Leaving Keti Koti to Dutchess

1 Jun

Usually I do not post on the same day that I write an article or rant. I need to leave room to edit the harshest parts out. “Usually” does not mean always or never, so I have found the room that I need to be able to get some noise out today.

DG Keti Koti Amsterdam

Keti Koti month started today, June 1st. Keti Koti (literally ‘chains cut’) concerns the formal abolishment of the physical enslavement of Africans and African Americans in Suriname. Suriname is a country in South-America that has been aligned with the countries in the Caribbean Sea. That is, Suriname (Dutch Guyana), British Guyana, and French Guyana, form the three countries in South-America that are considered part of the Caribbean, based on the common story of physical and mental Black slavery and servitude. No one questions why the same does not apply to Brazil and Venezuela. It is irrelevant for now. Keti Koti deals with the formal abolishment of slavery in Suriname.

As I have been ignorant about Keti Koti month, I was not set to write an article about it for today. I am interested, but I do not keep up with any news. Clearly, I am not part of the current Dutch movement. Besides, I shy away from reading and writing in Dutch. I am very capable of ranting in Dutch, but somehow twisted German takes the healing part out of the ranting. To rant in Dutch is to remain angry, and ranting. About the same nonsense over and over again. I do not have the time to remain stuck. Death waits for no one. On the brighter side of life, I may soon start to read Dutch babble texts again. See how I can stop the Dutch government from stealing ever more money from me. Me, the descendant of enslaved Africans and African Americans, still waiting for reparations. Waiting seems futile. I cannot even get compensated for harm they have done to me personally.

Bathing in ignorance, my plan was to post the article on the disappearance of Black people in Hell Land. And indeed, I heard two young women talking about travelling and visiting people abroad. Never mind. It will make sense when I post the article. It will also show that it would have been a good enough introduction to Keti Koti month, because of the low number of Black people that joined in for the opening for the commemoration today. There were enough people willing to partake to call it a successful opening of Keti Koti, but I have seen more people hang about in the ghetto called the Bijlmer, the day before. Round those people up, and then we got something. Against their white supremacist will? More like keti keti (chains) instead of Keti Koti. Well hell, just pay people to show up then. Anyone showing up in traditional wear gets a coupon. For GMO Kentucky Fried ‘what da hell happened to the’ Chicken.

Johan Ferrier and Queen Beatrix of HollandThe last remark shows that I should not be writing about Keti Koti. I was told that it needed to be “handled with care.” Is that a covert warning to not enrage white pete and the pale horses? You do know that they do not like us, right? You know, keti keti (chains) not leading to koti koti (freedom). Only formal Keti Koti. See, I know too much to believe the white babble that comes along with the commemoration. Our children cannot find decent jobs. Well hell, none of us not in bed with white pete, can find decent jobs nor keep a decent business afloat. Listen to those who have a white pete as a shield against worse slavery, and you will hear the white hands around their necks. Never mind them. They would not want to go “back to Africa” even if they did get a reparation and compensation package to take with.

Sigh. I was just writing this post to announce that I was not going to write about Keti Koti, beyond sharing that I have relented, and given the assignment to Dutchess. Because of this “handle with care” nonsense. I have already seen the introduction that she has written. She actually thinks that she has handled the introduction with more care than I could. Hmm. Maybe so. It is of no matter. I will leave Keti Koti to her, unless I have cause to have my say anyway. I gave her my notes, but if she does not step up to the plate properly, I will! I know she is not going to mention the American Indian chief getting angry at us disobedient Black descendants of African and African American slaves. We allow for an angry whitened American Indian, but I am accused of not being able to handle Keti Koti with care? I would suck my teeth, if it was not so disrespectful.

This in promptu post ends here. Dutchess has the assignment to deal with Keti Koti month at Dutch Guyana. I mind my business over here at No Black Pete. It is not as if I am getting paid to write on Keti Koti anyway. Ha, neither is Dutchess. “Who be the fool?” It is no longer of my concern. I will post the rest of the article on Black people disappearing next. Any questions? Save them for Dutchess. “Hey Dutchess, are Brazil and Venezuela part of Caricom?” “Hey Dutchess, why are you not following my blog?!”

[Anyone feeling hurt over anything I wrote in this article can complain over at Dutchess. The stress of dealing with ignorant comments may kill me, as I am supposed to take it easy, you know. Know that I do not represent anyone but myself. Not even those who agree with me.]


5 Responses to “Leaving Keti Koti to Dutchess”

  1. hunglikejesus June 1, 2013 at 9:59 pm #

    I had no idea about this “holiday”, it’s sounds like something to pacify negroes and make them think they care. And of course we fall in line.

    Thank you for the story and the education.

    • No Black Pete June 2, 2013 at 10:31 am #

      Much appreciated. You got the point. I want to reply, but I feel a rant coming up. And I do not want to upset Dutchess anymore than necessary. For now…

  2. diaryofanegress June 3, 2013 at 1:31 am #

    Jesus took the words right out of my mouth.

    • No Black Pete June 3, 2013 at 8:04 am #

      You guys are just hung like that. But I still take care not to offend Dutchess any further. For now…

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