Kwakoe Came Alive At Keti Koti

2 Jul

Biki Spikri 2011 - 18I do not work on Keti Koti day, that is why I posted an update the day before. And now it is the day after. Back to work soldiers.

On Keti Koti I was about to conclude that I had not much to complain about when it came to the festival in Oosterpark in Amsterdam. But, that was before I heard them announce that Aptijt was not going to perform. Nevertheless, something was pleasantly different. Someone worded it exactly right. This Keti Koti festival felt exactly like Kwakoe. The old Kwakoe, not what became of it in the struggle for ‘power’. Was there still any Keti Koti to Keti Koti? Well, the ‘owner’ was present.

Let me explain. It is no secret that I waste no time losing ‘love’ on the 0range shield or red shield or whomever plots to own the subjects of certain countries. The new king of Holland (yes, the Netherlands and the overseas colonies) does not need our love. He is the boss, and we are to do as his government says. Give him the money. Hopefully most people have woken up to realize that “government” is only a shield for the corporations that pay the king to use his subjects for labor and then selling them junk to get the money back and hopefully drown them in debt. If people still do not know, then they have a long road out of Hell Land awaiting them – or their children and children’s children. Take off those orange glasses.

It is a fact that we are not “free”. The only thing we can accomplish is relative freedom. Most for the boss, least for Black people. Until that changes back to Black people as rulers of the world according to the rules of Nature, no keti (chain) of any enslaved can be considered koti (cut). And the boss and his wife – and plenty of police and secret agents – were present today for the official business of… watching Black people? Singing Redemption Song? The thing is that if people expected the king to personally apologize for still being involved in the exploitation of African and African American people, they could have done themselves a bigger favor if they had put their effort in getting Aptijt to show up and perform.

Redemption SongStill, for us to be able to see the king and his wife at Keti Koti, was a big deal. Imagine that. To be so close to the boss that you can personally shout to him to pay us for all the work we did to get his family rich enough so they could finally sit at the table with the big boys – and a few girls. And I considered this king a lucky pete when he was still prince. Then his family got him a wife who is able to play the game as it should be played. It is almost as if she is the real daughter of his mother, and he is… well, lucky. They trained her well. She definitely did not go to public prison-school. But, do not be fooled. For the king to have studied water management in a time when nobody but the Bilderbergers, understood that water would be privatized soon, was genius. But, then again, it is easy to be genius when you have all the answers to the test.

And that is what I am trying to show on this site. That they already have the answers to the test. We are the ones having to struggle to put the pieces together as they distract us with all kinds of empty junk. Junk food. Junk computers. Junk entertainment. Junk schools. Junk jobs. They are herding us to get us to do exactly what they need us to do, so they can get exactly what they have planned to get for themselves. If his wife is as smart as she seems – meaning that she got a high-level entry code to the real story and the real plan – then the king is not to be messed with at all. Did he know all the words to Redemption Song too? People were foolishly applauding his wife, and all the waving hands got me to miss his lip action.

In any case, the king was in attendance, and was on his best performance. Easy for me to say, as it was the only performance I have seen of him as king. But… No, enough with the ‘buts’.  I consider the performance of the oranges an important gesture. The gesture of showing us that we are not getting compensated. The chains are not cut, no “but” to it. Even worse, most of us get shamelessly exploited for having descended from enslaved Africans or African Americans. They actually had pillars in the Oosterpark that listed most family names of the freed slaves. I know of no family member that received any compensation (read: money) for the shameless use of our names. They did not even ask us if it was okay. Still applauding them singing Redemption Song?

As far as I see it, it was not a list of family names of freed enslaved people. It is the list they use to keep track of their Black enslaved in and from their colonies. Do not let them beat us at their game. Use the list to demand compensation. They know exactly who we are. And there is no question that we have not received any pay. Again, use their list to demand compensation. We have all the names of the people who got locked up in the concentration camp called Suriname. Yes, use jhw terminology to get them to pay up. We can do with a Nuremberg trial, no matter that it was a set-up so the jhws could get PAID.  There is nothing that happened to the jhw that did not happen to our enslaved ancestors first and worse. Let no jhw tell you about the horror of ‘the camps’, until they have listened to the horrors of the enslavement they deemed good enough for us.

Kwakoe2Keti Koti. Leave out the king and wife, and you got Kwakoe. Of course, I know that the organizers of Kwakoe were involved in organizing Keti Koti. If they do the same for Kwakoe – which is now properly called “Kwaku” – then I will be writing a glorious review this year. We need to step up, or step down. Young Africans – no Diaspora side-track – are itching to take over. They seem to know how to sell white pete his trinkets back.




6 Responses to “Kwakoe Came Alive At Keti Koti”

  1. huedflower July 2, 2013 at 8:34 pm #

    Love this post, thanks for sharing, nothing but the truth!

    • No Black Pete July 2, 2013 at 9:06 pm #

      Much appreciated. The Dutch front is staying awfully quiet though. And I actually made an effort to play nice. Well, nice enough.

    • huedflower July 3, 2013 at 7:00 pm #

      Right, I hope much of the African and African American people will begin to connect on a broader level since we’re all in a world wide oppressive system. We all need to take a stand and end the madness.

    • No Black Pete July 3, 2013 at 7:14 pm #

      I just finished posting a lecture from Dr. Wilson which will be up at TMB tomorrow. So right now, vain hope has been put aside. If we were just paralyzed, things would be okay. But, I saw people applaud the king’s wife, and heard people accepting that they were his subjects and that their children needed to accept that too. It is not just that we became slaves, we still are and most accept it. To accept it, is to not know better. How to get those children who get raised by those still embracing white Pete, to know better? Those who know better have the ungrateful task of educating whole families. Leave no adult behind.

  2. priceless21 August 29, 2013 at 1:34 pm #

    Reblogged this on Forever Black Effusion.

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