White Pete Is Not the Only Kryptonite

31 May

Boa Constrictor Hellfrain VisionsThere is so much to write about, that I have to guard myself from suffering a scattered brain. No need to hamper the recovery of my mind. Let me check my footing, before I look back up to get started. Yes, my limited editions still look fresh after two years. Time to get to work. Aaargh. What. The. Hell?! I looked down for a minute, and as I looked back up all the Black people disappeared. There are some people walking about that look vaguely brown. I think they erroneously call them Morrocons. Moor cons. This branch of whitened arabs think of Black people as “monkeys and gorillas.” Well hell, you better watch your banana around them. They are working for the enemy, and do not care about it beyond their pay check.

The new generation of arab Morrocons, have the white pete disease down to an art. It is not that they use the same white babble – as until recently few of them have been allowed into universities. No, it is the whitening of their skin and features, accomplished in only two generations, and the art of sucking up to white pete in a way that seems harmless to the untrained mind. There is nothing harmless about it. Their willingness to do whatever they need to do to get to Setan’s money, has been lifted to a level where they cannot help but to embrace the sickness of white pete. No matter that they complain among themselves that white pete has bad breath. (Yes, I heard you gossip behind that counter. You did not think that the ‘monkey’ would understand, or have an avenue to put you on blast. Maybe now supermarket Albert Heyn will start hiring Black children as wage-slaves again.)

These whitened slaves think that they can fool white pete into liking them enough to let them in. Like the other arabs called jhws managed to. Poor deluded arab entities. As long as they hold on to that pale horse Quran, the other pale horses remain in the lead. Unless they start reading translations of the Torah and the other testaments, they cannot recognize that their book has been written by the same jhw ‘monks’. How did they do that? Sure, I will take a question. The mind of the arab is not that complex. Promise them Palestine, and they will buy into it. Take away Palestine, and they will fight. Which is also buying into it. Throw a stone, and the Zionist will order Obama to send a drone to kill some ignorant arabs. The arab elite sold out a long time ago. Enjoying riches next to their jhw cousins. They like their bent position in front of the enemy. The ignorant arabs will have to save their stones for their own women. Too harsh? How can a ‘monkey’ be too harsh? Arabs are joining the pale horses by looking as white as possible. More Kryptonite for us.

Do I hate arabs? Well hell no. Anyone of them brave enough to step to me, I can beat down without having to get angry. So, what use is left for any hate? That would be a waste of energy. Let them waste theirs. They readily show that they hate me. Ignoring me like the white pete do. How is sitting behind a register in a supermarket a position of power? Ah. To keep the Black girls out, so they cannot earn any money in a half-decent way. The arab girls are Kryptonite employed by white pete to exclude Black people even from meaningless jobs in supermarkets. This has been going on for a while at all the companies in this Hell Land. Companies getting rid of their Black employees. Only allowing them back in lower level jobs through temp agencies. No other employment contracts to begotten, unless you got the seal of ownership from a white pete or pale horse. These arab girls know it, but Black people still allow them in our midst as if there is anything to bond over. To the arab white is right, but arab is left best.

They will not find me bowing down to an arab. I used to have many arab supposed friends. So, I am well accustomed to the way they pretend and manipulate to get their way. They have organizations were they discuss their game plan among themselves. I have had a chance to go to a closed arab student meeting once, and was surprised by there level of organization and… focus. They kept things light to not reveal any important information to the intruder. That would be me. So, I cannot relay what they discuss when they really get down to business. It shows me to give them no inside information either. The shipping of arabs into the United Snakes has not been a coincidence, the shipping of arabs into the European Unicorn has not been a coincidence either. The pale horses called in back-up to be able to keep us at the bottom of the sick pyramid.

Black is BeautifulKnow what you are doing to yourself as you whiten down. No, not the arab girls with bright prostitute make-up on. And get this: blonde hair. No need to laugh at them, as they are following the business plan. I am addressing Black people who think that whitening down will help them in their plight. Uhm. What is the plan behind the whitening down? The arabs have a plan in place. What are we doing? Whitening down and selecting weaves. That is not a business plan, that is a one-way ticket to pleasure well hell. What business plan shows the necessity of prostitute make-up and blonde hair? The arabs girls looking like starlets, seem to know. Ever wondered why France got away with their ‘liberation’ act? Veil and head scarf begone. And look ahere. Arab girls with blonde hair and prostitute make-up on. Carrying the bad attitude that Black women still get accused of. “Who be the fool?”

We are being phased out worse than ever before. Arabs are now claiming our spot of victimhood, and we stand by and let them. I am still trying to digest how the US goverment hid behind Katrina and blew the levees up. Killing thousands. Katrina did not kill them, the government did. Some were cut a check and left to figure it out. Why did they not cut that check before they planned to blow the levees? Instead of getting answers, I am to get distracted by arabs. I am to forget all that white pete did and still does to us, and allow the arabs to claim victimhood in our place. Why should I? I do not condone the violence against arabs. But, it is their own people who sold them out. And, I see with my own two eyes how they have been awarded a better standing in white society than Black people. We cannot get involved in their tribal warfare, except to emphasize our own status. Still at the bottom of the mess they call society.

The arab girls no longer veil themselves, and behold all the mess that bubbles out. White supremacy. And arab arrogance sprinkled on top. That may be why I did not care for the ‘beheading’ show in London. We have seen better false flags to get impressed by this one. The two guys were not arabs. They were Black men, and that is how they were portrayed. Converted – brainwashed in – to Islam. No one is asking what need a Nigerian has to convert to a London version of jhw Islam. “Our women and children”, “in our land”, “in our countries”?! It sounded like arab rhetoric. Why did he not speak arab if he cared that much about their countries? If he had delivered his rehearsed message in arab, then maybe I would have been impressed. So, I could start telling Black people how easy it is to learn arab. Aleikum asalam. I better stop while I am ahead. Yikes. A head. I better give them back their jinns. Arab noise begone.

One more thing. A sister of one of the two, was portrayed as laughing insanely. They called this Black woman “deranged”. I guess that is as close as they dared to get to “monkey”. Did anyone bother to look at the car window, to see the white police woman broadly flashing a fake smile at her? Bias blinds. What car window? Look again. One glance and I knew that the sister was not a follower of Islam. Her long weave told me so.  I have seen enough to bow out. Yawn. I thought InterPol and MI6 or 007, were supposed to be on top of their game. Or, have we been dumbed down enough for them not to have to bother much? We will not get to see psychopath Bond solve this pathetic case. Most of the bystanders did not even blink one eye. I have seen more panic when children in London got stabbed for never good enough a reason, then in this ‘terrorist attack’.

Black Hoods A terror attack on my intelligence.  I will see about some of the true story when people have gone back to sleep. Were they ever awake? Clearly, the image of dangerous Black men has been taken in by their sheep-brain. Dangerous ‘monkeys’. Enough of this nonsense. Where was I before my disgust for the public display of ignorance blocked my reason? Moor coons. Arabs. Albert Heyn. No Black people. Ah. Back on track. Indeed, Black people have been disappearing from the Dutch streets. Well hell, I better allow for some room for editing this arab spring into position, and save my list on Black people getting displaced for the next post. Piece. Peace.


6 Responses to “White Pete Is Not the Only Kryptonite”

  1. diaryofanegress June 3, 2013 at 1:41 am #

    This post made me sad. It’s a world wide conspiracy against us. I wonder how much we’ll endure before we strike?

    One more thing…the demons are the ones that are gearing up our enemies for this all-out attack. They are not behaving of their own free will.

    • No Black Pete June 3, 2013 at 8:32 am #

      Yes. I started May with the Jew question because of their commemoration rituals driven to the obscene. Nothing wrong with commemoration, but all of a sudden all Jews are victims? What about their victims in Africa and the Americas? But, they are not the only sick ones, so I ended the month by pointing at their cousins. You know those who still trade Africans as slaves today. I have been seeing the infiltration in the Dutch government and corporate world happen before my own eyes, but I also bought into the Muslim-hatred of the blind zombies. It is the fact that the Klan is Jew owned and financed, that got me to look through the white babble. The Klan demonizes Black and Jew, but how many Jew lynchings have you seen? It is the same game with ‘suitable’ Arabs. Enabling the perpetrators to cry victim, while they continue to rape and massacre the real victims: Black people. Of course I am not saying the slaying of their own in Arabia is okay. I am just pointing out that these people are sick to a degree that only a few can understand. They may not understand it themselves, so deep is their hatred of not getting the acceptance that they crave. The sick ones envious of God. See how they flipped it? They accused their god of being jealous. And they accuse Black people of being envious of them. Envious of fake gods? Pass.
      These sick ones know that the human mind works like a computer. So, they take care to program each and every one of us. Their own to be ready to attack us – in groups – and keeps us down at the bottom of their sick pyramid. Cannot accept the attack and not fight back, or only try to fight back individually. See, individualism is one of their white lies. Something they got us to embrace, while they remain brutal group animals. White Pete is not an individual, he always represents a group of other zombies.
      Anyway, I will let you roll with the demon bit. Spiritual warfare. Peace.

    • diaryofanegress June 3, 2013 at 12:54 pm #

      When I first became aware that Jews financed the Holocaust and Hitler learned his dirty tricks from watching how AmeriKlan treats us, I knew that there was more to this story.

      I’m reading some material by Dr. Malachi York that is blowing me away. His interpretation of these lesser beings in amazing. Why they “love” dogs, if you know what I mean, and the hint that they may have been grafted from animals called flugelrods.

      When I became serious about researching my history, I always found the Khazar lurking in the shadows. In every instance! From the ship manufacturer, to the insurance companies, to the captain, to the land owner himself…all Jews.

      Pete, Jews are planning to make a mass exodus from Jerusalem when they are “found out”. They sense the gig will soon be up and are running scared.

      These beings have been waging war on us since the Creator first gave us melanin. If that’s not the most blind, hateful evidence of envy…I don’t know what is.

      This war is already here…Boston was evidence of that on a much lesser scale.

    • No Black Pete June 3, 2013 at 1:46 pm #

      If I was not stuck in their mess, I would sit back and enjoy this movie. Instead, I have been warned to keep up my research so I can understand what it is that I am looking at. Get rid of trauma, and see the futility of a ‘white race’.
      Khazar – jhw – Habiru – arab. Cousins or one and the same? They sit at the same table, while they unleash the propaganda of internal strife at us. Arabs have been shipped in everywhere for decades. I wonder why Obama speaks fluent Arabic. They try to make us believe that he is the illegimate son of Malcom X, but all I see is Arab. And, what is the deal with Jeru Salem. I read that they intend to build a temple out of solid gold. That would explain why all the gold bars have disappeared out of Europe. But… can they be that stupid? Really?
      Flugelrods. Vampires. Neanderthalers. Halaabeans. White Pete. Mixing with other tribes becoming Khazars. Psychopaths. Defaulting beings. Halaabeans. Pale horses. Mercenaries for hire. Parasites. Take your pick.
      There is so much to this sick movie that it is insane. Oh well. We might as well enjoy our ongoing investigations while we remain on our spiritual path. Peace.

  2. No Black Pete July 13, 2013 at 8:28 am #

    A Daily Mirror promotion film?

  3. No Black Pete July 13, 2013 at 8:52 am #

    This one then:

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