You Do Not Like Your Black Pete Job? Let White Pete Help You Find Another One.

17 Jan

Black HandAs an introduction to the second part of the list, I feel like sharing a summarized story. Two years ago, a ‘befriended’ white lawyer looked at me, and told me to look for a job where I could work with my hands. Even though, he has asked me for ‘advice’ on many legal issues, he felt that it would be better if I did not practice law. That it would be therapeutic for me to find a job working with my hands. Like he had done himself many years ago. He claimed to have been a gardener for a while.

No, I did not curse, nor spit, nor did the Kill Bill thing to stop his heart from beating. I just looked at him, and realized that he was not the smartest of the bunch of racist lawyers. How did he suppose that all the black letters appeared on the white paper? If not for my hands?! Never mind the blatant racism of telling a Black scientist to give up white science. Back to the unscientific list of Black Pete jobs. I predict many ‘hand’ jobs on it.

Oh, I almost forget the general warning for the overuse of sarcasm, irony and ridicule. I will keep this list down to four jobs, because I do not want to depress myself during editing again. Meditation is only going to show me what other black pete jobs are still to be listed. I will add to this paragraph the second link to the previous list. Will that help with the rating? Oh well. Here goes part 2:

— Black pete and Santa spend an awful lot of time alone on that slave boat. The real Santa Pope shows that they have use for the body of black pete in secret rituals after dark. Enter sex slave. All that is needed to sexually abuse someone is authority. You have learned that early on, as you have been sexually abused as a child or teenager, and now think nothing of getting ‘paid’ for further abuse of your body. Some make a business out of it. The money is ‘good’, as long as you do not think about what sexual slavery does to your Self. Add up the physical, mental and spiritual bills, and you might want to go on a hunger strike, before allowing the abuse to continue as a prostitute. Let no one sell you the nonsense that it is voluntarily.

It is better to sell your information to government and educate yourself, than to be out there selling your body and destroying your mind. Living the fast live, is fast but no life to live. Enough said? No. Because, jail is a back-up system here too. There is an excellent prostitution program in jail. Unfortunately, you will not get paid. You may get left alone at times, to recover from your physical ‘wounds’. You will be forced to submit, or harden up so you can do unto others what has been done unto you. No one wants to be the “ho”, but you better believe that there is only one ultimate pimp. Yup, Satan Claus. Enough said? For now.

flow-monica-stewart— Black pete dances out of rhythm to entertain the crowd of white zombies. Enter entertainment slave. Get laughed at and ridiculed for a living. Call yourself an entertainer to be able to pretend that you are not abusing yourself for a laugh and a buck. When the crowd stops laughing and you look into the mirror, you may still be able to recognize yourself and have a real laugh. A very important tip: never ridicule white pete in public, only yourself. Of course, you may also sacrifice other Black people – the more the better. It will not make any difference to the position of Black people in white society. Which is exactly the problem. The joke is on you. It is your job to make white pete feel better, while you sink into a depression. Your subconscious mind does not differentiate between real and not real. Anything you say ‘it’ will take literally. Watch yourself lead your self astray. Sinking deeper into the illusion, instead of getting out.

What about those golden voices of singers? Yeah, great. Until you stop to listen to the garbage that they get you to sing along with. Until you see that their outfit is to entice you in accepting to dress like a homosexual showing his underwear or a prostitute showing hers. Do not complain to me. I did not come up with the eugenic concept of homosexuals and prostitutes. However, dressing up like a brainless “twat” is not what the bad news is. It is the secret of having to act on what you dressed to look like, to get that contract. The Black boule? Right. Even as a child I knew that “bouler” meant gay. Not as in happy, but as in bending over. Tupac and Biggie said NO (more) and died. So, what is left to envy? The money? We all know that money cannot buy a soul. Ignorance does. Next job.

— Some black pete are trained to be able to wrestle Black people to the ground and beat them to a pulp. Enter professional fighter slave. Get knocked around for the pleasure of white pete and Santa. White pete is too scared – or supposedly too smart – to step into a ring and take blow after blow. He knows that his brain will get smashed against his skull, and who knows what latent injuries will occur. No, it is better to turn a couple of Black men into savages, and let them deal with ‘shaken adult syndrome’. Intelligence is not needed as a fighter, so a decline in vocabulary will not get noticed so easily. They do not want to hear you talk anyway. So, smile like black pete when they pay you the money you are going to need for brain surgery. By the time you need the surgery, you will find that you come up short. White pete has been making all the money off the Muhammed Ali 1970heavy bets against you.

You should never set foot in the ring again, because your brain will go on a permanent strike. Yet, they keep pestering you for one more fight. Will you? Of course, otherwise they will throw you in jail for not paying taxes. So what if you hired an accountant to do it for you, and the IRS was fine with it? You and you alone, are responsible for not knowing that the IRS can use this tax trap on anybody at any time. And the IRS will have a field day with someone of your (lack of) intelligence. You could not even think of suing the accountants and lawyers. Do not bother though, they are part of the white system and protected. You on the other hand were not protected inside the ring, and you now find yourself unprotected outside of the ring. Might as well had cousin Booboo do your accounts.  So, how about one more fight, huh?

— The untrained black pete is also on guard duty. They are to form a human shield around Satan Claus. Enter security slave. No, it is not the same as fighter slave, because the fighter got trained for hand-to-skull combat. And, no, it is not like soldier slave, because the soldier is handed a weapon and bullets to attack fabricated enemies. As security slave you did not make it into the soldier slave academy, as you were not eager enough to help with the massacre of Black people. Besides, you were too slow to understand to show white pete that you saw everything that they wanted you to see, yet not let on that you also saw what they did not want you to see. As you did not know how to do that, you were only of use as an underpaid security guard. They gave you a walkie-talkie for a weapon, and that was that.

A security slave is to deter potential attackers from attacking white pete and Santa. You are to defend them – and their property – by using your body as a shield. As security slave you are to risk your life without being allowed to defend yourself. Not even with your bare hands. If you choose to do so anyway, then you risk enjoying the back-up system. Jail. You will be forced to send other Black people to jail, or to become the scapegoat yourself. White pete will teach you to look for Black people stealing. You are to follow them, and randomly accuse most of them of stealing. No, it is not harassment when you do that. Who has the walkie-talkie, huh? And while you carry out protocol harassment, the white pete know that you are not watching them, and they stuff their pockets. You better let a white pete deal with that, or risk getting fired for not doing your job right. You do not believe me? No wonder you could not get into the soldier slave academy.

Enough. Candy man and Mammy will have to wait until another time. That is good news, because I can really dig into those two jobs, and show the white hand that demands it. I will dedicate that article to the white lawyer who told me to work with my hands. I hope that he is a happy man now. My hands touching my keyboard is what produced this Popearticle. Hmm. I am on to something here. This is where working with my hands – as in writing – becomes therapeutic.

Because I do not buy into Santa Claus and black pete as a “game”, I could see that I did not have to change anything. I was already working with my hands. He was telling me to stop working with my intellect. He had been giving me assignments to test my intellect. The friend of my enemy is… my enemy. Oh my, I had still been working for the enemy! His comment made me expect that much, but I could not proof it. By his mouth, the enemy was telling me to stop being smart, because they did not like it.

The white pete system is not about intellect. Their science is dead. Their system is about abuse. They only know how to make money off abuse. The whole system is one big con designed to take advantage of those being abused by it. They use empty words to hide it, but that does not change it. Look beyond the distracting words. I will continue to use my hands to show how big the con is, and how small the Satan behind it.




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