Speeding Up to Be Able to Cut Through Black Pete

20 Mar

Blackface Jesus - TamindzicThe layers of insanity are thick. It is a wonder that I can see anything at all. Then again, it is no wonder, because I can barely see anything at all. They blinded us, and then pierced a tiny hole in the veil through which they pour in their sickness. I may not be holding on to their Testaments, nor call them gods, but I know that I am still blind too. I am still not in control over my own mind.

So, what if the new pope is from Argentina, just like the wife of the new king of Holland? They are all Germanic Kazhars. One big happy family to keep the Ashkenazi agenda on track. They separated themselves from the slavs and other undesirables, and re-organized themselves. They had a triple caste system, which has become the custom in white society. They had their own el-like that was to overtake those still in power. They cloaked themselves in the habits of their enemies, and took them over from within. They became Germanic el-light, and that was the end of Germany. No questions left to ask, so no need for their sick answers. But, their nonsense programming is still not broken through.

My mind has been wired to adapt to their nonsense quickly, and for deprogramming to be a difficult venture. For every step that I take away from their insanity, more veils appear in its place. Thick veils that could be cut through in one go if I was fast enough. Swiftness is of the essence. Too bad that their black pete insanity got me to slow down to a crawl. I must have been crawling around in circles, because it makes no sense to see that I am still blind. Well, at least I can see the blindness. Such empty comfort.

It is clear that I need to speed up. I do not have time to put all the pieces of the puzzle together one by one. That is not how a jig saw puzzle is put together anyway. I am supposed to put the pieces that might fit together in little heaps before I get started. Thus, the German, Russian, Dutch and Argentinean el-lite form one heap. They represent the left side of the Caucasus. I need to leave it for now, and focus on another heap. What is on the other side of the Caucasus? Asian. Japan, China, Hong Kong, and Tibet? I have no idea what that is about. I will need to keep moving to other piles. Speed up. Make the rounds as I get more insights on the bigger picture. See how Turkey and Azerbaijan fit in.

That is still about them. Things that I cannot influence, for they have made me into the slav that they once were. Left to figure things out for myself. The puzzle that concerns my ancestors is starting to take shape, and our story is starting to make some sense. There were no twin towers that could be shut down to warn us. The cave-arians took as they pleased. Lying, stealing, murdering. There have always been some insane dictators in history, but these people have bonded in their insanity, and unleashed this ‘improved’ version on the world. They kill their own to be able to create an enemy. As long as people fall for it, they will keep doing it. Nothing that I can do about it, except to get off their insane merry-go-round. I have no need for their night-merry. I need to keep practicing with my (s)words. Slice, cut, slice.

It is great that I can see more of what they do, and more of what ‘they’ are. But, I am not to lose sight of my circumstances. If I show weakness they will come down on me with as many white pete as it takes. That is what weak people do. No fair fight. Their white pete stands at the ready to attack when I refuse to pretend to be the black pete that they are. To slave away so they can make money from my toil. To give them money for worthless goods. To give them my information so they can manipulate me better. Better? Are they not doing a good job already? It is just that their Santa Satan likes to think ahead. It is clear that some people are waking up from their walking death, so new techniques have to be in place to deal with that. There is nothing that they do for us that is not meant to enslave us further. They seem to have things figured out for the next 60 years. They are planning for the next 60 years from then on.

Santa wants to know how to keep the Black slavs in fear at the bottom of their pyramid for the next 120 years. Blind to our plight. It is clear that fear blinds best. Anger will only get us in enough trouble to then have to fear what white pete will do to us for punishment. Right now they know me better than I do. Their system has dealt with my intelligence well enough. It is their system that defines my intelligence as such, but they prefer me to not be intelligent at all. Deliberate dumbing down. Until their spell finally sticks, they have use for my work. They covet it, but do not want to pay for it. They attack and ridicule me so they can claim my work as their own. Black slavery will never die for them.

denver04_04One of the murals at the Denver International Airport – built like a giant swastika – says as much. It portrays a Black child in a coffin. Unlike the Christian jhw kid and American Indian child, she is visibly chained. Even in death she is portrayed as a ‘slave’. It is a clear message. Which few – none that I know of – conspiracy theorists have picked up on. They only look at her “colorful garb”, and remain blind to the shackles. I did not even need to see it, to know that I got shackled too. Shackled to their insanity. I live the lie of freedom, instead of the truth of liberation.

I do not have the speed for liberation yet, so I have to be weary about them controlling my mind. Giving me an intelligence that is limiting and misguiding. An intelligence that ensures that I will be their ‘slave’. It feels as if they have managed to somehow even control my soul. Now what kind of intelligence will be needed to undo that magick? Keep learning, meditating and practicing. Realize that Santa Satan has many heads. Some prefer to call it arms, comparing Santa to an octopus. But I have been reading about their Greek gods and heroes, and I am pretty sure that I need to dodge the arms and aim for the middle head. Slice, cut, slice. Speed is of the essence.




2 Responses to “Speeding Up to Be Able to Cut Through Black Pete”

  1. diaryofanegress March 21, 2013 at 11:15 pm #

    The European knows that his time is coming soon. You can almost smell their fear. they are running around the galaxy looking for other planets to infect but the originals there, meaning you and I, do not want them.

    Meditate daily.
    Get lots of sun.
    Use non fluoride toothpaste.
    Drink water.

    Steel yourself for the greatest fight you’ll ever have. Spiritual warfare.

    • No Black Pete March 23, 2013 at 12:48 pm #

      You stand close enough to smell them? Lol.
      You got it right. It is spiritual warfare indeed. They may inherit the earth as they know it, but we need to free ourselves and move on.
      The first thing is to see through their distractions. Their mind control. Their poisoning tactics. Then to understand what to focus on instead. And keep meditating on it.

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