Black Pete Cannot Hide the Evidence, the White Hands Show

19 Dec

Black HandsWhy still go on about Sinterklaas en zwarte piet? What an odd question. I did not realize that there was a deadline. Why not go harass the people who run the websites where they count down to the next Sinterklaas. ‘Santa Claus will return in 333 days, 13 hours, 12 minutes and 54 seconds.’ How is that for planning?

Besides, as long as my skin is called Black and I do not get awarded basic human rights because of that, I have an issue with people putting on blackface to show how stupid they think Black people are. They never put on blackface so they can attend to open-heart surgery or rocket science. If it was not for YouTube, I might have never known that there were still many Black scientists giving white scientists a run for their Santa funding.

The numbers dealing with the costs of the celebration of slavery in Holland have not surfaced yet. But, I do have the names of some of the sponsors of the slavery celebration in the capital called Amsterdam. From here.
Gemeente Amsterdam (city council, local government), Koninklijke Marine (royal navy), GVB (public-private transport), UPC (privatized cable company), Nuon (privatized utilities – electricity and gas – company), De Echo (public Amsterdam newspaper), Vrienden Loterij (government approved gambling), Het Parool (newspaper), New York Pizza (junk food).

Those were the ones spending the big bucks. Some of the cheap-skates are:
Black FaceKorps Landelijke Politiediensten (police), Politie Amsterdam-Amstelland (police), Politie Team Water Amsterdam-Amstelland (police), ROC Amsterdam (public low-level middle school), ABN AMRO (bailed-out bank), Allen & Overy (big law firm formerly representing the orange shield), Delta Lloyd (insurance company), Doopsgezinde Gemeente Amsterdam (church), Scheepvaartsmuseum (public museum), Stadsschouwburg (public theater), Waternet (public water sanitation), HEMA (department store).

It is quite a list of public government departments and private companies that are closely linked to the government. I threw in New York Pizza to remind myself that junk food kills. I was surprised to see that MacKillers and the others, were not sponsoring the furthering of mental slavery. I guess their ‘food’ kills for itself. Food and indoctrination. An interesting topic, but not as interesting as something else I spotted on the website that was so kind to provide the above list.

They mentioned that there were over 700 black pete and 5,000 kilos of pepernoten (toxic candy) ‘shipped’ in. They put black pete and the candy in one sentence. Which resembled crime reports of the police state finding however many kilos of cocaine in some kind of container from the former colonies, usually Suriname. It is how it works. Santa sits back and waves at the crowd, while black pete carries the dope and hands it out to the children. Of course, under strict police protection. They do not want anyone who has not taken to the indoctrination, to spoil the ‘children’s party’.

Want to know who organizes the ‘children’s party’? Well, the Chamber of Commerce can tell you who executes the assignment: kvk-nummer (CoC-number) 34196193. They will give you names, addresses and birth dates. Alexandra van Haaften or Sandra van Os may have some information as well. Just mail them at sponsoring@ The racists may be protected by their blackface and the police, but their white hands are showing. Enough about them.

There was one other question that I wanted to answer. “Why does Sinterklaas live in Spain?” The answer is simple: he does not live. Anywhere. With that ignorance out of the way, I could substitute the question for another one. “Why does white pete make Santa come in by boat from Spain?” Thank you for asking. Any website that deals with Black slavery and Europeans, has the ready-made answer. The Spaniards raged war in Africa to enslave Africans. ‘A boat from Spain?’ Yes, a boat from white and jhw enslavers, with an endless supply of enslaved and trafficked Africans. Well, first white and not-white Europeans. Then American Indians. And on to the endless supply of Africans. The Africans proved the strongest, so most profitable.

Columbus and IsabellaIt seems like it might have been more correct if white pete had pointed his crooked white finger at Portugal, as the instigator Columbus was a pervert of crypto-Portuguese origin. He left mass genocide and mass trans-Atlantic slavery trade as a legacy. But, it was Queen Isabella of Spain who sponsored him. The Dutch look at the money. Even more greedy and cruel than the Spaniards and Portuguese put together, the Dutch set out to outmaster them all.

Thus, Sinterklaas en zwarte piet come from Spain, just like in the old days. The boat that got Santa Claus to the capital Amsterdam, carried 700 black pete and 5,000 kilos of drugs (“it is only candy”). Pete danced and smiled on command. Santa had given some of them roller skates. So, they could work faster. What a nice ‘children’s party’. The more I look at it, the more my stomach turns. No poison candy at hand to numb my brain. I will have to talk about the Dutch sending Black people to concentration camps in Germany another time. So many issues, so little time.




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