The White Spell

16 Jun


The serenity prayer is the main spell used in AA. Once upon a time some jhws got together and decided they were going to start a cult based on helping themselves to ban the-evil of alcoholism from their lives. As they claimed success, they clearly had found a way to control and make money from other drunks.

Those cunning jhws showed that they only had a need for a Higher Power to control them. They pursued their prey with nice empty words borrowed from available religions, and as soon as their prey believed their white babble and started opening up to them, they moved in to take the place of that fabled Higher Power. Nothing new, only a different spin on the religious thing. New Age. New prey.

Predators line up to become sponsors, and direct their recruits in any way they desire. The predators will listen attentively to the complaints of their prey, and then use the found weaknesses to control them. No need to point at the jhws only. The christians who supposedly based their testament of lies on the jhw testament of lies, had already been heavily invested in saving the alcoholics from themselves but not them, before the jhws came back around and rolled out the carpet for the next world-wide New Age scheme.

A mind-rescue program just another pyramid scam of psychopaths. A serenity prayer as the main spell to make the program stick. People are commanded to repeat the prayer at meetings and at home, thus indulging in a form of self-hypnosis that can make them feel better than their dire circumstances allow for. Just not as good as the drugs they have been taking. The spell cannot give them power. How can acceptance of a position at the bottom of the sick pyramid, give anyone power? Indeed, it gives them power. Even more power. On a silver serenity plate. Ah, made of thirty silver coins.

Serenity and calm in the midst of material, mental and spiritual warfare can be a good thing. It is a better thing to beware that the warfare is going on and on-going. See all the sick ways the psychopaths use to keep minds into lock-down. The only thing to accept, is that they fooled us with trinkets, and attacked us to accept it. But now, is not the time to continue to accept their sick ways. We do not have to accept any Like Barbiething white pete and the pale horses want us to. Give them back their gospel and break their god-spell.

Dear Self, accept the serenity to see them tresspassing into my mind,
the inner strength to allow me to take back ownership of my soul,
and the wisdom to keep educating myself to be able to remain in control of self.

Indeed, make up your own prayer and recite to ward off white babble, and not hear any command to volunteer to give white pete information on how to manipulate better. Our brains have almost infinite power, but we are told to limit ourselves to living one day at a time. How confused have we gotten for that to seem a solution? White pete keeping ahead. Unburdened by the consequences of his brute behavior in the past and present, leaves him room to be able to ‘predict’ new sick ways of taking control over our minds well into the future. It is easy, as most people live one day at a time. That one day is the same as it was yesterday and will be the same tomorrow.

Their gospels get us to “accept the things I cannot change” and be at peace with those things and lack of change. Enough with their empty babble and promises, and white spells. Or else? Their white savior at the ready to guide us to sit at his white feet in the afterlife.

They really think that the Supremacy and Slavery will still control our minds way into the MK-afterlife? No freedom from white pete even in the Ultra-afterlife? No wonder some agitators insist on the total annihilation of Poor whiteywhite pete and the pale horses in this life. To block them from having an afterlife. To block them from reconnecting with any soul in this life. Better not take advice from them. Work to change things now, and deny them access to our minds. Besides, we also need to keep an eye on the arabs lounging in the shade of all the hatred projected from the jhws.

We need to step out of their way. White pete, jhws and arabs, are in a race to become the most deranged beings on the face of the earth. They have been using us to become the supreme non-humans. The problem with their race is that they want to control everything they encounter on their path to supreme insanity. Whatever they cannot control they will destroy. That is why they are such a danger to us. Not recognizing this, we have given them our soldiers to train. White pete bent on destroying them. Definitely not training them for our Victory. Our soldiers got lost in the web of their race. Again.





4 Responses to “The White Spell”

  1. No Black Pete June 17, 2013 at 3:48 pm #

  2. diaryofanegress June 18, 2013 at 3:21 pm #

    I always wondered where the AA “prayer” came from.

    • No Black Pete June 18, 2013 at 4:04 pm #

      Powerful white babble based on Hindu teachings. However, it is only powerful when we claim to be powerless. Peace.

  3. No Black Pete September 17, 2013 at 3:45 pm #

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