Black Pete Could Not Face the End of the World

23 Dec

Maya Black-FaceWhat happened to the end of their world? I fell asleep to wake up 3 minutes late. I was not surprised that I made it through the end, but what happened to white pete who actually believed their false prophets? Why were they not hauled off to planet X by their makers? Satan Claus must have needed them to keep working here. Why do they keep wishing for the end of the world, when they should be working to free themselves from their sick state? White pete must like being white pete.

The same white pete that sold the terror scenario until two days ago, now turns around and laughs. “Ha. Told you that it was not going to happen.” Uhm. No. You deleted your doom-day posts on Facebook and Twitter, and predated the I-knew-it-all-along posts that are on those sites now. Putting the blame on the Maya and Aztec.

White pete’s lips move, but he might as well be eating mud cakes. No need to listen to the chewing sounds. The chewing of lies. “This winter solstice will be the end of the world.” “It is just a children’s party.” Even their own alien gods do not want to save them. Only their Santa will put up with them. “Back to work, pete. Ho, ho… now.” Instead of celebrating their disappearance, I now have to get back on the path of understanding and… compassion? Sigh.

Instead of celebrating freedom from their lack of sanity, I dug into my book case to find Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four. I could not remember if I had actually read it, or only read all about it. No time like the present. To balance things out, I also picked up Iceberg Slim’s Trick Baby. I had started to read that once, but stopped as someone was eager to tell me all about it. Why are these white pete so interested in telling me what to think of books I can read just fine by myself? Do they assume that Black people cannot read? Is that why they make zwarte piet read the Sinterklaas list upside down? No, they are eager to let me know what they think that I should think, I think. I think that they dumb down black pete to make white pete look smarter. As black pete is white pete, who is dumbest?

Trick Baby treats to nasty and vile racism to remind me of what is behind the ice-cold voice of Orwell. I noticed the covert racism in the brave new world of Nineteen Eighty-Four. What secret society made Orwell write down: “with thick negroid lips”? It found its way onto page 88 of my 2003 edition. How was I not going to pick up on the reference to jhws? The jhws as interbred bastards. Looking white enough, but for their hooked noses and negroid lips. And what is up with the curly hair? Ah. Here is where I could go into Hitler demanding the sterilization of Black women, and how the Dutch were eager to send off Black people and Asian people – it was all the same to them – to the concentration camps. An end of the world for Black people, no winter solstice needed.

But, as I am over half-way through Orwell’s annoying savior preaching, I want to deal with the covert racism, not the export of Black people to experimentation and termination camps which was going on all around the world. I will get to the use of prisons at another time. Orwell shows how by the use of one word the racist programs of the pete populace gets triggered. No Hitler to hide behind. It reminds me of how the Dutch press does not shy away from using the word “negro” (and worse). As calling Black people Dutch does not fit the picture they want to paint of the enemy. Dutch is to be – and remain – “white only’.

Congo goldminesThe Dutch police consistently refers to Black people as negroid. Some people have actually started to use the word negroid as if adding two more letters is going to make “negro” sound better. A fashion trend. What are they going to do next? Call themselves Cauc-Asian? The Caucasus mountains are not in Europe. So what are they saying? Is it the next fashion to want to be Russian? Slav? Khazar? Jhws?! Interesting. In any case, anything but African. Orwell is clear on the African people being worthless property. Even as enslaved.

Orwell’s sudden but essential remark on “negroid lips” puts white pete at ease. The enemy is identified. It does not matter if white pete is conscious of the trigger, as his subconscious will pick it up easily. The Sinterklaas slavery mass proved that the racist program is still running, so all that is needed are a few covert triggers.

“Saying negroid is not racism! It is a fact. Look at you. You are Black, aren’t you?”
“No, I am brown. Here is a brown crayon, and here is a black one. My skin is like the brown one, my hair is like the black one. See?”
“No, you are negroid. That makes you Black.”
Sigh. This is from the same people who think that putting on blackface makes them Black. Or that I will believe that they are. Let me put down the crayons. I am wasting day light here.

The “negroid” referral is not new. It goes back to the eugenics movement BH (Before Hitler). It got firmly established in the golden age of Black slavery. The golden carriage of Queen Beatrix of the Orange House, with its depiction of slavery, is enough of an old age wanted poster, to confirm so. So, it is no surprise that most white pete are still very attached to the word neger (negro), and they celebrate any Black person who is willing to join in – ridiculing himself and his own people. Using a negative word to pretend that it is positive, does not make it positive. It keeps one firmly tied to white pete, as the meaning they gave to the word from the beginning accompanies it to their end. It is only when their story of the word gets altered or lost, that it can be used in a different way. Thus, as long as the false story is supreme, one can only pretend the word to be anything but negative through ignorance or arrogance.

Juden14Orwell shows that even when white pete has sunk so low, that there is nothing left of him to save, he should rejoice in not having negroid lips. What double think can justify plastic surgery and botox-injections to get them anyway? It is up to me not to interfere. Because if Orwell is right, then white pete will destroy himself. I do not have to wait for their world to end. All I have to do is, get out of their way, and watch them end their world themselves. Only to be sure, I might want to help build a wall around their world. Like the border between the US and Mexico. It is not to keep the Mexicans out, but to keep the Americans in. They show us how to do it more effectively in Is-Ba-El, where the Palestinians get boxed in – until they volunteer to disappear.

This is where the religious programming starts running. Forcing me to join white pete in his hell, for standing by and watching him destroy. Religion tells me that I can only be safe if I keep white pete safe. Right. ‘Am I my enemy’s keeper?’ White pete has a camp in Africa in mind for me! Orwell has told me so on page 217. Or, from beyond the grave, was Orwell trying to get me to think that his whole New World Order blue-print was only rubbish? From the illusion of the ink on paper, was he trying to get me to agree with the concept of eugenics and powerlessness? From the program running in my mind, was he trying to get me to find his prophecy appropriate for white pete, and get me to focus on them more than on the fate of Black people? For me to shout that white pete needs to get lost in concrete cities, while Black people go back to Africa to deal with our own insanity? Trick Baby shows me what insanity we might bring along with us.

Whatever the case, I look forward to hearing about the next date for their doom. The new prophets are already gearing up with new alien prophecies. Waiting for their next chance to make a lot of money from the ignorance of the sick. Why would sick pete be more afraid of death than enslavement? Death is a fact, slavery does not have to be. Not thinking about death, is not going to make it go away. Not thinking about slavery, is where the real danger lies. There cannot be enough comfort to make the fear go away. No use blaming it on death. There can only be freedom, if one fears slavery more than death. So, when is the next doom date? This time I might manage to stay awake.




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