Without Black Pete the Santa Scam Does Not Work

29 Dec

bw-illusion-portraits-alexander-khokhlov-7Are we done with all the fake Santa? Yes? Well, get the children out of the room, so we can have another look at the insanity. The credit card bill will be arriving soon, so how about we get real now? Or, wait until the alcohol and drugs of the fake new year celebration wear off. Feed all the addictions until you no longer know what is up, nor what is down. I will be here, waiting for you to come somewhat to your senses. But, for those who can stand to see further than their indoctrination right now, I will continue. I am eager to talk some more about the game behind the game of the game.

It is clear that all the supposed childplay is to make sure that the indoctrination works. Society needs to be sick, so that the people who engineered it to be that way, can control it. Sane people have no need for government or corporations to tell them what to do. Thus, Santa Satan makes sure that people go – and remain – insane so they will forever need a savior. Enter Santa. Sick people will give up all their money to get saved. Saved from what? Saved from whom? The Santa that made them ill, has no intention of curing them. There simply is no money in curing anything, unless it can create a bigger problem. It is all about the Benjamins.

Santa wants all of us to earn as much money as we can, and then hand more than that back. We get a lot of junk, entertainment, addiction, fear and illness in return. The ‘economy’ depends on it. Santa runs tests to see people of all colors spend more money than they can afford to on ‘gifts’. Gifts that promise happiness. However, no pleasure in the world can keep the depression away when the credit card bill arrives. Is Santa sharing any of that misery? No, Santa is still laughing. Ho, ho, hahaha. Add up the numbers, and see how much the real Santa is making of Santa Paus (Pope)the ‘childplay’. Santa has no problem using children to get rich. Are they not the ones sweating to put together the gifts in the first place?

One would think that the early Sinterklaas warning in Holland would have been enough to stop people from falling prey to the Santa-scam a second time at X-mass. But, no. The white pete program keeps running. “Happiness for sale.” Right. How happy can one feel about consuming more junk and creating more debt? No more smiles when you run out of ‘credit’ and the children keep asking for more gifts. The parents have allowed them to learn to become greedy, and like good students they want ever more gifts. They cannot understand that the gifts have nothing to do with them or their behavior, but everything to do with the Stockholm Syndrome of their parents.

It is not only white pete who refuses to see who the real Santa is. People of all colors are turning a double blind eye to those who are robbing them cripple. In case some dare wake up, the insult “it is just a children’s party” is added, and duly repeated. Oh, well okay, that makes the Sinterklaas racism alright then. Phew, I got all worried over nothing for a minute. What a good idea to dress up, and blame Black people for all the problems that white Satan Claus keeps creating. What a good idea to forget about one’s problems by creating more problems.

As I did not bother with any Satan celebrations, I could not get distracted from looking at the strings attached to the people who were eager to partake in the travesties. White pete is clearly not smart enough to be white Santa too. So, who is the real Santa? No, I am not naming names, only dropping clues. Why do I have to do all the work here? Where is white pete when you need one? Oh, right. White pete does not care about Black people, only about pleasing Santa. It might be a better idea to turn this into a quiz then. Have any people come up with the answers. Yes, plural.

What does Santa do with all the money that disappears in de zak van Sinterklaas (the bag of Santa Claus)? With people giving money and collateral away twice this month – on top of the regular inflated bills and not counting fake new year – what does Santa do for the people with all that money? The money is not spent on the people who were so kindly manipulated to part with it. All the things government claims to be doing for us, have already been paid for ten times over. And even when the  Dutch government spends any money on us, it will be after the plans to take the money back in tenfold, have been drawn up – ready for execution.

Vatican Swiss GuardsFollow the money seems like the best advice. But, I do not have access to the banks where the money gets fabricated. I do have access to websites that show where Sinterklaas got the idea of the black pete suits from. All that is missing is a feather up their… uh, on top of the hats. These pete take in a special position. They are guards. They protect Santa from the people who make up sick society. I should have known that black pete is not what Santa wants us to believe. The reports of the Dutch police wearing blackface and dressing up to look their black pete part, should have alerted me that is the main task of black pete: to guard Satan.

Black pete is a distraction from the white hand in our pockets. But, at the same time black pete is on the look-out to keep Santa safe from his victims. Santa can continue to charm sick people to give up their money to get saved from the misery he created, while black pete gets rid of anyone with sane intentions of taking Satan down. There is so much more to the Santa-Satan scam than meets the eye. How can I follow the money, if I am yet to understand all the parts of the scam?



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  1. No Black Pete August 29, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

    Ha. *private*

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