White Pete Cannot Sin

13 May

Re-lie-zionTheir Lord’s Prayer? Who made up this prayer, thinking themselves our “Father”? These miscreants mean business. To rule this earth as their kingdom. Leaving us to be sanyasis begging them for some daily crumbs. It would not be half as bad if they would give us decent food. But, not only do we get experimented on with Frankenstein food, they actually make us pay for it. Worse, they overcharge us. Frankenfood is the cheapest ‘food’ they can manufacture, yet they make us pay for it as if they shipped it in from Nibiru.

If these people feed us poison bread, do we then turn the other cheek and die from all sorts of ill? We all know that they are sin. Yet, they dare demand from us that we forgive them, as they continue to attack us. We get the empty promise that they will forgive us our sin of ignorance. Yet, they stand ready to give us more of it. Not forgiveness, but more ignorance. We are to become more ignorant, and beg of evil to deliver us from evil. Why can we not just deliver our selves from them?

We can wake up, and understand that the people who decide our ‘bread’ for us, stand far away from us. They let their white and pale horses deal with us in exchange for as much Frankenfood as they want. We do not need those horses to teach us right from wrong, as they use wrong as their right. They force us to confess their sins as they heap ever more sickness on us. Their projection cannot deliver them from sin. They know better than to expect deliverance, for they are sin.

What use do I have for their Lord’s Prayer? I use it to teach how this world-caste-society has us fooled. We actually think that the whole verse pertains to us. No, such thing. Their whole sick pyramid is contained in that verse. If they are the god “Father” on top, then we must be their ignorant children at the bottom. Even if only in their sick hive mind. Yet, as we dutifully repeat this sick prayer, by our own words we make them into the abusive Father we can do without. We wait to be rescued, as we forgive the evil ones, and ask them to deliver us from… us?! See how that never ever is going to work out for us?

Just Get It RightLet me repeat myself. We need to stop looking for a white savior, instead take hold of our own power. We need to take care of our own daily bread. We need to feed our bodies and babies healthy food, so that we do not waste energy fighting Frankenstein and his stone food, and the sickness that it causes. When we stop wasting that energy, the desire to know even better will overrule the desire to put poison into our bodies. Once conscious of that, you need no more demons to tell you what to eat. Your body will keep score for you just fine.

Then on to protecting the physical body from toxic touching. But, in these times, that would be asking for too much too soon. Many of us do not even understand the concept of a toxic touch. We crave to be touched, so who cares about naming it? We just claim the touching, never understanding how we get impeded in our power because of it. It will take more time and patience to teach the difference between a loving touch, a healing touch, and the rest. It takes more time because the attacks on our minds prohibit a quick understanding.

As the prayer shows, we are attacked through our own minds and borrowed words. There is not a thing they produce that is not about attacking and enslaving the mind. They show you all sorts of sick touching in their media, so we accept it and no longer think about the spread of evil through touch. We watched that Denzel movie because Denzel looked so fine, instead of understanding how easy it is for evil to travel by touch. Maybe watching children play “tag” will help understand how important it is to avoid getting touched by strangers all the time. Still want to shake hands with evil?

To take ownership of your self, means you have to take care of your body and mind. It is war. A silent war, because we have already been attacked into submission. They have most of us scared to lay a hand on white pete. So their women now mouth us off in public. “Black women have nice bodies. But I do not like their face.” They fully expect us to take the insult. They know that Black women are not protected if should dare to counterattack. Beating them up will not inject any sense into their sick brains. We are beyond that point.

To understand this phase in the war, you need the mindset of a new world warrior. And no warrior indulges in poison. Toxic food, media, music, people, society. It is seen for what it is, and avoided as much as possible. It is like ‘playing tag’ for real. And plenty more to be vigilant about. It will be clear that it takes a lot of effort to combat a society that pushes us to eat (and do) all the wrong things for us. It will take some time and effort before we figure out that we do not have to let people pull (touch) us back time and time again. Recognize the power to stop it. No more touchy touchy.

To be aware of being in their tide, as we are smack in the middle of this toxic society. It got built on our backs. We are ‘most valuable players’ in their slaving system. Body and brains. Business models taken straight from physical Black slavery days. The plantations have changed into white caves with lanes of useless junk, bright lights, and cash registers at the end. They expect their workers to smile even though Prison Labor Is Slaverythey cannot make the ends of the months meet financially.

To understand the horrors of the slavery systems, but also understand the business plan. I stopped reading Worse Than Slavery by Oshinsky, because it suddenly hit me that he was selling a slavery business plan while desensitizing his target readers to the horrors of Black physical slavery. He was near applauding the cunning way in which “freed slaves” were caught into worse slavery called “convict labor”. I dare say that those “freed slaves” were never freed. They never got anything to sustain their ‘freedom’ with, so how is that ‘free’? They were not free from having to eat, were they? So, to be kicked off the plantation without the pay for all those years of hard labor, is supposed to be freedom? How free is one if the next job in line is sharecropping or convict labor?

I stopped reading the book, because I picked up on how the evil ones expect to be forgiven for their ongoing sin. Their business plan is still in play. Everywhere I look, I see brown and Black people toiling away. White pete is happy with it as long as they do not have to slave. Go on ahead and forgive them. Or claim back your mind and power, and never again let their white babble touch your mind.

As Black people we have been caught up in their tide. The tide of a specific race called white supremacy. But, that supremacy could not be white without the help of the pale horses. The white and pale horses may not like each other, but they need each other to be able to stay on top. As Black people we should be able to form a similar coalition. Brown Black may not like Black Black, but if we do not work Convict Slavery MLJtogether, we are never going to come out on top. I do not have to forgive brown Black for deeming Black Black ugly alike white pete, but I do not forget that without their back-up there will be no race.

We need to be clear on the race, or else we can forget about it being a race. We will be floating along exactly like the sick ones charging the tide, decide for us. They have made themselves out to be better than us, but those demons can never rise to the eye of the African. It is about time that we rise to meet our selves.



7 Responses to “White Pete Cannot Sin”

  1. diaryofanegress May 19, 2013 at 10:02 pm #

    Esau will drink his bitter medicine made of wormwood. As for his sins…he is the original sinner. It’s in his blood passed on from his Creator. He has no choice but to be who he is.

  2. Gat Turner May 24, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

    I had one of these clowns come up to me on the train with some religious literature, talking bout “did you know we are all born in sin?” I said my people are born divine…we learned sin from your people! Asshole was talking about how I needed the “lord” to absolve my sins blah, blah, blah…basically put my trust in white jesus. SICK

    • No Black Pete May 25, 2013 at 9:30 am #

      Once you know better, they cannot cast their spell on you. They are always talking about other people’s supposed sins. What about their ultimate sinning? Their ‘lord’ must be turning the other cheek.

  3. berealblack June 22, 2013 at 10:14 am #

    Reblogged this on berealblack.

  4. omalone1 July 1, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    saying that, I understand that the “christ self” is but the “great I AM” implying people are worshipping themselves thinking them to someone else

    • No Black Pete July 1, 2013 at 8:39 pm #

      That is a great comment. As above so below. As within so without. The separation is an illusion. And the ultimate liberation is to understand how that can be, and how to get out of the illusion. Some call it Krishna-Christos-Christ. And to follow Heru. Peace.

  5. No Black Pete September 10, 2013 at 2:58 pm #

    Much appreciated. That Denzel move is Fallen. I will look for a review for TMB. Peace.

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