White Pete Causing Black People to Holly Disappear

3 Jun

Black Soldiers In WW2 - NACommemoration? After a month of jhw victimhood reinforced, what will be made of the pain of their victims? Keti Koti month? I did not see any bill boards announcing such a thing. Oh well, back to my side of the street, and deal with the real. Not to sit around and wait for the Dutch who are still heavily investing in slavery, to cough up the money owned to Black people as a whole, and reparations to be made to descendants of their formerly and currently enslaved in their former and current kingdom of Neanderland, to save their own souls. They have had ample opportunity to come correct, and they chose to laugh at the ‘foolishness’ of still having a soul to answer to.

They have come to accept that we do not fight back in the dirty way that classifies them. They cannot understand that we do not have to. The only fight that we have to engage in, is to get rid of them by isolating them far away from us. All we need to do is be safe, practise individual and group self-defense, and continue on our spiritual warrior path. We got distracted for a few centuries. I suspect that we were getting too arrogant, and dropped the ball. Not to worry, it is nothing but a learning experience. To see how sick our former slaves have gotten when left by themselves to rule their own. They became sick children intent on murdering their parents for some new toys. But, this is not the time to go into that.

This is the time to address that I have noticed that Black people have been disappearing from the Dutch streets. It is as if we are/have been:

1. Collectively hiding. We have finally realized that those white and pale creatures are beyond our help, and we keep our distance. We have finally embraced the concept of segregation, and started to hide from the sick ones. We hide during the daytime because the masked sunlight keeps us from recognizing the ghosts from afar. Masked sunlight? Yes, the chemicals sprayed in the air block sunlight. Watch a video on chemtrails to be able to recognize it. Anyway. Hiding from the sick ones during the day, means that we come out at night. That is not a bad idea, as the white ghosts will be hiding from the dark. It is their collective subconscious fear of their own dark spirits, that will keep them away from us at night. We are hiding until we can pack our mules, and ride ‘da hell’ out of here. To greener pastures. It is not a myth. Find out for yourself.

Black Hoods2. Collectively kidnapped. White Pete is dying from all kinds of cancers caused by their gen-tech food and drugs, and only our blood can cure them. Instead of paying us for blood donations, these vampires have locked us up in institutions to ensure a steady supply of our blood. They need ever more blood, and as the last shipment of Haitians disappeared at sea, they turn towards the descendants of their former slaves – African Americans. And we stand around, looking around, wondering where cousin Booboo disappeared to.

How about checking “Mentrum” and other shrink hospitals? Many people are employed and busy with ensuring the shrinkage of the Black minds. They put Black people in mirrored rooms, and interrogate them like the police. Recording the whole ‘interview’. The cameras never stop recording. By the time they are done with you, you will be done too. Next willing victim. There are not enough Surinamese and Antilleans to keep the blood flowing. Still no more Haitians? The shipments keep disappearing into groves in the United Snakes. So, white pete has been spotted recruiting in Africa again. That white savior stand-up comedy still works.

3. Collectively guided towards ghettos. Even though the white criminals in suits congregating in criminal organizations called banks and insurance companies, walk around without the worry of getting beheaded, areas like the “Bijlmer” are still seen as a ghetto, as after dark… all is dark.

White Pete has used their big criminal corporations to inflate the costs of ‘living’, and operates the court system to help evict Black people from the city centers and forcing them to relocate in areas where there is permanent camera surveillance. That is why those white criminals walk around without a care. The white police will be there to protect them. Sit for a minute, and watch how white pete and pale horses stomp around, ignoring Black people. They look away, or keep their eyes firmly fixed on the ground. Take head… uh, heed. They show us how to treat them. The white pete leave the FEMA-like camp – without the barbed wire, instead they threw in some trees and ponds – to go home after a day of intricate criminal work.

We do not mind to be among our own. It is just that some of our own behave very much like white pete. Unlike white pete they are misbehaving out in the open. We do not have legalized criminal organizations to hide behind. Even worse, some of our own whiten themselves with bleaching cremes to look very much like white pete. As the chemtrails protect them from the sun, no Jamaican cover-up is needed.

4. Collectively leaving Neanderland. You can never tell by watching the white lies on white tele-sick-vision, but Black people have been contemplating on leaving this Neanderthal country for a long time. We were kept in line with lies about money and care. Double ha. When the lies and debt started mounting, some people finally started to wake up.

White pete was not satisfied with stealing Dishonestywhat was already stolen, they went ahead and cut wages, welfare, disability, and pensions. Wages for white pete were on the rise, while wages for Black people were kept at the low minimum. Welfare got cut in half when they financially enslaved us further through the Euro con.

Increasingly, Black people were denied rights to insurance pay-outs and disability as white pete claimed that Black people cannot get sick. And even when they are declared sick by doctors not willing to play along the color line, the script gets flipped and they are accused of having been ill before they got insured. Either way: no right to disability.

The law had been written to allow for systematic exclusion. The judge has taken an oath to protect the kingdom of Neanderland from Black people. There is no protection of Black people from unjust government and those who use government to further enslave us. Enslaving jhws got more pension as they continued to claim exclusive victim rights based on their War on the World II, while enslaved Black people got less pension for not volunteering to work in concentration camps instead of the jhws.

The pension scam did it! Finally, Black people started to band together and get their families out of this Hell Land. To get the hell out of Dodge. Dodging the Dutch. Let the arabs continue to be their slaves. They seem to like it.

5. Collectively gotten ill. We wanted to run, but our brains refused to function. They got to us with their GMO poison and their influenza vaccines. Our brains have been rotting away without us noticing it. They dumbed everyone down, so how could we know the difference between rotting and dumbing out? Does dumbing out not cause rotting as well? The difference is that dumbing can be cured through education.

White pete has no desire to allow us care or cure. Yet, they have been very eager to give Black people tetanus shots in their sick hospitals. This has been going on since last century. I need to look into that one some more. Something… No, many things do not seem right about that white babble on tetanus.

In any case, all the poison has caught up with us, and many of us are now in their sick hospitals dying away. It may have been a ploy not to have to kidnap us for our blood, instead to have us volunteer to get committed. Dutch white pete is a cheap bastard of Setan. They will go well out of their way to con someone into volunteering for abuse so they do not have to pay. Even worse. They get us into their sick wards, and then force us to pay them rent. Ah. Apple, falling, close, and tree. The tree of death.

6. Collectively put in prison. They are finally locking up all the Black women too. Not too long ago, I had one white pig suit tell me that he wanted to arrest me. What for? He just wanted to arrest me. Well, keep wanting to then. This white pete showed me that all of them harbor criminal thoughts. Thank you for the warning, but there is nothing to arrest me for. I leave criminal activities to white pete and the pale horses. Whenever some white pete holds her purse tight, I think of the money that her bank is stealing from me. They do not want us to have anything, so rest assured that the holding-the-empty-purse-tight-move is to entice us into crime. They want to arrest us. Hold us down.

Exclusion from regular criminal activities in white pete congregations called corporations, quite often leads Black people to inclusion in criminal activities that allows Setan’s pig suits to scratch an itch. We get to be proper slaves in prison and get fed GMO food. You are ‘asked’ to donate blood to keep your tele-sick-vision privileges, while prison work will allow you to help sick corporations to keep their costs down and profit high. Yes, in Neanderland prison work is also big business. Black slavery never ended, it only got converted to conviction.

Lauryn Hill 27. Collectively working off fake debt. The white criminals mounted us with fake and fraudulent debt, and Black people are kept off the streets working three jobs, thinking that they can actually pay off those debts. Even if they could manage to do so, by the time they can make the ends meet, white pete is taking ownership of the ends.

Stop watching Oprah and get to understand that debt is yet another way for them to keep us from setting our minds right. Oprah seems to be worth billions, but where is her soul at? She has bigger problems than money waiting for her. It is a shame to see a Black woman have to answer to Setan directly. Looking for a surrogate father has been her undoing. Forever promoting jhws and gay Black men. Fair enough, most of those jhws are gay. Unfair enough, because our Black men do not have to be. Moving along.

As long as we have to worry about money, we remain locked into our small animal-like selves, unable to find a way out of a labyrinth of debt that is sealed off by the brutal animal called white pete. The only way to get out is to fly. Unlike their wax wings, our magnetic wings cannot melt. Elevate your mind, free your soul.

What is the cause of Black people disappearing from the Dutch streets? For now, I will assume that it is all of the above. However, for the sake of our collective well-being, I hope that we have all come to understand that white pete is to be left to carry his own sickness. Or let the willing arabs be their crutch. They can show themselves for the mercenaries that they are.

I wish my brothers and sisters who got out of Helland well. Well hell. This hollow land is even a hell in writing. Back on track. For my brothers and sister who got out of hell, to keep moving when things do not holly work out. I testify to the fact that there is nothing to come back for. You cannot come back to save any child left behind. You have to be out there so the child left behind has a place to escape to. Get that Overground Railroad going. Things are rapidly getting worse for Black people who are left to roam around blindly.

This country only works out for the hollow ones. The ones accustomed to hell. So if you got out, stay out.Work through your doubts from a safe distance, find your footing on the greener grass, and stay away. Do not listen to any white babble. It will be the end of you. Embrace your chance to be whole, be well. No hell. Peace.


4 Responses to “White Pete Causing Black People to Holly Disappear”

  1. diaryofanegress June 4, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    Hey Pete

    Can you contact me via my email address?

  2. Cyrus July 24, 2013 at 10:16 pm #

    You have as much animosity towards Jewish people as the white supremacists do. Sounds like you have more in common than you thought. Aren’t you glad you spewed that hatred? Now you just look like a fool.

    • No Black Pete July 25, 2013 at 9:40 am #

      Do not confuse me with you. It may be hard to understand, but not everybody thinks like you. I may address the fact that some people are sicker than others. I do not have to be nice about it, as you do not appreciate ‘nice’ anyway. I know you do not take it personal. It is “just business”, is it not?

  3. No Black Pete September 17, 2013 at 2:24 pm #

    Every emergency room in Hell Land will ask whether people have had a Tetanus shot. I do not know if they target Black people only, but that is irrelevant to issue a warning.

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