Getting Rid of Some White Noise

22 May

Black Is Beautiful 2It has happened again. I had an article ready for posting, but I felt discomfort which stopped me short form clicking on ‘schedule’. My own words warned me. I have touched upon something somewhere that I need to take another look at, before I publish. There must be some poison in the text, and I am to find it. I need to get it out, or serve a remedy for that poison.

But, all that keeps coming to mind is the brown – Black divide. To see an overwhelming part of brown Black falling over themselves to keep as much distance as they can from people who look ‘African’. Of course, I take that personally. I look more African than most Africans. I am easily the most ‘African’ looking person in my family. And I have been treated as such. It does not matter that my brown cousins have the same ‘African’ facial features as I do. Their skin is light and they are called beautiful. Which is fine by me. But, what about my beauty?

How can beauty disappear only because of the shade of brown? That can only be when a spell has been cast. The article I finished is on Stockholm Syndrome. As soon as I trace the disturbance, it will be posted. And, I am already researching the next ‘syndrome’ – inflicted trauma – I want to shine some light on. But, as I write about these ‘syndromes’, I do feel that all of it has been deemed ‘just right’ for me. I already relayed getting kicked out of AMC hospital before. No one cared a bit. I had to process the trauma caused by GMO food killing me off and the trauma of getting kicked out of the hospital, by myself.

Would I have been treated better if I had on a wig or weave and prostitute make-up to look white? Would I have been allowed to stay, if I had hidden my pain and did a stand-up comedy routine? Would they have embraced me if I had shown them my collection of figurines carved into watermelon seeds? What black pete routine were they demanding in exchange for the health care that I invested in through a ridiculous ‘just pay the Queen’ insurance scheme enforced by her government and its exclusion laws?

Food PerceptionThese questions are not asked out of self-pity. I have taken charge of my own health and care, and look and behold, I am doing well enough to wrap up business and ask white pete for a wage-slave job again. Is that not progress? But, as I leave my own to fend for themselves, I know that some of them are walking towards a certain death by letting white pete doctors – and nurses – experiment on them. These people do not read blogs that warn about the danger of white poison on Black health. Emphasis on Black. No matter how much Black people ‘whiten up’, their genetic make-up makes them most vulnerable to all the manufactured white poison.

I will continue to write about it, but I refuse to be ridiculed when I try to educate Black people on it. Ridiculed for what? For looking ‘African’. Everyone is craving to be African, but just not look African. Ah. It comes back to me. After queensday in Holland, I wrote an article that I did not publish. It was about watching a beweavered Black woman almost run me over with her car, after she let a white pete cross over. I hopped onto the curb just in time. And, about a drunk brown Black man trying to talk me into ‘entertaining’ him, while his Black Black friend walked ahead to show him to walk away too. Apparently I was too much Black. And, about a Black woman whom I know from the neighborhood, who refused to be polite enough to exchange greetings. Instead she was busy eyeballing my sneakers. Yes, limited edition. And as soon as it becomes unlimited, I will dump them at the thrift store.

Oh, and I saw a girl fall down – I did not see what caused it, but she seemed to have tripped – and I saw ‘adult’ white pete step aside, look, and laugh. Then they looked at me, and walked on. No mercy on our children? None. I looked at the girl to see if she was alright, but she was already laughing off her embarrassment. I let her be. It only now occurs to me that those white defaulting creatures must have thought that she was my child based on her dark skin. And they are right. That is my child. That is our child. And we need to protect our own, instead of playing Mammy to theirs.

Almost everyone else roaming about was white or arab. White strangers were bonding and having  a “jolly good old time.” I was not fooled. I saw too many whites and arabs in wheel chairs, and too many people eager to make bargains. (Queensday is the equivalent of a nationwide garage sale.) How depressing to have to bargain down on a 1 euro skirt… There was no shame to their game. Even when they laughed out loud, I saw only their sickness. Sick people who would not hesitate to lash out at me. Supported by beweavered Black women in cars, and drunk wavering Black men.

And that is the point. It is no use speaking out against the illness of white pete, and not mention our own. Nowadays, the underground railroad would not last but a minute. Harriet Tubman would be deemed Too Much Black. Too ‘African’. Black people would rather sit and wait for Beyoncé and Shawn – or Obama and Michelle – to speak to Setan on their behalf. Do not worry. They do speak to Setan. But not on our behalf.

Jesus and MaryIt would be easy to ridicule people, and deem them the same people who pray to a whitened jhwsus. Even though jhw Mel Gibson showed how the jhw son was flogged like any random enslaved Black man. How. *Lash* Dare. *Lash* You. *Lash* Negroid. *Lash* Tell. *Lash* Us. *Lash* What. *Lash* To. *Lash* Do?! *Lash* I forgot how many lashes, so I will leave it at this.

Should this not tip people off that at least the jhws knew that the mythical figure of Horus (Netcher Heru) – turned into jhwsus – was Black? That they have us on their cross wearing a crown of thorns, asking our Gods why They have forsaken us. Stockholm Syndrome prevents it. And the answer has become to ‘whiten up’ and forsake our dark Black sisters who do not care to get with the black pete programming. As if we are the sick ones.

All of a sudden I feel lighter. Without having to ‘whiten up’ nor using ‘science’. I must have touched upon that thorn that was troubling me. Even though people are still troubled by me. “Why do you write about America when you are Dutch?” Oh, all of a sudden I am Dutch? No matter. I choose to write about the state of affairs in the United prison States, to show the connection between slavery of old and slavery of new. Before I point out that those snakes were not originally from America, were they? Those “Americans” who uphold Black slavery are still… European. ‘Cauc-Asian’. Bodypart-Asian. Whatever. They taught up their sick business in Europe. And guess what? Those sick people are still here in Europe, helping their cousins in the United Snakes to come up with better schemes to bleed all of us dry.

As far as I am concerned, Holland is the psychopathic well hell. “Can no other people speak fluently triple talk like the Dutch.” Their absolute lack of compassion is stunning. I will get to that in another post. I will get to that in many other posts. But, I will also get to our own in another post. I see that once again, I have been too nice. And nice gets me run over by my own people. To attack or exclude dark Black women – the dark Black men seem to enjoy a different status as they readily ‘date’ white and whitened women – is to put many of the dark Black women who were freedom fighters to shame. And I will not back down from looking shame square into its crooked eyes. As I unveil its insanity, I can then easily turn to my computer, and write it a letter.

White noise begone.




13 Responses to “Getting Rid of Some White Noise”

  1. Kushite Prince May 22, 2013 at 7:34 pm #

    Great post! White noise??lol That’s a good one! I’ll have to use

    • No Black Pete May 22, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

      Thanks Prince. Those white Petes are very distracting. It is a wonder I can hear myself think at all. If they could just be quiet, and sit in the back of the bus…

    • Kushite Prince May 22, 2013 at 10:08 pm #

      I feel what you’re saying!lol

  2. wordshavmire May 30, 2013 at 3:29 pm #

    you bring up some very VERY complex issues on color and like you said the black divide. it is so interwoven into our mental fabric that it goes without notice. most black people are racist to black people. that is a heavy statement I just made. we really need to wake up a since of black self love but it’s becoming more and more difficult because to do so shows a PREFERENCE and that implies a bias and that implies superiority and white privilege hates to see black people thinking too highly of themselves.

    they then send the buffer blacks (celebs, entertainers, negroes with titles) to dissimilate the energy and alienate the leadership of the movement.

    • No Black Pete May 30, 2013 at 4:18 pm #

      Much appreciated. The issues seem complex, but once you know that society follows a white supremacy system, then all of a sudden things – on the level of society – become clear. Anyone – no matter what color – who does not have a mind of his own, will follow this system. That is why it is very important for us to get our minds back.
      It is up to us to now build on the level of family and community – smaller societies – knowing most of the issues that have to be overcome. On these levels we do not need actors and starlets to miseducate us. We already have all the resources that we need, if only we are willing to let go of… white Pete.

    • wordshavmire May 30, 2013 at 4:24 pm #

      I happened to still have your blog pulled up in one of my windows when you replied(^;

      I agree but you are talking to a brotha that’s already woken up or atleast yawning and wiping the eye crusties out, lol. the masses of our people are sleeping SOUNDLY. we can’t assume that the obvious will be obvious to them or that what seems like common sense will be common. infact, they resist change more so than call out for it.

      I’m looking for the proper alarm clock to wake up my people. I’m committed as you are to returning the original man to his rightful seat on the planet

    • No Black Pete May 30, 2013 at 5:11 pm #

      There are many levels of waking up. Are you awake at the root level? Are all the way up to the crown level? Wherever you are in the awakening, there is more to be gotten. However, the more awakening, the more difficult to talk to those asleep at lower levels. They have to want to understand you. And nowadays wanting to just listen is already connected to skin color. People are used to listening to soothing white lies, instead of some Black ‘wake up’ Truth. I do not know the full Truth. Even for me to wake up is a decision to be made every single day. From sunrise to way past sunset. To put will to good use and act on it. Not to use will to buy Kentucky Fried ‘what the hell happened to the’ Chicken. Uh oh. Whenever I bring up KFC I know that I need to end my rant. Peace.

    • wordshavmire May 30, 2013 at 5:23 pm #

      I love that you reply back so timely(^; and you are so right about the levels of consciousness. unless you make it to the level of the Buddha, we all have awakenings to realize… much respect.

      make sure you visit and tell me what you think. I’m bout to really start hitting the streets and waking up black people. You gave me some much needed knowledge on awakening souls.

    • No Black Pete May 30, 2013 at 5:44 pm #

      No crust on your eyelids. I see a business. You have acted on your businessplan, and now you are a busy man keeping up with the plan. Watch your footing. Watch your numbers. Peace.

    • wordshavmire May 30, 2013 at 5:58 pm #

      Thanx, I like what your doing and I added you to my blog roll, you have a beautiful mind and I’m glad we fighting for the same team(^;

    • No Black Pete May 30, 2013 at 6:08 pm #

      Ah. There is my beauty! I was already looking for it…

  3. wordshavmire May 30, 2013 at 3:30 pm #

    also, can you give me a list of some good black conscious blogs I should be reading and commenting on. thanx

    • No Black Pete May 30, 2013 at 4:33 pm #

      You already have all the resources to help yourself. A computer, search engine and search terms “black conscious blogs”. You can modifiy the results according to your own liking or bias.
      If you still need a hand, hop over to my library at and use links included in the articles or in comments from bloggers. For now most articles are still from US writers, but as equally hostile issues are faced in Europe, ‘a change is gonna come’.

      As you already found this site, I am sure you will manage just fine. Your comment shows that you are already part of the circuit. I answered the ‘request’ to point out avenues for those really scratching their heads and remaining stuck. There is no excuse to not educate our selves. Use the search engines while they still include Black sites and blogs! Use “My Library” while it is still allowed to be part of WP! Peace.

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