White Pete Uses A Holly Stick

29 Apr

King LogoJust call it a miracle. The Rijksmuseum (State museum) got finished just in time for the coronation – yes, inauguration –  of the new king of the orange house. The Dutch media dutifully did as ordered and portrayed him as a ‘humane’ king. How would they know? Did they forget to tell us that he has already been ruling for a while? These people feed us lies while they keep the agenda on track. I wonder what Agenda 21 is called in Dutch. Ah. “Agenda 21.” It works well in many languages. How cunning of them. New World Caste Order for them, New World Slavery for us. Is there any place where Black people are free from them? Africa?! Is that not where they ‘collected’ some of us in the first place?

To see the picture that I had up in my post White Pete Wants to Forget, appear on the windows of the over-prized drugs store called Kruidvat, showed me that their objective is not oblivion, but desensitizing. They put up only that part of the golden chariot – supposedly to point toward the coronation. Would it not have made more sense to put up a picture of the queen waving good riddance bye from the chariot instead? Or just bypass the whole chariot carrot stick. This is the same store that has window displays of Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Santa Claus and black pete) starting in November until December 5th. A very significant date for the Dutch who think of themselves as “enlightened” ones. They live in stark darkness. The dark ages never ended for them, that is why they program their children to continue to inflict that condition on us.

Kruidvat does not display images of slavery to start a discussion. They display it to desensitize the masses. They know that if they put it up long enough, people will no longer see it. And once people stop seeing it, they will no longer react when the picture surfaces elsewhere (Dutch Vogue maga-sin) too. The white horses will not be able to understand why other people can still see it, and they will react – thus ridicule – accordingly. It is up to us to understand that they have performed the mental equivalent of poking out their eyes with their own fingers. Even if their eyes could get reattached, they have no use for it. They cannot see what they do not want to see. They are too busy fitting into a society that wants them to blind themselves, and for them to call it “happiness”.

A nice bridge to queensday. A day that allows for the masses to indulge in their addictions and need for exploitation. A day allowing for the white and pale horses alike to show a bit more of their real character. Or lack of it. Shall I venture among them and feed off their sick energy? Or get some aggression out and openly ridicule them? Should I wear a big hooked nose and a klippah? I could get away with it if I paint the nose and head cover orange. No. It is no fun ridiculing psychopaths. They lack the feelings that would be hurt. I would only be hurting myself, for wasting time using ridicule instead of remaining alert. I have more awakening to do, so I cannot risk falling back asleep. That means that I will not be watching their tele-sick-vision to get hypnotized by their propaganda, and given commands to obey their new king. I do not even know what the “imbecilic song” is about.

OrangesThis ‘country’ is supposed to be in a crisis. Now we know why. Someone had to cough up 7 million euro for the coronation alone! They were not going to pay for the puppet show production themselves, were they? Police squads have been trained. The media has been paid. Hotels have been secured. Street blockades are in place. The whole Dutch helicopter fleet has been rented out to them. And what is a king without jewelry? How can they coronate without a crown? And a gold-threaded sash. He is the winner of the pageant after all. Look at them wave the fools away. Oh, what will get me in more trouble? Not applauding the king, or the orange hooked nose? Too late now, I have already decided to post this article as is. And there is more…

No congratulations for understanding how easily the masses get fooled. I did not pay attention to the Boston bombing until I could secure information that it was another government operation. What convinced me of the false flag operation was this weird story about a man who claimed that he had lost both his legs in the “terrorist attack”. There are a few little problems with his story. How does someone lose his legs twice?! He was already an amputee before the attack. So… where did his new legs come from? And, why blame losing his legs again, on two random guys? By the way, suspect number 1 was still alive when he got arrested. So… when did they get to kill him? And did they ever find the gun that suspect number 2 supposedly had while hiding in a boat? Let me move on to the other side of this co(i)n.

Man on the MoonHow many laws got passed while the masses got distracted by Hollywood drama? Let there be no misunderstanding. I do wish the real victims well. But all the actors – and most may not have been aware of the real purpose of the production – have no need for further attention. Is the amputee who lost his legs twice going to reach 1 million dollars in donations for his ‘ordeal’? I refuse to go to his Facebook page, so I do not know. The last report said that he got close to 700,000 dollars. Who said you have to sex your way into Hollywood to be able to make that kind of money on one job? The same Hollywood that calls Gwyneth Palthrow (?) the most ‘beautiful’ woman on the job? That is what I get for reading blogs on white supremacy ‘culture’. See how the nonsense sticks to my brain? Like supreme glue. To find myself forced to write it off. Be gone pale horse.

Back to the laws. Which ones passed? Not to worry. Any law that got passed, does not restrict our freedom. Black people have been living under “martial law” ever since the white and pale horses started to crave us – and enslave us. When it was happening to us, white pete could not care less. They were getting paid for their work. But, now that the pale horses turn against the white horses, some of them start to panic. Martial law! Martial law!! Martial law!!! Yes, and? Why were they not shouting “martial law” when they learned about the mass slaughter and mass incarceration of Black people? Or, when they learned that Black people systematically got paid less to do more work? Or, when Black people started to lose their houses because banks lured them into the fiction of ownership? Or, when Black people could not find jobs, and were called “lazy” and worse, for having to turn to welfare offices trained to deal with them in a hostile way?

So, as the state of living for Black people is still worst, why should I worry about CISPA or executive order number 911-3114-322? Governments have been selling all our information to private companies for decades. (Centuries, actually.) Any person who is online, is giving the government and these companies all their information for free. You have to train yourself to be a hacker, so you can stop the government and these companies from hacking your information. If you love your Facebook-page and you are LinkedIn, then I am not talking to you. I already got all your information from your page, and it was showing a lack of brain activity. Congratulations on getting this far. Some people get paid to just fake it…

Enough about the sick ones. Or maybe, I should just randomly laugh like they do. They have not only learned to fake smile, but also to laugh out of sync with their sick thoughts – or reality in general. I could laugh at how they put our men in prison, turn our women into w-horses, lead our children towards the path of enslavement and addictions. Laugh at their white babble, and how they spread their sickness all over the world like a virus. They laugh at it, why can’t I? Nope, I cannot even crack a fake smile. I am not that sick, and I should stay away from their sick energy on queensday too.

AfricaCome to think of it, I did laugh at an article on Mother Nature fighting back. She lets the sick ones scar her surface, but she has been busy creating a new one. No underground tunnel will be able to survive the coming about of that new surface. No matter how long the sick ones plan to reign, the end has already come. I do not need a front seat, I plan to have moved on long before that. [Note: I stopped laughing once I realized the tear is probably due to fracking.]


5 Responses to “White Pete Uses A Holly Stick”

  1. Kushite Prince April 29, 2013 at 6:23 pm #

    “When it was happening to us, the white Petes could not care less. They were getting paid for their work. But, now that the pale horses turn against the white horses, some of them start to panic. Martial law! Martial law!! Martial law!!! Yes, and? Why were they not shouting “martial law” when they learned about the mass slaughter and mass incarceration of Black people? Or, when they learned that Black people systematically got paid less to do more work? Or, when Black people started to lose their houses because banks lured them into the fiction of ownership? ”
    Beautifully said! Nothing but the truth. The truth hurts sometimes right?lol

    • No Black Pete April 29, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

      Thanks, Prince. Psychopaths do not feel pain until it is too late. All this time we have been carrying their burdens. I am glad to see that so many of us are waking up and refusing to take another step with their load on. Our own bags are heavy enough. Peace.

    • Kushite Prince April 29, 2013 at 7:21 pm #

      No more carrying the burden of others. Those days are over!

  2. diaryofanegress May 6, 2013 at 12:06 am #

    The caucasian will drink down his bitter medicine to the 6000th power.

    He feels it too, you know. That’s why he’s panicking.

    • No Black Pete May 6, 2013 at 9:37 am #

      The thing is that we confuse how we think with how they think. They are not afraid of future punishment, because they focus on profit in the now. It is the top of their sick pyramid that plans way ahead. All other white and pale drones are to carry out the plans or get punished in the now. Their panic is just a tantrum. When they get consoled by the ending of the crisis for them, then the sickening arrogance will come to the forefront again. It never left.
      If they can cheat me out of money or mind now, then punishment in the future is not going to stop them. The stealing is in line with the policy behind their sick behavior. The pain that they should feel they cannot. (That may be a consequence of the sick programming.) The high they get from being able to destroy others, is taken for happiness.

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