Why Would White Pete Care About Black Health?

1 Feb

Fear FaceThat was a close call. The morning after my last post, I could no longer be active. I had run out of fuel. All I could do was take some medication, and remain inactive. Saving grace. The medication worked faster than I had expected. I stopped sliding into oblivion. Immanent danger. My body still did not like the medication. The toxic pills help at first, if taken in a low dosage, but then my body goes into attack mode. It does not have the energy to keep me active, but it knows where to find the energy to fight the medication. I came to solve that puzzle too.

The same thing that is wrong with the supermarket food, is wrong with white pete medications. It is all synthetic. My body needs nutrients, not poison. So, if I cannot get nutrients out of the toxic supermarket food, what do I expect to get from toxic pharmaceutical drugs? My body was right to fight what it cannot process, but how about one problem at a time?! The first problem was that I could not trust white pete to help me, thus I had to rely on my own body to tell me what to do. And in deciphering its language, I could also not trust on white pete. (I simply refer to all my previous posts.) So, no matter my current situation, I did not go to Emergency. I had no need for their drugs, nor their misconception of health ‘care’ – never mind cure.

I saw a documentary many years ago, where they showed how patients got kicked out of hospitals in America. As soon as the hospital found out that the patient had no medical insurance, the patient was put out of the back door, and left outside to go figure things out. Dressed only in their hospital gown, and maybe some socks. So what, if they get run over by a car, as they still reel from the concussion they got from the last hit that sent them to the Emergency in the first place? They should have thought of that before they ‘refused’ to have proper insurance! This signaled the end of health care, or maybe the outing of double-talk in the medical field. “We say health care, but we only care about keeping you unhealthy so we can charge you, and get to your money.”

So, when I got kicked out of AMC (Amsterdam Medisch Centrum) – a Dutch hospital – several years ago, I should not have been surprised to find that the Dutch are quite American in their philosophy towards Black people. Or better put, the Americans – many having Dutch and German heritage – have been more explicit in the covert eugenics principles that the Dutch hold dear. Yet, the Dutch still trump the American Dutch (or Cauc-Asians if you please). I got kicked out of the hospital, even though I had insurance to cover the emergency hospital stay and presumably the following health ‘care’. My crime? Going to the hospital while Black. No need to call the police, I was not DWB (driving while Black). I got ambulanced into Emergency, but I was deemed too Black to be taken care of. Very interesting as this hospital is located in a supposed Black neighborhood.

After they ignored my plight, I got drugged. And after a few hours left alone to contemplate my sins in a hospital bed in an empty room, I got summoned out of bed. I guess I was not going to get my hospital dinner, after all. A Moroccan nurse stood beside my bed telling me to get up. I had overstayed my welcome. As she had no wheel chair to get me out of the room, I got some respite. But, I could not get my mind to work properly. As I look back, I know that I should have called my family doctor, and get her to either explain or take responsibility for my ‘release’. But, back then I was fighting to get my body to work properly, make sense out of the situation, and deal with the irresponsible behavior of the hospital by the actions of the arab nurse.

They found a wheel chair after all, and a white nurse took me on a detour to make sure that I felt as much pain as I could during the bumpy ride through the big hall far removed from the entrance. It was not the normal route to take, so I knew they were making an extra effort to inflict more pain. Then I got dumped at the front lobby near the entrance. I had to get up from the wheel chair, and shuffle my way to seats away from the lobby desk, as she watched me suffer. ‘So long, and do not come back.’ She did not say that, but she looked very pleased as she walked away.

transparent-sculptures-robert-mickelsenI had myself a good long cry there and then. There was no need to hold it in, as no one cared. It was a hospital after all. The people at the front desk continued their gossiping as if I was not there. They scrambled to help someone who had lost a button or a pin, instead. Two women were waiting to get picked up by patient transport, and made sure to look the other way. Did my bright pink pyjamas offend them?

When I could finally pull myself somewhat together, I realized that I had thrown my phone in my bag before I got hauled off to the hospital. I called a cab.  The cab company refused to send someone, as they claimed that it was hospital policy for the hospital to call the cab. The nightmare continued. As I was finally ready to just leave, I found that I had no way of getting away from those eugenically inclined doctors.

I decided to call family members, to see if someone could pick me up. I did not want to have to deal with their questions, but there was no other choice. I could not express myself well in the first few phone calls, and those kind people dealt with me as they would any crazy person: hang up. So, finally I got someone who assumed that I was someone else, to pick me up. He was close to the hospital. The immense relief gave me some energy. I did not know what the hell was going on, but I was not going to be a part of that hospital hell anymore. I shuffled my way to the entrance, and stood outside. Thinking that if I made it home, I was to make sure never to go back to AMC. No matter what. My ride arrived, but as I crawled into the car, I found myself forced to socialize. It was a small price to pay if I could just get home. And I did. My head was reeling from the drugs, and what had happened in the hospital.

I was an awful experience richer, but no step closer to a solution. I would see many more white pete doctors, telling me nonsense, before I was to call it quits. Listening to their babble already made me feel ill. Black people are to conform to their nonsense, or else we are deemed a nuisance. But, wait a minute. Do we not pay for ‘health care’ through this health insurance scheme that has been forced upon us? Obama care, but then ten times worse. People who do not pay the ridiculous insurance fee, get fined. Without the option of a court looking at the case. A clear violation of article 6 of the  European Convention on Human Rights. The Dutch government wants us to pay for the health scam daylight robbery, no matter what. It is yet another form of taxation. If I pay for health care, but do not get even ‘care’, then I am paying health tax.

As I have proof that the white doctors did nothing to help me, I do not feel obliged to pay the tax. Let the government get their money from the doctors who cashed their pay check anyway. No cure no pay, is foreign to them. They get paid no matter what they do. They can butcher someone, and still cash that check. Now, if they are willing to butcher white people for money, what am I to think of what they are willing to do to Black people? And I am to put my trust in them?! No, more Emergency nightmares. My body was giving out, but I stayed at home and took care of the problem myself.  I had become sufficiently experienced to be able to do so. I was not going to let them drug me out of my skull again. No guinea pig here.

Caution. I do not advice anyone to not see doctors for medical advice. They are trained to be the experts, even if their expertise is to cut Black lives short. The Cokecaution is specifically addressed to Black people who hold a hamburger or cigarette in one hand, and are complaining about illness on the other. The white doctor is exactly what they need. He understands that insanity perfectly, and will use it against you. Distract you with the insanity you adopted from the white system, while you continue being ill and ignorant about your health.

As more Black people wake up to the fact that we are making those white pete doctors rich, while they could not care less about our health, that chicken nugget or that triple chocolate candy bar, can no longer entice you to keep numb and dumb. You are not spending only one dollar, euro or pound. Nope. Now that you have spent your dollar foolishly, you need to save up for that white pete doctor’s bill that will be waiting for you further down the eat-all-you-can line. And they will be coming for your money, regardless of the fact that they do not desire to help you get better. They are putting more and more scam laws in place, faster than I can type. Do not wait to make a change until you find yourself kicked out of the hospital, with only your hospital gown and flip flops on.

So, it is a good thing that there are still people out there who remember that the toxic pharmaceutical drugs are based on extracts from plants found in Nature. And that the constitution of Black people demands Natural herbs, not synthetic poison pills. When there is no Natural extract available, then the synthetic pill might be a good temporary option. Sadly, I know people who have been taking synthetic pills day in and day out for years! They are still ill, sometimes even more so than before.

Thus, this is a call for Black people to learn more about our Natural ways of helping our bodies heal. To let go of the insanity of the toxic white pete food and drugs that block us from thinking for ourselves. Instead, to turn towards extracts without synthetic poison, that will work for us. We need to spend the money that we waste on white pete doctors, on healthy food and activity. At least, that is what I am doing right now. I do right by Nature (my body), and Nature will give me the energy to keep on writing. Fair enough.


7 Responses to “Why Would White Pete Care About Black Health?”

  1. diaryofanegress February 17, 2013 at 11:09 pm #

    I’m in healthcare and desperate to leave. So I do understand your plight. I must watch daily as my people get yelled at by doctors and nurses, questioned for illicit drug use and basically treated like dirt.

    When I leave medicine, I shall write an expose that will blow your mind.

    • No Black Pete February 17, 2013 at 11:35 pm #

      Oh my. It can always get worse. Doctors high on ‘legal’ drugs, experimenting on us. And they blame us for their dislike of us! I am taking it easy for now, but I am nowhere near done writing about those sick people.
      I can only urge you to not wait to share (more) until you quit. You already got my attention!

    • diaryofanegress February 17, 2013 at 11:37 pm #

      Thank you sir…Join in the “fun” as I bear my soul. I’ve got a world of hurt and pain to vent as well as my invisible observations of these “beings.”

      As you will see, I hold nothing back!

    • No Black Pete February 17, 2013 at 11:42 pm #

      I have noticed! As long as you do not hurl it directly at the white ‘patients’ (think of your mortgage from the white bank, indeed), you will be fine. Lol.

  2. No Black Pete July 7, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    I still have not found that documentary. I do not remember the title, so that makes it difficult as You Tube is not cooperating elsewise. I will keep looking for it. Peace.

  3. No Black Pete September 7, 2013 at 10:11 am #

    Even though I was insured for health care, I was treated as if I was not. So health insurance does not ensure health care. I will post on the uninsured to show how they treat most Black people in Hell Land.

  4. No Black Pete September 7, 2013 at 10:21 am #

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