin, I am often mistaken as an islander. I always let people think whatever they want about me, but mostly I avoid people like World War Z.

    “Not some drunk Little Wayne representing the Black boule” LOL!! Nuff said. We have all been usurped, and turn upside down, and shaken until all things of value hit the ground and then collected by the……you know.

    I so enjoy reading your writing, and I’m so jealous.

    • No Black Pete July 7, 2013 at 10:17 am #

      Thank you. ‘I dedicate this award to my mommy and my daddy. And the brother in the alley.’ Hard knocks life.
      Seriously. Thanks for the feedback. The post seemed to be about a little thing called admission fee, but it is part of the white supremacy strategy to exclude Black people. Even from their own events.
      So, I like how you describe how it is to “discourage” us from even attending. Indeed, I have lost interest in attending Roots festival (which is today). Instead I will be at a Black power lecture where I can come to understand how little even I know. They take away their junk, and I go elsewhere and gain more insight. Peace.

  2. honeytreebee July 7, 2013 at 8:00 am #

    Hi Black Pete I have take to dropping by your blog and I must say I am really liking it. Your blog is really well thought out and so refreshing to read. Thanks for taking the time to do this work.

    • No Black Pete July 7, 2013 at 10:21 am #

      Much appreciated. Other people took time and pains to try to get through to us to see through the white babble, so the least I can do is advertise their teachings. And add my own five cents to it. Peace.

  3. diaryofanegress July 8, 2013 at 1:27 am #

    I avoid these festivals like the bubonic plague.

    • No Black Pete July 8, 2013 at 1:42 am #

      LOL. I just finished a post on being a fool. We are celebrating that slavery has NOT ended.

  4. No Black Pete July 8, 2013 at 9:04 am #

    The admission fee at the Roots Festival was enforced. There was ‘security’, and police. Yet, people could still get into the Festival without having to pay. I have never seen Roots Festival look so white. Nor heard so many people grumble about the audacity to ask money for what should be a free park festival. Should, would, could. You have to be smart about it, and still get in for free. But, what for? The interesting people are OUTSIDE the park, looking at the people insane enough to pay the fee. I came, I saw, and I left. No energy wasted, so no big deal.

  5. Trase July 10, 2013 at 8:41 pm #

    What does that mean “Dutch-owned African Americen?”

    • No Black Pete July 11, 2013 at 9:19 am #

      Glad you asked. I was surprised to find that people let it slide. I was going to write another article on it. But a comment will work just as well.
      Dutch-owned refers to our identity cards and passports. It says that the pass is property of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. However, “property” points to the pass HOLDER. I have signed for possession of the pass, but in one motion I also conceded to being property of former Queen Beatrix of the Orange house. Make no mistake. It is the birth certificate that renders me property of the Kingdom. I state Dutch-owned, because I have no intention of connecting myself to this Hell Land any further than necessary. I did not know it was necessary at all, until I finally started to understand white Pete. Now, I overstand and can make healthier decisions.
      As for African American. I claim both Africa and America as homeland. I have to put in America to show that I am from a line of Africans that have a (slightly) different experience from the Africans – no Diaspora. But, I have no illusion that African Americans suffered more. The white and Arab slave System were and still are brutal on both sides of the Atlantic. As white Pete has developed the strategy of replacing all who claim to be African Americans with non-Americans, do not be suprised when you find yourself sold out by Africans – no Diaspora. Why? It is not just that they owe us money. Nope. They want to get rid of us, because we can CLAIM it. They will replace us with the African ‘elite’ that already plays by their rules and will stay put in Africa.
      So, until I can sign on to another Queendom, I remain in Helland. But, the connection to the All is possible because of my resemblance to the All. African inside and out.

  6. Masks of Ivory July 12, 2013 at 6:44 pm #

    I am going to address this article in terms of the African/African-Americans-no diaspora. As an African who flew into skies only to land into Babylon (tower of babel). I believe there is some tension between Africans and African Americans, only a few here call me brother. Some of my fellow black friends here give spite and hate for no reason. It is strongly believed here that Africans have no sense of direction, ironic. It is sad to see how blind some Black brothers are here. I know we Africans are also full with spilling greed(sprinkled by those who fear our unity), but like I stated in one of your other articles there is a rise in the works, I can feel it, the year of the Great ones. All we have is blood, sweat and maybe ink

    • No Black Pete July 12, 2013 at 7:24 pm #

      Much appreciated. You mention “ink”, that is my gold! Or mercury. So, I make an extra effort!
      Anyway. I am glad that you put forward your view on things. You are quite the poet, but it is color neutral to me. Whereas your comment sparks the interest to know more. Much more. I will leave it to you to do so on your own site, or to comment. I would like to know more about you flying into bab-hell. Where did you come from, what did you expect to find, what did you find? How have you tried to change things to fit your expectations? Or did you have to allow for things to change you and your expectations?
      I take it that you do know that the ‘dislike’ is for good reason to the sick mind. We were taught to hate ourselves, and here you – African, no Diaspora – come flying in. To a sick state of mind that ‘ent right’. You became the representative of the Africans that let us be stolen (or, even worse, sold us off for trinkets). If you did not come to bring us anything, then you must be taking more from us. Nothing personal, right?
      If you have a sane mind, then you become the automatic African parent of all those who do not. They will hate you, until you succeed in teaching them how to become sane. When you set out to do so, do not expect them to be grateful. You are the African, that is your JOB. Or else be our slave and clean up after us. Too lowly to embrace.
      As involuntarily removed Africans, we forget that to not have money and protection in Africa also comes with perils. White Pete does not play nice anywhere. But, it does not help us with our specific problems due to Trans-Atlantic Barbaric Enslavement in the West. As African – no Diaspora – you are to show us how much so we could rise above racism and excel. We will only accept smart Africans who excel, and will help us to excel too. Yes, that is how sick we got. My effort turned into insanity, so I will quit while I still see the exit.

  7. Masks of Ivory July 12, 2013 at 7:58 pm #

    Color neutral, true, but I also hurt in this course i choose to take. It pains when I bleed or write, but I guess to a gift, a curse will show face. To propel forward, I am aware of my times to which I write about, but after ink and sweat the ground is there to sleep on. How much can one shout? enough till your voice breaks and cracks; cracks; not crackas. Moving on from bird-eye writers, I come from the now sleeping giant of our Motherland, the once glorified land has fallen to a kiss-the butts- of the fallen Babylonians. Our sickness is so strong, I refuse to waste puke. It makes sense as to why the stars aligned my journey here. Back home all I got was hate and spite for just been a whole, one star. But when a white horse flees into their abode, my so called people would lick and twirl their eyes hoping for crumbs they already have. So here I came, having been deceived by the tubes that managed to sneak its way into many African homes through cables and wires. When I was young, i was amazed by them, but when I got here, life slapped me; swiftly, correcting me. I went through the hell that I had found here. So I sought after the life, the fountain. For I was thirsty, and I found my way not through the hungry pulpits, but through the best of teachers. I understand the spite I get, i truly do. Paul Mooney made me understand, and I don’t give back spite, all I seek to accomplish is to open the gates for the union that will soon come. The return of those we sold, and the forgiveness we ask of them. I also plan to show to the ones here in bab-hell, that there are some back home who see the truth, not in books but in life. They see it and want to walk in it. So as I journey through these parallel ridges my ways will show how far I have seen. This sick-smart world will see/hear/write of my life, a perfect sacrifice, it was.

    • Masks of Ivory July 12, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

      Hmm, I have never visited Too Much Black. Time to change that

    • No Black Pete July 12, 2013 at 8:59 pm #

      I leave it to you to edit your comment, and then I will put it up on Too Much Black. Peace.

    • honeytreebee July 15, 2013 at 8:33 am #

      Mask of Ivory and No Black Pete love your dialogue. It is true from what I have experienced that that diaspora and No diaspora African do have angist with eachother. I am from the diaspora side and can say that that there is hurt and sometimes denial mixed together like a bitter brew. No diaspora Africans seem so rich to us with their language, intact culture and history. With pride, confidence and a majestic glory of knowing this is where my people are from this earth where we sprang and went back to once again my line my blood unbroken my younger uncut…
      We diaspora don’t have this as we here in the west can’t trace our ancestors and this land is not of choice nor is it our roots. Our mother tongue cut, our ways forever changed. We aim to reclaim this our heritage best we can and claim the whole of Africa as not to leave an ancestor out. So,yeah we look at no diaspora and say show us what our soul aches for and can never completely have. Let us say brother let’s be family and in the same breath why you hurt me so bad, why are we never African enough. Why did you never come for us? Oh, living this life and seeing you here flying sucks the air right out of our lungs. We collectively love no diaspora African to the point of spilling blood for African never forget the Lincoln brigades that was going to Ethiopia to help fight against the Italians.

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