White Pete Is But the Horse of Setan

8 Apr


Today throughout the five continents of the globe it is Europe and most sections of America that are renowned for law and order, government and commerce, art and industry, science, philosophy and education. Yet in ancient times these were the most savage of the world’s peoples, the most ignorant and brutish. They were even stigmatized as barbarians—that is, utterly rude and uncivilized.Further, from the fifth century after Christ until the fifteenth, that period defined as the Middle Ages, such terrible struggles and fierce upheavals, such ruthless encounters and horrifying acts, were the rule among the peoples of Europe, that the Europeans rightly describe those ten centuries as the Dark Ages.  — The Secret of Divine Civilization

There are at least two sides to every story. In Holland they keep a zwarte piet (black pete) program running. The self-chosen sick ones have a powerful base in the lowly Netherlands. But then, where not? They have enslaved the world, so they could liberate themselves. Whom or what they cannot enslave, they destroy.

If they have white pete to do their bidding, then What Do They Need Black Pete For? To show that they have reserved a special place at the bottom of their stolen and perverted pyramid, for Black people. They make sure that the mindless zombies who run Setan’s business and the ignorant puppets who buy into that business, can focus their despair on others, in the form of hatred and ridicule. Even more so, the yearly program is meant to indoctrinate the next generations of robots and puppets, who will become even better soldiers for Setan to use and abuse.

There is a personal vendetta behind that business, but they insist that the enslavement and destruction of people and places, is supposedly not personal. “It is just business.” And, they were kind enough to write down their version of what happened outside of the memory of their chosen Greedenemies. “Let my people go?” Why would a Black man say that to another Black man? Were these self-chosen ones also Black before they started to assimilate into the white side of the color spectrum? It would be funny if it was not so sick. No matter their original color, they got kicked out of ‘Egypt’ for their sick ‘business’, and the realization that these people cannot be cured of their sickness.

For a long time, no matter where they tried to set up ‘business’, most of them got chased away or killed. Some managed to infiltrate or assimilate, which would come in handy many generations later. But, most of the orphaned ones wanted to play by their own rules, and kept looking for ways and places. It is only when they finally took to some civilization, and sailed off to ‘discover’ the world, that they finally were able to set a master plan in motion. When they found fortune and free reign in America, they could finally execute their plan. Pay back.

Fast forward several centuries. The sick ones have invested heavily in the enslavement of Africans. The enslavement of other peoples seemed like a by-product, but was also very well aimed. They see enemies everywhere. But, it is the enslavement of Africans that allowed them their fortune. As former slaves themselves, they figured out that the key to enslavement of the body is the mind. Traumatize the enslaved ones into an animal state of mind, and then use their tied power to work them into an even lower realm. ‘Business’ was paying off for a lot of them, but the clueless ones in their midst had become a burden. Not savage, cruel nor ‘business’-minded enough. Unworthy of Seth.

Surely, I have already ventured well onto the other side of the coin. The sick ones keep enslaving the world through their ultimate scam of victimhood. They got some low-life not worthy to be one of them, trained. After gaining intelligence, he was put into position. They wrote a book for him to show him off as intelligent. But, all he could really do was memorize, and then be prompted to give long-winded speeches from memory. Good enough to be in charge of creating victimhood. He was not the anti-christ, because he did not need to be. He was to be a good horse and help his Setan to enslave and slaughter the world fur(t)her, while he pretended to want to rid the world of the sons of Seth. All the while it was known that he was one of those sons of… the Jackal. Dog. Bitches. The sons of Seth are quite feminine. Homosexuality is a prerequisite.

No need for anger. All that is needed is to point out that the yearly travesty of those who got killed by their own, is underway. They insist on yearly commemoration, yet who is going to commemorate all the peoples  they maimed and killed? Or pay reparations to the descendants of enslaved Africans, who got tied into mental slavery sold as freedom? The many physical enslaved they still keep? And there is more to it. Soldiers are trained to be combat slaves. They have no power of their own. Who is going to commemorate the millions upon millions of slaughtered soldiers who fought wars that still benefit only those self-chosen few? The soldiers were but pawns in a game of those who ruled both sides of the chessboard from behind the curtain.

Even if one holds up the ridiculous figure of 6 million, still at least three times as many other peoples got chosen to get killed. And that is not counting the casualties in Africa and the ‘colonies’. How pointless to stare at some ugly monument, New Dutch Kingand to wait for the new Dutch king to fake remorse. He knows the real story, and he knows it his duty to “fake it to make it.” He will get crowned in time to show off his skills. The next generation of psychopaths. Let us see how they have improved. Will he be able to shed a tear? Has he been practicing in front of a mirror? In front of his staff? In front of enslaved Africans? Will the new pope attend to show his fake remorse too?

A brave fake new world. Why not investigate why over 20 million people had to die to ensure the victimhood of the perpetrators? Or have they managed to turn everyone into mindless robots by using the same propaganda techniques of their over-the-top dramatic speech robot? Did he not borrow their words when it came to their plan to annihilate the Germans? Both sides using the same words? Well, does that not show that there was only one side? Do not bother to answer. Remain quiet, thinking that you are safe. But, while you are all quiet, think of how they sacrificed their own. Sure, they promised their own money and safety for the offspring that would make it. Even so, who could have imagined some of the sickness? Plenty of peoples. Africans. American Indians. American Africans. Asians. Russians. Slavs. I would not even be surprised if they were responsible for the sinking of Atlantis.

No need to get angry with me. I sympathize with the people who thought themselves protected, but got sacrificed by their own. That is all, no more than that. Certainly, no two minutes of silence. That would be disrespectful to the real victims. Those who never got compensated for their enslavement by these sick ones. Even though our names are in the records, we get ridiculed when we demand compensation for the ongoing crimes committed against us. We never got compensated for work done in enslavement, nor riches stolen from us.

The sick ones get richly compensated without having to answer why they were imprisoned, or where their riches came from in the first place. All of a sudden, they were all assumed incapable of ever having committed a crime. Sent to a camp for murdering his wife? Just blame it on the Germans. Lost your plantation in the Americas in a gambling game? Just blame it on the Germans. Tattoo a random number on your forearm and get paid. Too much? Not for them. It is “just business” to them.

Imagine the offspring of murderers getting compensated for the rest of their generations, whereas descendants of murdered Africans are demanded to compensate them! No need to imagine, it is exactly what is happening. They imagined it, and they got it. Now the self-chosen ones look down their long plastic noses at me. Whatever they cry about at their victimhood meetings, they deem good enough for me. Those ‘victims’ will not hesitate to show their desire to be perpetrators, if I get close enough.

Two years ago, I did make the mistake to be among them. At 8 pm I got confronted with a mandatory two-minutes-silence. By the same people who dare to tell me to “get over” Black slavery! “It was so long ago. Just get over it!” But, look at them when they get their yearly chance to play victim in public. Why do they not get over it? It must be good business. If not, they will inflate the number to 8 million, and rewrite all their story books.

So, I have to politely decline from adhering to mandatory silence. I do not have two minutes to spare to show respect to perpetrators. They will always see themselves as victims, and they are allowed to. They cannot help it, they have been taught to hate everyone else and took to it. But, they cannot force me to buy into it. I see their immense self-hatred as they morph into anyone they deem as a valuable horse. Right now, they whiten themselves to look like white horses, while they still envy the bodies of Africans. More on that another time.

Black PeteIn summary. On one side: the yearly mandatory celebration of Black slavery through Sinterklaas en zwarte piet, on December…  5th. And on the other side: the yearly mandatory celebration of victimhood through National Commemoration Day, on May… 5th. Fair enough, it starts on the May 4th. The white story is that some received the news of liberation one day later, hence the confusion. Nice propaganda. Even better plan.

The magician knows that there is no such thing as mere “coincidence”. — NBP




8 Responses to “White Pete Is But the Horse of Setan”

  1. Kushite Prince April 8, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

    Great post! You did some great research. That first pic is quite hideous though.lol But I know it’s hard for many if them to accept their origins. The truth hurts sometimes. But it’s interesting how they always spin things to their advantage. I remember as a kid hearing that Neanderthals were ignorant savage beasts. But in 2011 white scientists came out and said all humans have at 3-4% neanderthal DNA—EXCEPT non Africans! And now they’re talking about being part “caveman” is a beautiful thing. Give me a break! I suspect they’ve known all along with Africans and Europeans are very different. This is not news. Look at their bloody destructive history. They’re destroying the planet with their anti-nature mindset. They can’t live with others in peace and are devoid of spirituality. And any spirituality they may have they learned from either Africans or Native Americans. You feel me?

    • No Black Pete April 8, 2013 at 6:14 pm #

      Thank you, Prince. They are sons of Seth (biblical Cain). It is bewildering to what lengths they are willing to go. They still lie, steal, rape, and kill. And make us pay THEM damages. They may wear suits and ties (or skirts), but their minds are every bit as savage as that first picture. Because of their victim cloak, I am to remain quiet? Nope. Not even for two minutes. It is time to stop handing over our money, to demand our money back (and then some), while we figure out what to do about them. Peace.

    • Kushite Prince April 8, 2013 at 6:20 pm #

      I agree 1000%! We can never stop speaking the truth. The struggle continues…..

    • No Black Pete April 8, 2013 at 6:39 pm #

      1000%? There is ten of you? I would be scared if I was them! Lol. It is clear that they think other people are envious of them, while they are the ones who have taken envy to a new low. Killing their own. No need to be envious of someone who has no need for a soul. Peace.

  2. diaryofanegress May 6, 2013 at 12:26 am #


    I just got done with some reading by Dr. Malachi York. The basis of the Caucasian is the jackal. Also, known as wolf, dog, Draco, beast.

    They know with whom they pledge allegiance and try to pass off their sickness to us.

    Keep up the great work on these beings. All that is hidden will soon come to light.

    • No Black Pete May 6, 2013 at 9:58 am #

      The problem is that it is all in plain sight already. To realize that their game was insane all along. The anger when we realize that we have been had. Played for a fool. Sure, we knew something was wrong, but just not how sick some people are. And like Anderson stated, ‘they play to win, while we play to play’.
      They tell us to discard our own beliefs, but they have been all over the world recording ‘mysticism’ and ‘shamanism’. Not because they believe in it, but they believe in the power of it. The power that it has over us ‘primitives’. Just the word ‘Voodoo’ makes Black people cringe. Yet, white Pete does not even blink.

  3. GalaxyPete May 10, 2013 at 3:51 am #

    You really make it seem so easy with your presentation
    but I find this topic to be really something that I think I would never understand.
    It seems too complicated and very broad for me.
    I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

    • No Black Pete May 10, 2013 at 10:35 am #

      Interesting spam. White babble intended to charm.

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