Remember the Parable of the Mote and the Beam

6 May

god-complexAs we get taxed into a special kind of poverty, the ones living comfortably behind their cloak of victimhood keep pointing their stumpy fingers at those who helped them into their global wealth. The real victims, the enslaved Africans had no say in the matter, and their descendants get paid with ridicule. But, as the jhw guilt day has finally passed, I feel like sharing a bit more on their aids from their own pyramid.

Their aids who were no longer of use, were killed or otherwise sacrificed. Amazingly, even those put on public display remained loyal to their sick bosses. Or were they operating on a “need to know” basis, and they did not know how to get from Aschke to Nazi to Zian to Zion? They must have known that some would be sacrificed to be able to claim their victimhood forever. They must have considered it to be an honor to be chosen as the sacrificial lambs. And the money and status that their families would get for their role of utter importance is not to be forgotten.

SS Lieutenant-Generalsd Oswald Pohl and 17 other officials of the WVHA (the Economic and Administrative Office of the SS) were charged with crimes relating to the construction and administration of the thousands of concentration camps in Germany and the occupied countries. The WVHA also profited from the mines, quarries and brick factories in which the prisoners were forced to work. Pohl and three other defendants were sentenced to death by hanging.

In summing up the case, the fake tribunal concluded:

“[These] defendants today are only mildly conscious of any guilt in the kidnapping and enslavement of millions of civilians. The concept that slavery is criminal per se does not enter into their thinking. Their attitude may be summarized thus: ‘We fed and clothed and housed those prisoners as best we could. […] What is wrong with that?’

Slavery may exist even without torture. Slaves may be well fed and well clothed and comfortably housed, but they are still slaves if without lawful process they are deprived of their freedom by forceful restraint. We might eliminate all proof of ill treatment, overlook the starvation and beatings and other barbarous acts, but the admitted fact of slavery would still remain. There is no such thing as benevolent slavery. Involuntary servitude, even if tempered by humane treatment, is still slavery.” — Source: Records Nuremberg Trial

Is this not good news? Any day now Black people will be set free, the perpetrators hanged, and our offspring living comfortably on big compensation checks. The Dutch government must be working hard preparing the paperwork to compensate all those Dutch African Americans whom they still keep locked in a slavery state of mind. Right?

Don't Worry AfricaThey did not sacrifice their own to allow that to happen. The ‘allies’ were not in alliance with Black people. Not those in their own armies, their own ‘overseas territories’, nor in the German colonies. They took the colonies away from Germany – which would be enough of a compensation for the meticulously pre-planned war crimes of the pale horses – and continued with their colonial rule. There was no freeing of enslaved Africans and African Americans. Involuntary servitude was deemed good enough for the ones they enslaved. And is deemed good enough for us now. The war was about us all along.

One cannot understand the present and future times, without understanding the past times. Whatever I think I know now, is nothing compared to what I will know by next year. However, what I will know next year depends on what I am willing to learn now. And to know that what I will know next year is still nothing compared to what there is to know, makes me willing to put in the effort to learn more now. Not study ‘aliens from the Pleiades’, but the people who want us to get distracted by that. The aliens in the movies are… people! Black people reach enlightenment through the understanding of our own gods and the philosophy based on that. Setan took the effort to send his white and pale horses out to study our work and mind, and that is how we remain enslaved. Caged in by our own unwillingness to understand ourselves first, and them second.

They make fun of us in plain sight. A long time ago, I saw a Star Trek episode that dealt with invisible aliens conducting experiments on the Voyager crew. They were falling ill, but could not understand the cause. Only a few changes are needed to understand the message. Change the crew into Black people, and the aliens into white people. Take their invisibility as their cloak of lies and our own ignorance. And take the experiments conducted as real. One, two, three. Tadaaah. White and pale people alike are the aliens. And they show us that they think they are way ahead of us.

Once you know how to change their white babble into sick reality, then sitting in front of a screen watching their sickening movies is no longer an interesting waste of time. They plant a lot of misinformation in everything they bring out on those screens. So the solution the Voyage crew came up with also has to be reconsidered. Yes, we need to wake up and smell the decaying white corpses, before our own start to rot away too. However, we cannot fight these aliens, with just one ship or any ship. And we cannot cut off their oxygen supply, that would kill us too. The only thing we can do is to lift our ignorance and see the reality of them and what they do. They Tuskegeecannot experiment on those who can see them and keep their distance from them.

That is as far as that episode can help me. I cannot stand being ignorant, but I will have to accept that I still am compared to what I should be capable of. No need for other people to point at me. What do they think they know? Instead of wasting time pointing at me, share the wealth. How are we going to get rid of these aliens experimenting on us?

I have been reading Worse Than Slavery by Oshinsky, for quite a while now to understand how they converted slavery into… worse slavery. But, something about the book does not sit well with me. The cold way in which the horror is described. Also, the nonsense from the Eddie Murphy movie Life might be blocking my speed. There were no fun times at Parchman. Booker T. Washington may have been able to play a guitar, but that does not make one forget the concentration camp surroundings. Well, more on Parchman when I finish the book next year. Or check out my Library.

Let me see if I covered all that I wanted to for today. White Pete. Check. Pale horses. Check. Psychopaths. Well, is that not what they are? So, check. For Black people to wake up and no longer participate in their psychopathic walhalla. Well hell, check but to be checked further. Fake victims. Check. I am out of here. Peace.



3 Responses to “Remember the Parable of the Mote and the Beam”

  1. No Black Pete September 9, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

    I finally found his song on Parchman.

  2. No Black Pete September 9, 2013 at 11:56 pm #

    Booker T. Washington “Bukka” White – Delta School
    Born on a farm near Houston, Mississippi, November 12, 1909, and named for the famed black educator, Bukka White was interested in music from an early age. His father taught him guitar at the age of nine, and a chance meeting with Charley Patton convinced the young White to “come to be a great man like Charley Patton.” The son of a railroad worker, White was exposed to the sound of trains from an early age and was not afraid to hobo a train. He rode the rails from the Mississippi Delta to St. Louis, where he played poolrooms, barrelhouses, and parties for food and tips during the 1910s and 1920s.
    During a 1930 stay in Memphis, White recorded fourteen songs, including three gospel numbers with Memphis Minnie supplying background vocals. Two 78s were released from the session, one containing two gospel sides and the other containing two blues numbers. Neither met with commercial success, but during this session White received the designation “Bukka” from a white record producer who had never heard of his famous namesake Booker T. Washington.
    During the summer of 1937, White shot an assailant in the thigh and was sentenced to Parchman Farm. Before beginning his sentence, he recorded two blues for the Vocalion label, including “Shake ‘Em On Down,” which sold in excess of 16,000 copies. Bluesman Big Bill Broonzy recorded “New Shake ‘Em On Down,” and scored another hit on that theme while White toiled at Parchman. Making the best of a bad situation, he recorded for folklorist Alan Lomax in 1939, while the latter was at the notorious prison recording for the Library of Congress. Source: http://www.wba.aplusanywhere .com/R85Content/media/pictures/humanities1/trail%20of%20the%20hellhound_%20bukka%20white.pdf

  3. No Black Pete September 19, 2013 at 4:45 pm #

    Star Trek Voyager – Scientific Method

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