No Desire for Their Psychopathic Walhalla

17 May

Klan Initiation

This publication marks the 25th anniversary of the Third World War, called the “Quiet War/’ being conducted using subjective biological warfare, fought with “silent weapons.”
This book contains an introductory description of this war, its strategies, and its weaponry. — From “Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars(1979) attributed to the Bilderberg Group

It is important for our children to learn to defend their selves. As we draw up the plan to be able to effectively shield and efficiently counterattack on all levels, it will be clear that we need to know who the enemies are. What is it that we need to be able to defend our selves against? Just look. Look past all the fake smiles and stop listening to the empty white babble. Look at their sick advertisements. The bill boards plastered all over the city, the magazines and newspapers, television and YouTube. Stop sending that next text-message on your ‘smart’ phone that has a microphone and camera that can be activated without you ever suspecting it, and just look around. Whatever we see now will be nothing compared to what our children will have to deal with when they are allowed to get to be our age. It has been war for a long time, and we are way behind on coming up with effective countermeasures.

The document Silent Weapons is very clear about the war.

“It is patently impossible to discuss social engineering or the automation of a society, i.e., the engineering of social automation systems (silent weapons) on a national or worldwide scale without implying extensive objectives of social control and destruction of human life, i.e., slavery and genocide.”

The automation of society goes beyond Black slavery. Some white pete already do not appreciate being treated like ‘negroes’. Well, maybe Africans and African Americans do not like to be treated like ‘negroes’ either. Setan Claus does not care about what the old and new ‘negroes’ think they like or dislike. We are not supposed to think for our selves at all. Slave programming was meant to last for at least three centuries. The programming already started to show wear and tear, but we are still about 100 years behind on making a run for it. We need to fast forward immediately. Put on our time travel suits.

Time travel? Setan has the edge on that. Travel back to see how our own story got hidden from us. And travel forward to see how our own future has already been engineered. Their psychopathic walhalla is taking shape nicely. All this enslavement because we made one little mistake in the past. We let them go, and they stole as much of our fortune as they could carry. That was not the mistake. The mistake was not understanding their sickness. We foolishly tried to educate them, and tried to instill compassion. They had no need for our compassion, and did not waste time to betray us to repay us for our kindness. The former slaves learned how to pay others to wage their wars. They ask of others to show them compassion as they give them a bag with 30 pieces of silver. “Pity on the fool” who does not know that they consider compassion a weakness. Expect none from them.

They embraced the dark cold harsh world of Setan. Black slavery was only the beginning of their war on the world. These psychopaths desire a New World Order of slaves. In the past months I kept hearing them chant “North Korea”. North Korea? North Korea, where human beings eat other human beings to keep from dying from hunger? Sure enough. Proto-type zombies. Could there be a North Korea without the PTB allowing for it? Read up on the experiment, and look into the future.

Still think that ‘wall’ between the United prison States and Mexicon is to keep ‘illegal aliens’ out? If so, you will be happy to find that despite all the planned ‘financial crises’, they will finish building it. Is-Ba-El has shown the world what perseverance can accomplish. The new Waldo game is: where is Palestine? Look at the 3D or any other picture and see if you can find it. I wonder what the new name for the United prison States will be… At least, from Black Turkey Sample Clipartthe European prison Union we can escape to Turkey. Become Black turkeys.

Anyone who does not want to toe their psychopathic bottom line – and whiten up – gets crushed. Crushed by the outsiders who do not want to get crushed by the insiders. The insiders who still do not form the top inner circle. The inner circle that keeps the insiders outside – overseeing their handiwork and inventing new torture devices like Facebook and Face Recog. As long as one has to qualify to become an insider, it means that one is not – and will not be – part of the inner circle.

You have qualified for this project because of your ability to look at human society with cold objectivity, and yet analyze and discuss your observations and conclusions with others of similar intellectual capacity without a loss of discretion or humility. Such virtues are exercised in your own best interest. Do not deviate from them.

It is clear that any insider-outsider is selected based on exhibiting the traits of a psychopath. We know all the traits. Ever since the evil ones set foot back in Africa, they could not help but to show their every evil thought in action. Reading up on the cruelty of Black slavery is mandatory. Not only slavery of the past, but especially current slavery in America and Africa. Those with extra time can try to spot a difference between slavery in the West Indies and the East Indies. The fact that they called those two parts of the world near the same should be a clue to their tactics being near the same. Still.

Time travel. A few groups of bandits have bonded together, and have been plundering the world. They joined claws, and set out to overtake the world. The killing, maiming and raping, was a bonus compared to the enslavement of people who had no idea of their sickness being permanent. Their psychopathy had become genetic. A malfunction that they cherish. That is what happens when essential phases in human development are skipped. However, they are not the only psychopaths. There were two groups that they could not overtake as easily. Two groups that lacked compassion as well. One group they infiltrated, the other group was capable of taking control of their minds in ways they still have not mastered themselves. Instead they experimented on the enslaved to be able to invent ways to reap the same results indirectly.

After modeling themselves after their strongest rivals, they got ready to take them over. But, they found themselves outsmarted still. The group they infiltrated, was well aware of the traitors in their midst. And the other group of psychopaths proved to be more brutal as their relative isolation allowed them to become a mighty beast. This group still controls its own people expertly, while it practices non-interference in the wars of the sickly envious ones. The pale horses do not give up. They invest heavily in getting the lines blurred. They are set to crack the mind of this enemy too. The war that they want is coming. Where will we stand by then? Adapted to a North-Korean way of life?

As for the document, I take it that it is a booklet from a later date than stated. This document does not read like one from the 70s. The language used does not resemble that of the eugenical agenda documents of that time. Besides, as the Dutch orange house is cofounder of the Bilderberg group, and this document reads nothing like the archaic documents the oranges like to bore their ‘subjects’ with, I side with my doubt. This document is some more information that contains plenty of misinformation. Some of the information does add up, but not for the stated time period nor stated sequence. Having cautioned properly, it must be said that the document is useful in understanding some of the tactics of the psychopathic darknessbearers.

All that there is to understand are two things. One. They are sick. Permanently. Two. They mean business. I do not like the book at all, but Worse Than Slavery by Oshinsky shows the business and politics of Black slavery quite well. Once the business model is understood, the names and numbers of the perpetrators get attached to it. Everything besides and below Rockefeller should be easy to trace and fit into this sick pyramid scheme. It is the two layers on top of this ‘feller’ that are hard to figure out. Is there another pyramid on top of their pyramid, or do the different pyramids come together at the top?

Some state that “13 bloodlines” form the top. And some of those lines deem themselves above the darkness-bringers, but that does not make it so. I am not at all convinced that the 13 self-chosen apostles form the top. It would be easy enough for one of the apostles to set up another apostle, until only one or two were left. Their immediate boss called Jhwsus Christ would know, but let it pass. Jhwsus had favorites, so that does explain the in-fighting. Yet, who is their Jhwsus, and who are the Jhwdas and John that they want to get rid of? According to their own myth, they already got rid of the tribe they deliberately connected to Jhwdas only. Being the only true apostle offended them. We got kicked from our own table. And they are still intent on making us pay them 30 silver pieces back for their sin.Da Vinci Last Supper 2

Does ‘John’ not stand for Mary? One of the apostles was a woman. Jhwsus preferred Mary over the other 10 apostles too. So, the sick ones got rid of her line as well. No Black people? No women? No wonder their sick pyramid weighs heaviest on Black women. It is how they want it. But, it is our table that they stole. They stole the table for their Setan who chose a son who chose 13 blood thirsty disciples. These psychopaths only have an imagination for evil. To be able to keep that evil from falling apart in chaos, they need Black people. They know it, but refuse to show it. They poison us and deplete Nature, while they enrich themselves with the fortune they make from our toil. Adding insult to injury: they make us pay for what they do to us.

It is not relevant what ‘bloodlines’ think themselves rightful heirs. There is nothing right nor full about them as they travel the left-hand path. Or something like that. They replaced the rightful heirs with 13 of their sickest psychopathic tribe leaders. All that matters is to know what the specialty of each of those sick tribes is deemed to be, and how they are supposed to keep balanced without us. How they work together to keep the real heirs out of their seats. All their sick fairy tales have a deceiver steal the throne. They may have replaced the rightful heir with white fraud and babble, but we know better. There is no white savior coming. We have to claim our throne ourselves.

We have to teach our children to defend their selves against those imposters, and show them the path that will enable them to take back our rightful place. And what shall we do with those imposters this time? I am still in favor of that separate island. It will sink under the weight of their insanity. History repeating itself.

[Note. 12 ‘original’ apostles? 1) Either John was Mary, or John was replaced by Mary in The Last Supper, thus she makes 13. 2) After cutting out the bowels (bloodline) of Jhwdas after the staged betrayal, Matthias was added. Not (yet) Paul.]


5 Responses to “No Desire for Their Psychopathic Walhalla”

  1. diaryofanegress May 19, 2013 at 9:55 pm #

    One of the apostles was Mary? I’m confused. Any links to study this?

    • No Black Pete May 20, 2013 at 11:54 am #

      It depends on where you want to start. I have suggested study on the ‘Last Supper’, because Mary is in the original painting of his disciples/apostles. See the detail picture 2 at:, or any other site that shows it. One can also start with the Gospel of Mary. If one has to have a bible, let it be the gnostic one.

    • diaryofanegress May 20, 2013 at 12:15 pm #

      Thank you! There is so much hidden from us it’s almost impossible to know the truth. One thing I’ve learned is whites are genetically misogynistic. In ALL African spiritual text, there is always a female counterpart to the male God.

      I must read up on this further.

      Thanks again.

    • No Black Pete May 20, 2013 at 1:29 pm #

      Much appreciated. I just reread the gospel of Mary and was shocked at how much I have learned since the last time. When the white babble cannot distract, truth (or at least some of it) can shine through. Ausar, Auset, Heru. Father, Mother, Son. I do not mind that they call Auset the Holy Spirit, but it should be clear that she represents the Mother at this level. Peace.

  2. Caleb Gee May 28, 2013 at 6:01 pm #

    You give amazing insight and bring points of view I have never quite heard or seen anywhere else. This is a grade-A blog that is very educational and raises issues mainstream press would never have the courage, will, or capacity to touch.

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