Black Pete Made Me Do It

18 Feb

Lion Black and White ProfileDear followers, likers, and readers,

Thank you for your well-wishes. I am doing as well as I can, and will be doing better as soon as I can. I have been taking it easy, well easier, but I have been continuing my real education, and taking notes (and names).

I have been contemplating on taking a different course. To infuse this site with positive messages, and… hope. But, I quickly realized that I am just as disgusted with black pete (who is white), as I am angry with myself. I have actually tried to fit into white society, when the plan is to keep Black people out.  That would not be a problem if Black society was taking care of its own. Instead I find the same sick white philosophies (which are Black philosophies turned upside down), and Black people guard that sickness with their lives. They do not even know why!

Even submissive Black people are not in on the real plans of Satan Claus. It is only a select group of people that know the real plan. The rest of us can only guess at it. Mass murder, eugenics, and war. Yes, but to what end? Once the world – that is the West, North, South and Middle – is in control, will they go for China as the last part of the world to be conquered? And then what? Satan cannot survive without white pete and Black people.

Is Satan Claus trying to get rid of the Chinese before Black people wake up to join the Chinese ranks? That would be of no use to us! Watch what they have done to their own, to see that Chinese Santa – ‘investing’ in Africa and South-America to mine – is no better than white Satan. Chinese Satan does not need to start wars with Black people, as they poison the environment with their mining, and the damage is done. Mercury fish or lead cassava, is not going to work to the benefit of our health. Eugenics as a random side-effect of greed? How does that differ from direct eugenical plans? We still die out as we will be unable to reproduce.

So, as white Satan gets ready to fight brown Satan, what are we going to do? Watch more X-factor? Or whatever is on television nowadays. Go to church? There is a reason why government sponsors mega churches. Go to the club and get drunk? Distraction as worthless antidote. How about going to a ball game? Yes, completely identify with one team that is to beat all other teams. Get to accept the concept of war. So, that when our children are drafted, we take it as a game too.

Santa Paus and the QueenI will not even start on the Queen and the Pope ‘resigning’.  I do not have to follow what is in the public media, because it is nonsense anyway. A soap opera format to keep the ignorant misinformed. I will simply refer to an old picture. Nazi, pope and queen. Enough said.

Anyway. As long as the puppeteers are not letting up, why should I join the blind sheeple to sing songs of hope? People either do not know, or do not care. The ones who do not care, I leave behind. They have chosen their hell. All that is left for them to do, is to enjoy it to the fullest. Pleasure is feeble, so they will need what is left of their minds to concentrate on the chase. They have no mind left for what I have to say.

The ones who care to know stand a chance to solve the puzzle. I stand a chance to solve the puzzle. Still, I would not be surprised if it only proved to be one tiny piece of an even bigger puzzle. For those puzzling away: keep up the puzzling. Hmm. That might be just the problem. No puzzling without informing the puzzled. I will have to work on this puzzling thing some more…

Kind regards,


2 Responses to “Black Pete Made Me Do It”

  1. diaryofanegress March 4, 2013 at 1:58 am #


    I’ve come to 2 choices

    Band together now as Africans or die.

    Solve the biggest threat to humanity the world has ever known, which we can’t talk about over the internet.

    • No Black Pete March 4, 2013 at 11:07 am #

      Lol. Nice ‘Black and white’ thinking. Let us band together and watch them undo themselves. But, I have decided not to wait on white Pete to die. They harvest organs from prisoners and kidnappees to replace their body organs that wither away from the inner venom. Instead, I seek to turn our own away from disrespecting our Black Black women and men. One strong Black woman or man, can take down at least ten of them without breaking a sweat. But, we will have to put down that chicken burger and cola. Turn off that mind-numbing television, and educate ourselves. Do the opposite of what they want us to do.
      We may not be able to talk freely about that ‘them’, but we know who they are! Ha.

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