Black Pete Does Not Need a Budget

15 Dec

bw-illusion-portraits-alexander-khokhlov-6Looking at all the grim faces outside in the cold, I feel a little bit sorry for white pete. Without the blackface on, there is no reason to smile and dance, is there? The government still does not care about you either. No, white pete can no longer hide behind blackface, and has to figure out how to get the money to ‘celebrate’ an expensive  Christ-massacre and fake New Year. We have all been taught that December is to put a big hole in any budget. So, the zombies do as told. Start spiking the egg-nog now.

But, wait a minute. Before we get to take a look at the real expensive Christ-mass junk, can anybody tell me what the budget was for the Sinterklaas en zwarte piet travesty? The government is selling us one financial crisis after another, while denying to be part of the plan to create the crises. As they have not been part of the solution, their denial is not worth the paper it is written on. The proof of the pudding is in the pudding.

Where did the money to celebrate Black slavery come from? I am not talking about the brain-dead answer “the people”. The government is supposed to represent “the people”, and as such it demands that we pay for the representation and whatever the representatives have in mind doing to us. What I am asking for are the numbers. The plan, the budget, the balance sheet, the bills, the receipts, the taxes not paid. The slavery celebration was a massive and smooth operation. That means that plans and budgets had to be in place. White people were getting paid.

It was a massive operation in the major cities alone, but I saw many pictures of villages that I never heard of before, that went all out to welcome Sinterklaas en zwarte piet. The police was trained to protect white people, and to arrest Black protesters even before they could go out to protest. The perfect opportunity for black pete to go into white suburbs away from the city centers, to do as Santa Claus showed them: steal. And, have the crimes blamed on Black people. Incredible? There is proof. Just Google zwarte piet + overval (black pete + robbery). For those who can read Dutch, some old news: hier and daar.

More Zwarte Piet - Nu.nlBlack pete is dumb and (thus) obedient, so no one expects him to be a criminal. That role is reserved for Black people. Even the biased police knows that black pete is white. The police has been dressing up like black pete too. Now we got black pete with guns and pepper spray! All the more reason to rage against the insanity. Never mind the police and their supposed criminals, for now. I will get to it another time. Back to the money.

I witnessed the government ending the funding of most – if not all – educational and social projects for the Black community, because of budget cuts due to the crises the government created. Many of the programs disappeared, or got seized by white organizations that turned the programs into brain-wash factories. Black people were still too smart to the liking of the government, so all extra-curricular activities had to get cut. The only indoctrination was to come from a white pete government, white pete schools and white pete media.

It was quite spectacular, when the funding of  NiNsee (a research institute on Dutch colonialism and slavery) got cut. It left the institute pleading for continuance of the government grants before a deaf judge. What could they tell the judge that the government did not already know? Government grants come with the obligation of submitting all the information on their operation. The grant could be taken away effectively, because the government had all the information needed to maim or kill them. NiNsee should smile and dance like black pete as the government did not do what it usually does: launch a ‘fraud’ investigation.

There is no investigation because of actual fraud, because the government grant is a loan. By shouting fraud, and using the judges to seal the fate of the ungrateful slave, the government can claim any money back at any time. And it regularly does. Santa Satan giving Black people money? No, only debt enforced by judges. All the more reason to rage against the insanity. Never mind the government double talk, for now. I will get to it another time. Back to the money.

Slave CurrencySo… If there was no money for the education on Black slavery, where did the money for the celebration of Black slavery come from? And now that I am set on asking questions, how much did the celebration cost the state, the city and village councils, and the public schools? All the school hours wasted on the indoctrination. Confusing the children as teachers put on blackface, and command some of the children to do the same. Teaching the children to wear masks to hide themselves behind. It will come in handy when they have to deal with sick society outside of school.

Better not single children out. Let us draw names! Yeah! It so much better to teach the children how easy it is to partake in state lottery as well. Get them ready to accept gambling addiction. Focus on the ‘winner’ of the blackface draw, and not the millions of ‘losers’ who paid for the ‘winner’ to ‘win’. Wait. Am I not one of those ‘losers’? How much of my tax money went to the celebration of slavery? I know that it is no use to get the government to pay me back the money , but I want to know how much government is stealing from me this time. I will settle for the numbers of last year, and inflate them by 10% – not the fake inflation percentages the government feeds us.

It is part of my mission. To no longer complain that government pretends to be Santa Claus, while it helps Satan Claus get to our labor, money and information. Instead, to add to the complaints something that Santa Satan understands: money. And this Black person knows how to work the numbers. If Santa would be so kind to give them to me? How silly. I am NO BLACK PETE. I know better than that. Satan only takes bribes and sacrifices. Let me try again. If Satan would be so evil to let me know how much it will cost me to get the numbers? It is how they operate, we got to pay for our own demise. Realizing that, all of a sudden, I am in no hurry to get the digits.


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