Black Pete Shows Us How Dysfunctional White Pete Is

29 Mar

anna-gillespie-nature-art-sculptures-acorns-beechnut-casings-bronze-2Most of us still have passive and aggressive behaviors as a reaction to a system of racism. Black people are treated like the ugly stepchildren the white system made us into, and we have developed childlike behaviors to deal with their ‘children party’. We do not have Post Traumatic Slavery Syndrome, because we are still enslaved. Our behaviors show us that we have Present Traumatic Slavery Syndrome. And those behaviors are being enforced by the white society we are commanded to be part of. We watch our own families still strive to fit in this sick society.

It should be clear that we need our own rites to access the maturity that has been denied to us. Give Christianity back to the jhws, and give them a promised island that they cannot get off. So we can focus on our real story before we even consider having mercy on them.

White pete is trying to look good while they heap their burdens on us. Let them carry their own burdens, and see how fast they descent back into their Dark Ages. We need to retreat out of their vicinity, and proceed to kick them out of Africa. We have a homeland, and we can take care of our own. We can build our own houses, grow our own food. Raise our own children. We can study our own history by ourselves just fine. And this time around, we add to it that some people never change. And to keep them out of Africa.

We need to stop taking on their responsibilities. We have to take care of our own first. Many of us are waking up to the fact that it is no use to smile at white pete, and think to be safe. We are only safe when everybody understands that white pete cannot sit at our table. White pete simply is not mature enough. Always scheming to have his way, no matter if it brings ruin to everyone – including himself.

Of course they can employ their nuclear bombs. But, without Africa they will perish soon. Even if we decide to still help white pete, we are to do so in their ghetto on their chosen island called England. They will be banned from collecting anything themselves. Just like in the old days. Special arrangements will have to be made for children born in our midst, who look like white pete. At the present time I do not have the solution for that. I do know that killing them, or leaving them behind in the woods for Albinodead, has not solved anything in the past. They may have to become the new Kazhars, to get rid of the ones who blended in with the Nordic type to avoid detection.

We need to remain separated by putting white pete on one island, and bury their toxic weapons at sea. When we give them goods for pay, we need to record everything that is done. Leave nothing to be doubted. They are not to scapegoat us into anything. We play strict, and they can play however they want on their island. It has nothing to do with us. We have scribes, hieroglyphs, pictures and African Tube, to prove that we play strict but fair. Which will be of no use if their deliberate dumbing down got us blind to our own language. Double talk of white pete is not to hold our brains captive. We need to embrace ourselves for a massive education program. To end the program of the abusive schooling by white pete.

As they will no longer be able to scapegoat us, our children will have no need to act beyond the learning process that befits their age. They get positive attention, and are guided through the necessary phases towards maturity. There will be no need for eugenical abortion programs, as there will be no child unaccounted for at any time. The rules and codes will be clear, and those who break them will have to deal with the appropriate consequences.

You want to have sex despite the rules aimed to get you disciplined? Well, those triplets will get you disciplined soon enough. The triplets outnumber the two of you, so you will have to become twice the man and woman that you thought you were when you sneaked off the path of childhood. Not to worry, there will be enough room for sexual expression, but it is not the empty porn that most people are used to. Sex without discipline is wasted energy. It only works for those in an insane state of mind – natural or drugs induced.

We rebuild our society based on Natural, human and divine, values. Those who cannot keep up, will have to take up the tasks that do not require much effort of the mind. And there will be a class of enslaved. In our own tradition. Those who have broken the rules of the community have to pay damages or do labor for the community. What to do with murderers? Well the last bunch, we put out of Africa. But if we send the new bunch to live with the Kazhars, then they will interbreed, and come back with new weapons. No need or this repeat of history. There has to be a better way to deal with this problem. Life long servitude to the family of the deceased, or the poorest family in the community if they prefer so.

We will have the tools and means to be able to take responsibility for our own well-being. But, to know that other people may not be able to handle theirs is important. Still pushing for others to take on their burden. For the burden-taker to be their master. And as such demand pay. The pay has to be accounted for. Stealing from thy neighbor will not help. It will only lead to damages to be paid or further servitude. No, there cannot be a classless community. We have goals as a people, and some need to be the guides, some the scribes, some the teachers, some the builders, some the growers, some the warriors, and so on.

Small World BoogaerdtVanderSchoot - TollensWith all that work, what will be the entertainment? Watch people run after a ‘sucker’? Bring the Sucker Bowl to Africa? What about Beyoncé, is she African enough to join us? There will be plenty of entertainment without having to rely upon the Kazhar poisoning of it. We will celebrate the seasons, and the talented ones among us will shine in their roles. There will be no Nollywood to color select. The Sirens cannot self-select. They cannot sing only to entertain the workers, they have to be able to sing at funerals too. The souls of man need guidance in many ways. All our ways leading to the most divine.

There will be many of us, who will not want to come back home. They have bought into the lies of wilderness and savages. Never questioning why so many white pete live comfortably in our homeland. Are we to let them in when they change their minds, or consider them corrupted beyond repair? Lost children to be abandoned? Or, could we install a reprogram institute? A mandatory course wherein they will be tested to see how willing they are to give their lives for Africa? That would mean that some of them would have to die. Put murderers into their group, and kill them in front of them to scare them into submission. Uh… hold up. Is that not a Santa Satan tactic?

This is a selection of initial thoughts. Not so much an utopia, as the same template that the white ‘elite’ uses. Except that they do so outside of our sight and cannot get it right. We get to focus on a few billionaires, but the ones in charge do not even need the money. All they need is the power to (re)direct that of others. The one who holds the master key has most power, not the one with the most digital money. To get anywhere near real power is to get a copy of the master key. Mind the code etched into stone all over the world.

We do not have to dance to the tune of sick white pete. It is loud and out of sync. They get it all twisted, and call it beautiful. White faking itself Black. We could look at it as our entertainment. But wait. Listen carefully. There is something underneath their poor excuse for music. A melody more in tune with our souls. Listen…



5 Responses to “Black Pete Shows Us How Dysfunctional White Pete Is”

  1. Kushite Prince March 29, 2013 at 5:45 pm #

    Nice post! That was a very good breakdown!

  2. diaryofanegress April 1, 2013 at 2:50 am #

    I’ve got a solution. Hear me out. let mother nature play out their destiny. We all know how it ends for them.

    And we’ll let God play out ours. Whites are here on earth as a physical manifestation of satan. They must seek and destroy.

    Once their task is over, we’ll reign once more in peace…without them.

    • No Black Pete April 1, 2013 at 2:40 pm #

      I cannot offer real solutions, because I still do not know what the underlying problem is. I do suppose that the timeline of a human soul is different from Nature. If they destroy Earth, She will simply re-appear without us. We need to be ready and able to move on before that happens.
      But on the level of souls there seems to be a problem. Do these puppets share one soul that is defaulting and splitting up to spawn soulless beings? Are they supposed to show us what a soulless world looks like? Person to person they are the most unterintesting of species walking about. Awfully weak, but very cunning. What is the message that we are supposed to figure out? They will be doing what they do until we get it, and only then we will be able to move on. Leave the soulless puppets in their kindergarten to wreck toys (other people) until Nature disposes of them, or we take action now and… fix this one defaulting soul that they call ‘a jealous god’ that chooses cunning soulless beings to do his bidding.

    • truthbetold April 1, 2013 at 3:08 pm #

      I believe that they are one entity that splits off into many entities. Similar to The Borg. That’s why they say the same phrases, “If you don’t like it here, go back to Africa!” no matter where they come from.

      What they want is our seed.

      They are injecting themselves with our melanin to “live” and carry on their evil “spirits”. I told black people a looooong time ago: If you want the system of white supremacy to crumble, do one thing and one thing only: Stop having sex with them!

      Boy oh boy!!!

      Did my very own people cuss me out!

      But getting back to solutions. Mother Nature is weeding them off this planet. No matter how many babies they spawn, it will NEVER be enough to catch up with us. They are dying off from diseases that medical science has never heard of and their populous has become sterile.

      That’s why I think the universe is going to “take care of them” for us.
      What we need to do is focus on our God principle and get stronger.

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