White Pete Has A Prepared Mind For Double Talk

27 Feb

Fusion“It is so hard.”  Yes, and? What does that have to do with anything? It is the plan. For things to be so hard for you, that you give up. They want your submission, your obedience. And they work hard twenty-four seven, to ensure that you sink to your knees. There is no law against you crying about your pathetic state, but how about getting off your knees? And get to clearing up the mess you created in your ignorance. There is no savior coming. You are it. Pull yourself up, and show that it can be done. It may be “hard”, but people do it all the time.

Do you think that Santa Claus has it easy? The upper Satan clones have gathered trillions of dollars, euros, yen, and whatnot. And still Satan has to fight to win souls. See, Santa Satan has not won yet. Sinterklaas shows that the zombies need to get reprogrammed regularly lest they forget to get with the program. Santa actually has to part with some of that money, to enslave his white pete further. And the Satan clones are a greedy bunch. They will get that money back from white pete many times over. That will show white pete to volunteer instead of waiting to be asked every year.

The Satan clones send out those dumb white pete to hold Black people down. “This is your father, always hold him down.” A Black man is selected for the initiation rituals of the inbred few, to drive home the point. As if psychopaths need a reason to prey on anyone. No, these chosen psychopaths are shown that they will get away with it. They attack one of their own, then they will get punished. Moszkowicz should have listened to the early warnings. Does Moskovic not stand for “son of Moscow”? Khazar? Anyway. There is only protection from attacking any Black person and some of the disobedient or insignificant white pete. See how much work the New World Chaos is for fake Santa?

It has become easier for me to recognize some of the few who have been initiated not too long ago. They are hungry for power, and they still have that flinching reaction when their attention focuses on the color of my skin, and their demeanor betrays what they are about to do. Their agenda is to block the Black woman, so they can hold the Black man down. When the Black woman cannot get into her strength, the Black man can get easily distracted. As soon as he is distracted… hold him down even Driving While Black Arrestmore.

When there is no Black man to protect the Black woman, she stands alone to raise their children. Block her from doing an effective job. Demand that she reports to government agencies, and frustrate her efforts to raise strong Black children. Accuse her of ill-treatment of her children randomly. Put pressure on her, and keep holding that Black man down.

The self-selected few use Sinterklaas en zwarte piet as a powerful instrument to make sure that white pete does the same. Initiation to the ‘slave butcher’ program through a ‘children’s party’. How is that for Orwellian double talk? As white pete has no mind of his own, he is very willing to accept the poison candy and toxic gifts. If it were only so simple to enslave Black people too… It used to be. Show some beads, and give them cheap watered down rum. Tell them that it is only lemonade, and get them hooked on it. The ignorant ‘savage’ alcoholics will be ready to sell their own mothers for some more lemonade. The good old days.

I am no longer in favor of abolishing Sinterklaas en zwarte piet. The Dutch are so dumb that they are willing to openly show that they hold slavery and racism dear. They show me how that mentality gets installed from the minute children go to public school. The government ensuring that the eugenical agenda of the few who are represented by way too many, is programmed into the minds of little children. Defenseless victims. Their parents who embrace the eugenical state of mind in their own special mix of arrogance and ignorance, allow for it. They really do not know any better. The schools stole their minds a long time ago.

Most people think that it benefits them to have other people get treated worse than they are. As long as others get treated badly, they deem themselves safe. Thus, white pete has no issue with the ill-treatment of Black people. When they go as far as to defend the ill-treatment, I tell them to read a book instead of watching propaganda television and reading propaganda newspapers. When Black people defend it, I remain quiet. White pete might have sent them to spy on me.

It is a lie. To condone ill-treatment of anyone is to condone ill-treatment of oneself. What happens when Black people are no longer around to dump ill on? Yes, white pete will be next. Psychopaths do not stop preying because there are no Black people around. White pete should think of that before they leave Black people to fend for themselves. Now, that more and more Black people choose to distance themselves from white pete, they get a taste of the sickness themselves. And they complain. “It is hard.”

Soldiers Moving InIf they had cultivated a mind of their own, they would have been able to see that to fight any ill-treatment is the only way to ensure their own safety. The psychopaths who brainwash them are their enemies, not Black people. I know better than to try to educate them. Because I have tried, and found that they carry modern day whips, stones, crosses, and crowns of thorns. No need to forsake myself for them.



2 Responses to “White Pete Has A Prepared Mind For Double Talk”

  1. diaryofanegress March 4, 2013 at 1:52 am #

    Fantastic again!

    You know, I’ve always suspected that whites keep us around for 2 reasons:

    one: our melanin
    Two: to keep them from eating themselves alive.

    These beings have proven that they hate themselves almost as much as they hate us. I almost feel sorry for them…

    • No Black Pete March 4, 2013 at 10:59 am #

      Thanks. I have always misunderstood the deep-seated hatred for life itself. But, once you know, you know. I do have compassion for them, but I have decided to do so from a distance. :-s

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