How Can You Look At Black Pete And Not Know Where to Get A Job?

13 Jan

What are the jobs for Black people? Well, Satan Claus went through all that trouble of dressing white pete up, and you still do not know? It is a good thing that I have been paying attention. Ever since I got on the job market aeons ago. Instead of conducting a survey and interviews, I will put aside white science that is intent on killing Nature. I will just use the sense that Nature gave me, nothing common about it. Here goes zwarte piet 7the “we already knew that…” list. Oh, I almost forget the general warning for the use of a lot of sarcasm, irony and plain old ridicule. I may get more ‘scientific’ in a next post (if I can come up with a good reason to do so).

— Black pete does not get a pay. Enter welfare slave. Get little money from the government for giving them all your information, and the information of your children and children’s children. All that information is worth a fortune, but you let Bill Gates and the Facebook-guy collect the money, while you are thankful for the few coins government is willing to part with temporarily. And, you do not get anything if you are too proud to beg. Bow down to Santa first, ask for crumbs second. Take it or leave it. Life is so desperate that most are already bent, and eager to take the crumbs. Watch your government play you for a fool.

Is it not sad that those in the poverty line pay the most taxes? You get a net check… Huh? Food stamps?! For gentech food? No way. Demand at least the net value of the food stamps. Or set up a shop, so the people who are addicted to the poison food can buy more stamps from you. Oh, is that illegal? Do not get caught then. Anyway, you get a net check… but you pay gross prices at the store. Government steals from you twice. Government steals, and calls it legal. You stop government from stealing from you, then you go to jail. Nothing you can do about it. Except to not get caught at all, not even in the welfare scam. Next job.

— Black pete gets to do community service in November and December, but is locked up on the slave boat or in Spain for the rest of the year. Enter jail slave. Get caught doing what government told you not to do, but has been pushing you towards since they got your information from the welfare system. School has prepared you to not rebel against the murder of your mind. There is nothing you can do to stop it. The pharma poison pills against your Thoth Alpabhetsupposed ADD or ADHD, gave you DID, MPD or STD. And now you are ready for assault by the NYPD, LAPD or hick town PD.

See why it is important to learn your alpha-beta first? It might be the only thing you will get to learn before the pharma or junk food poison kicks in to fry whatever is left of your brain after the ‘teacher’ got a hold of it. Government will spare no expenses to get you in jail off your tax money. You are no longer awarded stamps for poison food, but you get upgraded to ‘experimental’ food. As if that is not enough, jail is stripped of stimuli to ensure that you will want to do anything to not get bored stiff, or fall victim to predators who have enough ‘children’s games’ in mind for their trapped victims. Jail will reform you into accepting ‘dirty’ jobs.

— Black pete has to clean up after Satan Claus. Enter dirt slave. No, this not India or Nigeria. You do not have to salvage junk on stinking garbage heaps. Instead, you collect garbage bags from porches and alleys, drive it around a bit, before it gets burned or buried. Look and learn. You ‘negroid’ get to see how consumption is done. Perfectly good junk gets thrown away and destroyed, so people have to go out and buy new perfectly useless junk. Any of you on the job trying to keep stuff for yourself, gets a ticket to jail. Jail is the back-up system. As you are allowed to collect the junk, you get to salivate and will be wishing for the ‘good’ life. You will work hard to be able to become a ‘good’ consumer. One day you will be able to throw away perfectly good junk too. Push your children to do so right now, while you hope that one day…

Hope. It is the real poison for the mind. You are not supposed to know that it is not hope at all, but only greed. The American Dream? Ha. The American Greed. Destroy your life for the sake of hope. Now, enough talking, the garbage does not collect itself. And smile. Be grateful for being educated, even though you are an untouchable. “You people smell funny. It is that boki boki food that you eat. Can’t you just eat supermarket food like normal people?”

White Sharecroppers— Black pete has to pay Santa back for all the nice make-up, clothes, bijou, and spilled poison candy. Enter debt slave. No, it is not the same as sharecropping. Sharecropping is overt slavery. This is more about the infusion of greed. Yes, covert slavery. Get you to want to look better than you need to, thus have you buy what you cannot afford to. Watch yourself borrow the product or money against huge interest. You want to be somebody, so you work hard so you can be anybody… uh, any black pete. You managed to get a job that has nothing to do with what you trained for, because the white employer does not care about what you think you got schooled to do. The teachers at school where not talking to you. They were talking to the white children, even if there were none in your class. Now you deal with employers that only care about how little they can pay you.

Ambitious? You are about to trip over hidden wires, and find yourself in remote controlled minefields. You are about to bump your head on glass ceilings and doors. Yes, the doors are locked. Or better put: you are locked out. Your skills and ambitions are irrelevant. Unless you can make other Black people waste their money on junk by the millions, you will have to keep wasting your little pay check. You will hope for promotion, so you will work harder and never smarter. You will relent and find yourself turned into a scapegoat. Caught doing what they told you to do, but you should have known better than to do it. Yes, prison is a back-up system here too.

You get paid the least, and are demanded to spend the most. While you hope, you get scammed out of your pay and into debt. You will quit? Where are you going to find a better paying job? All companies stick to the same scam policy. You are ‘fine’ where you are in the mail room, at the post office, at BlackDonalds, as a nurse in the hospital. “You know what? If you work hard, you might get promoted to be manager next year after all.” They will tell you that you need to look less… Black. Start wearing more expensive suits. And start having lunch out, not eat that home made boki boki stuff. You give away your money for hope. You will work for low wages, but you will spend money as if you are getting paid like white pete. Greed is not hope.

— Watch black pete holds the book of names. It is the book Santa Satan refers to when deciding on pleasure or punishment for the ‘chilluns’. Enter christian slave. Do not get mad at me. Read any book on slavery, and it should be in there: christians as brute human life traffickers. Claiming their god cursed all Black people. Sure, if their god is Satan Claus. Of course, I am aware of the jhw slave holding brutes as Satan’s helpers. But, I do not know any Black person who has become born-again jhw. Not to confuse the current jhws with the real descendants of KMT. See, that is why it is better to leave the jhws under the christian cloak out of this for now. It deserves a separate post first.

Christians. I do see many Black people who have been forced into christianity, and learned to like it. But, one cannot be a real Black christian while holding on to hatred. Only white christians are allowed to hold on to their hatred of others. Black people with the gift of talking gibberish, will be allowed – upon pleasing the right people – to run big or even mega churches. Why? To sell a religion. The religion of ‘forgiving’ white people for their ongoing sin – from slavery and annihilation to ‘just’ racism and eugenics – and to take on the blame for your lack of rank in the white system. And you pay for that? Tithe they call it, but it is extra tax. Did you not already pay tax twice? Now the ‘minister’ is asking you to pay tax again? For what?! ‘Ask not what Santa God can do for you…’ Do not get mad at me. Go(d) test your church to see if they have hate in their alleged heart. If your assembly treats you the same after you refuse to pay anymore tax-tithe-tax, then I will await my invitation to rejoice with real krish-tians. Bona fide bodhisattvas.

— Black pete is Satan’s guard, and is trained to kill any Black person or anyone deemed ‘Black enough’. Enter soldier slave. I already wrote on this. Seeking any fake power, you think it is a good idea to go intimidate an engineered enemy. Better them than you. You have become an executioner who gets shipped out of the country, and gets paid to kill and then die. Santa does not want you around anymore. The propaganda for you to take another “tour” of imposed duty, will be waiting here if you ‘decide’ to stay alive and come back. You get paid enough money for your funeral, but if you decide to come back you will find that government will refuse to pay you enough money to deal with your psychosis and chemical poisoning. That was not sand that you were breathing in.

Racial ProfilingEven the domestic soldiers are not breathing in sand. Only hatred against their own. Military and police alike. I applaud you for trying to provide for your family, but how do you explain to them that your salary comes from exploiting the engineered weaknesses of our youth? Whom are you protecting while shooting at teenagers? Or putting them in jail with adult predators? Is it not better to figure out how ‘poor’ children get guns, and lock those white people up? I know of no child that would risk his or her life on the streets, if there was real education to get. All left behind. Education starts and ends at home. Yes, soldier slave, I know there is no money in it. Yes, we all got families to feed. What is left of it. Who has time to educate? Never mind the “village to raise a child.”

I am not even halfway down my list, but already I find myself saddened by my own words. The soldier slave mess always gets to me. Our children get free access to guns, but not to real education? See, I am upset. Now, I will have to dedicate a whole post to ‘guns – train in gangs, then join the military’ or something like that. Write a “psychological” piece. Hmm. Two brain cells died from pure shock as I realized I would have to use white science.

I cut the post ‘short’, as I need to keep in mind that the editing will take time too. For now, I need to get detached. I have self-imposed deadlines, you know. And I know that worse ‘jobs’ are still to come.




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