Black Pete Eating Black Pete Cake Takes the Cake

4 Mar

triggeredAs I have been enjoying taking it easy, well easier, I was not planning to write another article for a while. But, after reading about some white psychopath pete killing and eating Black women, I was already tempted to write about the torture of (pregnant) Black women and their infants, during the period of physical and mental African slavery. There had been some protests over the ‘slave’ murderer and torturer called Marion Sims getting a statue in New York. He got it. To show Black people what Santa still has in mind for us. As white pete does not care about the health of Black people.

Many white psychopaths have ‘won’ all sorts of white pete prizes – like the Nobel prize – for claiming new cures and insights that they gathered by torturing and killing Black people. Enslaved Black women got experimented on in the name of science, curiosity or for sick pleasure. Particularly horrifying, pregnant women got cut open so the white psychopaths could study pregnancy. As the women were left to die in their own blood – hopefully they passed out at the first blunt cut, as no anesthetics were ‘wasted’ on them – the psychopaths claimed scientific progress for their white women. Bloody knife in one hand, noble prize for terror and torture in the other.

Nice idea for an article, but I was taking it easy. Yes, ‘easier’. However, as I was invited to mind the very private business of  ‘The Girl’, I came upon a picture of a black pete cake. I immediately posted a comment, and managed not to WTF?! Instead, I stuck to a neat “Dang.” I took another look at that picture. Yes, it was a black pete cake. The black pete was supposed to represent a naked Black woman – the Black Black type – and white pete cut the cake from the ‘belly’ – but “labia” would be more correctly – up. The seemingly pregnant belly. Now, I had already seen pictures of blackface wearing government representatives who clearly only represent Santa Satan – but this cake was news to me. White pete, a cut up black pete cake, a black pete, and a knife.

Black Face Cake 2Before I would allow myself to get utterly angry, and not only utterly disgusted, I decided to Google it. I decided on “black cake minister”. The first link was a YouTube link. I saw a black screen, and I heard screaming. It was confusing, but I deemed it irrelevant. That is, until I realized that the head of the cake was a blackfaced pete! The man was screaming as other white pete cut into the cake. Thus, showing that he full well knew what the cake and cutting it, was to represent. No “only a children’s party” to hide behind.

The video was old news. Posted in 2012. No need to get upset over old news, right? Well, for Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth, Sweden’s Minister for Culture, it was fun. She laughed as she cut into the cake, and fed black pete his own ‘bloody belly’. I do wonder where she got that idea from. Did her sick ancestors do the same to our beautiful African women? Cut them up, and then feed them their own body parts? I would not be surprised, as these people relish their old ways. The good old days when enslaved peoples were physically tortured, killed, starved, robbed of their minds, made dependent on these white psychopaths. The chosen ones? Gods? No. ‘Just’ psychopaths. There are no drugs available to cure that. Stand too close and you might catch it.

The thing about old news is, that one can follow up on what happened afterwards. That sick creature got fired, right? She had to pay damages to the Black community? Ho, ho, ho. No need to assume that white pete cares about the feelings of Black people. People with a need of their own feelings make lousy slaves. No insurance company is willing to give Black people any more money than to get on a boat and leave. Jhws got another 300 million Euro from the German government, while Black people got… a “children’s party” to look at. So, when are the jhws going to pay the Black community damages for slavery? They tortured and killed many of us first. Besides, they have at least 300 million Euro to spare. Oh oh oh. I mentioned jhws as perpetrators, torturers, and killers. Is my blog going to get blocked again? Not that the previous ban got completely lifted.

Anyhow, no matter what white pete ‘public relates’, I watch their actions. I watch how they group together, and exclude Black people as untouchables. I watch how they band together, and attack Black people so they can take a look at their own evil as they heap it upon us. I watch how they signal each other, and ridicule Black people for their pleasure and entertainment. I watch how they get all excited, and put on blackface for their “children’s party”. I watch them, I study them, I write about them. And finally I learn from them.

knowledgeWhat they do now, is what they have been doing for a few centuries. They do not have a glorious history that goes back millennia, so they focus with all their might on those few centuries of psychopathic ecstasy, and seek to enslave us for at least a millennium. They seek to get even. To be at most as great as we used to be. But, their grandiosity blinds them, so they cannot see that they are hurting themselves in the process. Something like the chain tied to our ankles being tied to their necks. It is too bad that psychopaths do not feel pain until it is too late.

There is a lot more to say, and I will. But, not right now. I am supposed to take it easy. I will put some of the information up at Too Much Black. If you did not know, now you know.



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