White Pete Has Been Killing Me Not So Softly

22 Jan

EyedDo not let those doctors fool you. They do not teach all doctors the same. Most doctors  barely get trained to deal with basic health problems of white pete. All doctors get trained in white medicine, but only a few know enough about the constitution of a Black person. They are trained to sell us pharma pills, but most of them do not know what is in the pills. They lay that responsibility on you.  If you want your doctor to be of any help, then you need to make sure that the doctor knows their drugs and other treatments work differently on Black people than it does on white pete.

It takes an understanding of the most basic of things, to see why Black people are at such a disadvantage when it comes to health. The most basic of things is food. When our food is tampered with at a core level, so it no longer possesses the nutrients that keep a Black person healthy, then illness has arrived. The illness can be outright hindering, or lay dormant for another already rainy day. Either way, drugs is going to be the next step, as no doctor will stop a patient from eating gen-tech food. The most the doctor will think of is fast food, and not supermarket food. But, it is all junk food.

I am no medical doctor, but I have a body that has been warning me about a lack of nutrients. How? In the past week, I had chest pains every evening. I have had chest pains before, and I simply switched to wearing bras without the metal wire frames. It lessened the pressure on my chest. Little did I know that I was only alleviating the symptom of a dangerous problem. Those were not chest pains, but heart pains. And they came back.

My heart was trying to tell me that it had difficulty pumping through enough blood. From my medical charts I know that I can get severely anemic, and when that happens I need to be on medications immediately. However, the medications do not work, because the pharma industry has been very meticulous about getting as much natural working ingredients out of the pills, and filling it with cheap toxic chemicals. My body rejects the pharma pills. I will have three problems instead of one: dangerously low blood levels, pharma drugs poisoning, and ignorance about not getting better even though I am on prescribed drugs.

So, as I was writing about black pete jobs, I started to feel worse and worse. I blamed it on the depressing matter at hand. But, that would be placing too much power in the hands of white pete, and the state of Nature shows how much of a bad idea that is. No, the annoyance only added to what already was. I was going through a physical depression, because the poison food that I was eating was causing further depletion of my Mind Controlblood. I was eating the poison food to fight my loss of my appetite, but I only managed to make the problem worse. White pete was getting to me through my food.

I consider myself lucky that I could diagnose myself in time. Low blood levels, low blood circulation, and heart pains spreading to my left arm and down to my stomach. I needed to immediately let go of any toxic food that I had been eating, and raise my intake of vitamins B, especially B9 or B11 (folate, not folic acid) and B12, in combination with B3 and B6. No, not iron that is a big and dangerous misconception. As I sprang into action and got the medication, I told my body to hold on. It would take three days to get out of the danger zone. As I write this article I am still within the first 24 hours.

Two more days. I need to keep taking the medication, and find my appetite back. I need to feed myself food that will help with the blood production. My heart is not telling me that it is weak, only that there is not enough blood to go around. So, better blood production should deal with the heart problems and depression (problems with the blood flow to my brain). If I do not get to feel better in the next few days, then I am going to have to be the guinea pig of white pete. I know to find one that knows more than white medicine. A tropical specialist might be the answer. Someone who has worked in the tropics or… Africa. Gasp.

I have done what I could do, and now I monitor the signs that my body gives me. I had an afternoon nap because of the anemic fatigue, so I do not expect to get pressing chest pains this evening. I have no more business outdoors, so I can stay inside and keep warm. Finish this article, and start researching my condition on the medical sites. Again. And get a better understanding of my diet. I need to know exactly what to eat, and where to get it. It is no longer eat right, do right. But to do right, so I can eat right.

Still, if I notice that the chest pains get worse, I will have to call the Emergency Room. Even if only so they can check and monitor. Of course, they cannot drug me, but to save my life. Yet, the only thing that may save me at that point is a blood transfusion. Before I can let that happen, I need to know exactly what it is that they need to do. So, I need to push everything to the side, and do my research. While I infuse my body with the much-needed vitamins, white pete remains my back-up plan. I cannot rely on white pete anyway. It would not be the first time that they sent me home without checking anything properly. It is how all this mess started in the first place.

I will live to tell, because I need to write about the dangers of doctors only connecting diabetes and high blood pressure to Black people. The ones with low blood pressure, low blood circulation, low blood levels, are left to fend for themselves. We get told that we are not ill. Hmmm. Then why am I dying?!  It is no use teaching the soulless to have a soul. It is of more use to look at the other problem: we are not eating the right food, and are ignorant about it. We are a strong people, look at what many of us have been through, and are still going through. We have come too far to be weak now. But, who is there to help us overcome?

Afro Queen“She is not ill, she is just crazy.” I do not know how many times I caught people indicating so – and worse – over the years. White doctors banned me from their offices. I had to go on with my life, trying my best to stay alive, and I learned to keep away from people who could only add to the problem. Black people and white pete alike. I knew that I could find the answer to my unnecessary suffering, if only someone could tell me what the problem was. Someone finally did… me. I need to get my blood levels up.

I am not qualified to doctor other people about food and health, but I am qualified to teach. And, I have been teaching myself for a while. It has all come together at this point. How can I save myself if I cannot eat right? So, I take the adversity and turn it into an advantage. The significance of cold fingers and chest pains were the signals that came from within.  Now I turn my attention outward and scan for the answers. There is more to it than now meets my eyes. Continue to write, and find thee answers.

It is a job that white pete does not want me to have, so I am not getting paid for it. But, it is the job that takes priority, because it will keep me alive. I am not waiting on white pete to save me, I have that power myself. I will find out how they manipulate the food and medications to murder me without evidence showing. (There is something about that Tetanus shot they gave me that worries me.) It is about time that I become fully aware of what is going on. Black pete has been enough of a distraction, I now look at the white hands messing with my food and medication. I need to find out how they have come to know how to target me so effectively.




One Response to “White Pete Has Been Killing Me Not So Softly”

  1. No Black Pete September 6, 2013 at 11:36 am #

    I was going to post the video on “Cheryl Hall: Vaccine Reactions & Medical Cover-Ups”, wherein “Alex Jones speaks with Cheryl Hall, a local Austinite who was told by doctors that she was mandated to take another tetanus shot even though she had already taken the vaccine five years earlier. A nurse forcefully injected Hall against her will – but the shot was misplaced and went directly to her nervous system, causing seizures, convulsions, partial paralysis and blindness.”
    But, there is nothing like a video on white doctors admitting that they do not know sh@t. And have been happy-go-lucky poisoning us.

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