Black People Requests for NiNsee News

6 Mar

child ignoranceThe Dutch Government Killed NiNsee
No Black Pete comments on March 4, 2012

Dear searchers for our Truth,

I have noticed that some visitors to my site request some more information on NiNsee. And, I did promise that I would have something up by the end of January. However, I was unable to attend the New Year’s reception that NiNsee had organized, and I have not contacted the institute otherwise. (I am supposed to take it easy, you know.)

So, I refer to the information on the NiNsee website. Their new location (English) and their new collaboration with Krater Bijlmerpark theater ( (Dutch) on a theater production on Black slavery and diaspora. The latter starts on March 7th, and is scheduled to end on Keti Koti (July 1st). Their Twitter site ( is in Dutch. But, I am sure that English tweets will get answered in English too.

I do not know anything more than the above, as I am not on NiNsee’s pay roll.

As information gets out on the commemoration of slavery (Keti Koti) I will post more news. I am especially interested in describing how the Dutch government relieves itself from any obligation to descendants of Black physical mental slavery. If they are not willing to pick up the tab for NiNsee, then paying the damages for slavery must encounter even less willingness.

No Black Pete


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