Black Pete Shows Black People to Act Like White Pete

9 Jan

Santa-Pete MadnessThe black-pete-program is still running, but what does that have to do with me? I know that I am not black pete, and I do not strive to be white pete. I have no business entering into relationships with people who seek to devalue me. I deem it a sign of sanity to seek the company of those who do not care about the color of my skin. Or their own. Santa will exploit anyone to suit his greed.

It is frustrating to talk to people who might want to understand how the black pete program blocks the way for Black people, but they cannot see their part in it. White pete is excluding Black people from jobs? How can that be news? White pete does not care about Black people, because Santa teaches him not to. So, why would white pete want to hire a Black person? They are still not used to having to pay us for anything.

I listened to someone complain about the supermarkets refusing to hire Black girls as cashiers. Nice complaint. But, what was she going to do about it? That supermarket is letting us know that they do not respect Black people. So, stop spending your money there. If Black people do not take care and still shop there, then why should white pete change his ways? It does not cost them anything to block Black people from jobs. All they need is one Black person in their shop to justify their exclusion tactics. Vote with your money.

If the supermarket prefers arab girls over Black girls, than as a Black person – and more importantly as a Black parent – stop spending your money there. It is either accepting that all people are equal and applauding the arab girls for getting the meaningless jobs, or to finally make a stand to protect your own children. The exclusion tactics did not start yesterday. They have been in place ever since Black people got ‘transferred’ to the West.

Start supporting Black businesses. Stop expecting Black business people to render services for free. Black people spend their money at ‘white folks’, and leave their own hanging. Just like white Santa, they are not willing to pay a Black person full price for services rendered. When a Black business then turns to serve white customers, Black people have the nerve(s) to point fingers. Well, stop going to the crispy white supermarkets with their toxic food, and get some soul food at the Black store. What does the white supermarket manager know about okra soup? He will just tell you to buy the chicken soup that has no real chicken in it.

Spending PowerSo, I definitely do not want to listen to irrelevant excuses. So what, if the supermarket is around the corner? So what, if other supermarkets also exclude Black girls? The only way for Black people to claim any right, is by voting with their money. And, instead of expecting to pay less at a Black store, people should be happy to pay more. To know that at the end of the line there will be no exploitation of resources to cut prices, but Black people building a healthy economy. An economy that will serve our children and children’s children. So we need to spend our money wisely now.

More complaints. The white Pete hospital does not care about you? Uhm. Do you really want to take drugs from someone who does not care about you? Might as well buy drugs from a dope dealer. What is the difference? Well, the dope dealer is probably Black – as the supermarkets will not hire him – and he can at least tell you how his other Black clients are doing. He wants his customers to keep coming back, so he will make sure to get the best dope available. Do a little market research. Better yet, STOP TAKING ANY DRUG.

That also means: stop eating junk food and the toxic supermarket food. That food has no nutrients, that is what keeps us hungry all the time. Just so we will buy more of it. Why would someone who does not respect us, feed us good food?  They are not going to feed their fake pearls to the swine. Or ‘negroids’. The ‘good’ food is served in quality restaurants that we cannot get into, because we do not have the right skin color, or the money to waste on those restaurants. I have never seen a truly rich person eat at a burger joint – except to fake it – or shop at a supermarket. Is that not enough of a hint? How much more bloated do we need to get?

Back to the job complaint. White people refusing to hire Black people, is not a new phenomenon. Unless a Black person is willing to act like black pete, there is not much chance of getting a job when there are enough white pete desperate for the job. Not even with government. Especially not with government. Black people are to remain at the Black Kingbottom of the pyramid, even though we were the ones who thought of the concept and built them. Satan Claus rolled over the pyramid and crushed us. Now we stand here dazed, wondering what is going on.

To get a job, one has to want to be black pete. What does it mean for a Black person to act like black pete? Well, just take the black pete guidelines. Google it, study it. The trick is to take on the behavior, while trying to look not… Black. Black pete is white, so Black people have to act dumb while trying to look as white as they can. Black men wear suits, shave their heads so that no ‘kinky’ hair is showing, and make no ‘wild’ gestures. Black women dress for a funeral to tone down their ‘primitive spirit’, wear a foundation that is lighter than their actual skin color, wear blue eye-shadow to fake having blue eyes, and wear their (bought) hair straight.

Oh, and always smile. Look the ‘happy slave’. But then… as white as possible. Yes. Let us all try to look as white as we can, and marvel at the audacity of white pete to refuse to hire our young ones. The young ones we dumped our identity crises on. Children who have never seen their own ‘kinky’ hair, and never got a chance to embrace it. No, they were taught to feed the billion dollar hair – cream and weave – industry. No matter that the industry does not allow Black owned business.

The death of Black business leaves us dependent on jobs with white pete. What are the available jobs for Black people anyway? Black people do not get to work for Satan Claus directly. We get to work for white pete who will pretend to be Santa. What jobs does white pete have lined up for us? Well, I will save the ‘good’ news for the next post. But, I can already share that “supermarket” is not on the list.


2 Responses to “Black Pete Shows Black People to Act Like White Pete”

  1. Eamonn November 17, 2014 at 12:02 am #

    Is is possible that no children saw this as racist but simply their “Santa Claus” coming to visit them with his Moorish servants. He was historically a Bischop in Spain before the “reconquista” you see. There is no colonialism involved.
    By misdirecting your attacks on “racism” you are playing yourself into the “ignorance” stereotype. Creating a monster where one did not live and deepening “color” divisions at a time when they were fading.
    Perhaps we should start by boycotting the game of Chess since is specifically places white vs. black in “direct warfare’. And white always gets to go first!
    Is racism bad, yes! But fight IT and not a small countries’ children’s holiday.

  2. No Black Pete November 17, 2014 at 6:03 pm #

    Be sure to deal with your own ignorance before anything else. Do not remain a misguided child.

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