White Babble Is Effective Miscommunication

21 Apr

Do Not Be FooledIt should be clear by now that there are different groups of people involved in the upholding of Black people as the latest slav class. If we leave the current top of the pyramid for what it is – unclear – we can focus on what is clear. The top of the pyramid hides behind the self-chosen sick ones. The sick ones make it easy, as they want to show the world that their ‘god’ has chosen them to rule the world. It is not a complete and utter lie. They made it into a lie by naming their god JHWH, and used this to distract people from the top of their pyramid. Then these self-proclaimed jhws concocted new sick ways of controlling the minds of the masses for their Setan. They have an extra-special interest in the minds and bodies of Black people.

Thus the ugly truth is that the people who call themselves jhw, do not form the top of the sick pyramid. They may be the sons of Seth, and have learned how to mimic Setan well enough to fool the fools, but that does not make them Setan. This is why I do not join in the cry to eliminate jhws. Setan has already been training other horses. That is why the pale horses tried their best to show that they are the best horses for the job. Besides, if these jhws were really from Egypt, then I would be calling for the extermination of more Black people. I would then be joining their eugenical feasting. No deal. I am still in favor of a separate island. Away with these sickly pale ones who want to be the new Black, and reduce the old Black to the slavs that they were (and in the line of duty for Setan still are).

Reversal of roles. Jhw versus KMT. It should be no contest. So, what happened? Cut and slice through the nonsense. These jhws have to steal and fake religion, because they are completely disconnected from their soul. That is why they have no problem following Setan. Who is Setan? Santa, Satan, Set, Seth, Sethan. Take your pick. You can choose the jhw-story, the Greek story, or KMT-story. His-story, a-story, or our-story. And that brings me to my subject for today. Yes, I am long-winded. “Ain’t that my right?”

Communication. Commune unication. Individuals confer messages to each other that are to benefit the community, and the unity of that commune. Compare this ideal to how we are taught to communicate in public schools. As part of a group of people assigned to the bottom of the pyramid, we have been put down to remain as invisible as possible, and to learn to communicate in a way that benefits white pete at the detriment of the unity of any Black commune. Or, any other wordplay showing that communications taught to Black people, are to benefit Setan by the quick and easy bondage through our words. From negus to negro. (Oh, the triple irony of Black people eating SnickerS.)

It is important to learn how other people communicate, but that cannot be more important than knowing how we are to communicate. To see for ourselves whether our communication leads to freedom or further bondage. In any case, we need to learn how to communicate more on a sound spiritual level, as the pale horses have difficulty doing so. But, it takes practice on the material plane – normal life – to get it right. Santa knows as much, and allowed his pale horses to fabricate ‘suitable’ religions for us to get distracted by. Church is entertainment under punishment of eternal damnation. A bit redundant for the supposedly cursed children of Ham. Ham? We have been con-damned to eating pork chops?! Whatever. Back to decoding the white babble with another side-track.

We have our work cut out for us if we never again want to be fooled by Setan and his pale horses. Those pale horses are experts at cutting up Nature. They destroy some of the pieces, and the left-over pieces they put together haphazardly. They see beauty in destruction, because they think of it as their creation. Their psychopathy does not allow for them to think of themselves as anything but gods. They do not see themselves as sons of Setan – nor Ham. Nope, they equate themselves with their bosses who are not gods either. They managed to get close, but still remain far from it. Back to the main side-track.

Black love - FBEThe task is to have somewhat of an image of the original picture. See what is real. And hold on to what we know is truth. Able to recognize it when we see it, hear it, smell it, taste it, feel it. Yes, we use the faculties of Geb. To put together the pieces that we still hold ourselves, and move about to collect the left-over pieces. Yes, we put back together Ausar. Through our connection with our souls, we can remember the parts into their proper places. Yes, we need to be as intelligent and intuitive as Auset. The pieces destroyed, are still with spirit, so we use our spiritual eye to see it. Yes, we need to give birth to our own Heru. All this work to be able to let go of Seth and his works. From understanding to outstanding.

We do not have to re-invent the wheel. All we need to do is to remember how we invented it first. This is where I get back to the piece of the puzzle called communication. I am not yet addressing the communication technologies that they use against people of all colors, but which effect and affect Black people the most. Before that can make any sense to the confused precious ones, it has to be pointed out why communication distortion is so important to the sickly jealous ones.

They have split up ‘communication’ in their explanation not so they can clarify the elements of it to you, but so you will think that their communication will consist of all those elements. We all know how they can smile at a Black person, while they think of us as the ‘ugly’ people they are themselves. The latter is called projection. They are trained to use non-verbal communication to conceal what they are really thinking. They have learned to smile where authenticity should have them frown. But, they can do even better than that. They are not accused of being liars, thieves and rapists, for nothing. And, they know of themselves that they are scum. It is no use pointing at them accusing them of dirt. They know. If they get angry, it is because someone whom they think of as a lowly ‘slav’, has had the nerve(s) to call them out on their lies, thievery and rape.

They are trained to send non-verbal signals that conflict with their verbal messages. While you listen to what they say, they send their partners in crimes against humanity, signals on how to disregard that verbal message. They already know to discard the verbal message, as they have had the same training. The signaling is done to affirm that the message is to be disregarded. A ‘friendly’ gesture to the ones in the know. But, other people listening to the verbal communication and clueless about their training and the non-verbal signals, will be inclined to believe their trained lies. Anyone outside of the chosen group who does not want to believe a word they utter, gets ridiculed, shamed and blamed, shunned.

It is not only the chosen pale ones who teach themselves this tactic. All leaders are trained to be able to send different messages with one verbal communication. It does not matter if they are the president of a country, the president of a UN institution, or the leader of a re-lie-geez movement. They know how different groups will hear this one message. Thus, with only one message these predators can control different groups of people at the same time. They can smoothly Farrakhan 3inform and misinform simultaneously. It is deliberate miscommunication through seemingly innocent white babble. Any misunderstanding is blamed on their victims.

These ‘leaders’ have been prepared for it since they were little children. That is why they point at Black children who do not yet have enough of a split mind, and call them “behind” or “backwards”. Only those who can effectively speak with more than two mouths and fool different groups of people at one time, are considered to be of high “IQ” without ever having to take a test. Their minds have been brutally split when they were children, so they can easily utter the nonsense that their bosses want them to get us to accept as ‘truth’. They inform their bosses that everything is on track. They inform their own to disregard the message and that things are under control. They misinform the masses whom are to believe the white babble.

It may be needless to point out that to think that these sick people want to encourage a two-way communication system is a thinking mistake. I do so anyway. They are not interested in our opinions, as they have already ‘communicated’ to us the opinions they want us to have. White supremacy. Supreme liars is all I see. We are to do as told by their triple talk, and ‘communicate’ back to them that we take to the indoctrination. That is the only commune that they will allow us to unicate.

Enough communication from me. For now. Anything that has not been clearly communicated in this article I blame on the jhw. Anything that has been clearly communicated in this article I dedicate to KMT. Any questions on your homework?



4 Responses to “White Babble Is Effective Miscommunication”

  1. Masks of Ivory April 21, 2013 at 2:12 pm #

    “They have learned to smile where authenticity should have them frown,” Powerful line. I experience this everyday in this land that is not my own.
    Charity Intermission….
    “That is why they point at Black children who do not yet have enough of a split mind, and call them ‘behind’ or ‘backwards” this line sums up my disdain for those so-called missionary trips some take to rid themselves of guilt. When all has been said and done, the one who ends up getting furked is the one that received the other with open hands (without the ‘behind the window interviews/stare/analysis’) to his/her land.

    • No Black Pete April 21, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

      Thanks for the comment. I would have felt pity for them if they were not bent on destroying us with their sick plans. The pity would be wasted though. There behavior is no ‘coincidence’. It is programmed into their brains at as early age as possible.
      @ “this land that is not my own”. Our ancestors lived all over the world. All land is ours, no matter their white babble. But the roots of the tree do remain in Africa. Peace.

  2. diaryofanegress April 23, 2013 at 3:32 am #

    White beings are not fully hueman. I’m not sure what they are exactly but there is a piece of them, a crucial piece, that is missing.

    That’s why they fill the void with stuff…jewels, houses, cars, sex….etc. All to wake up the next day and be just as miserable as the day before.

    I have NO pity for them. Mother nature will *correct* this situation.

    • No Black Pete April 23, 2013 at 10:14 am #

      They have a hole in their hue. It is only visible with your third eye. Indeed, they try to fill themselves up with material junk. Pity is wasted on them. They hold their insanity dear. And our own are copying them, for not understanding that they need to heal themselves instead. It is no use getting addicted to junk, while waiting for a pale savior…

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