No Black Pete Is Not Equal to White Pete

11 Dec

SinterklaasThe block on this blog has been partially lifted. As mysteriously as the ban got placed on November 29th, it seemed lifted on December 6th. Yes, I took notice of the dates. I could not find my blog in the WhitePete Reader after November 29th, and I got no access to other blogs on Sinterklaas en zwarte piet nor Santa Claus and black pete, until December 6th. Only followers and those invited, could get access to my posts. I guess that I am still not to spoil Sinterklaas for the ‘children’.

How easy it is to not have to report on protests, by keeping the protesters mute. Freedom of speech is not what it used to be. Protest outside and get beaten up and arrested by the police, protest online and the blog gets arrested. Not that it kept me from writing.

Only on December 6th did ‘my’ reader show some of the old posts. But, still, my posts did not appear among them. I had seen it before, but I did not understand what I was seeing until it happened to me. Blogs that appear in the reader one day, never to be found again. Except by scrolling back under the ‘Blogs I Follow’ or ‘Posts I Like’ feature in the reader. To find that most bloggers never stopped blogging, instead they simply got blocked for some reason or another. If I want to keep posted, then I need to follow their blog or press ‘like’ at least once. Even if only to show that their blogs have been found and read.

Blogging for dissidents. I got angry for a second, but then I realized that it was a wake-up call that I needed to pay attention to. Black people get denied their civil rights all the time. Is that not what this blog is about? The boycott is alive on the Internet too. It makes sense. If I cannot trust the government to protect my human rights, then why trust the Internet that is being controlled by government? What China can do openly on a national scale, the West can do covertly and more subtly on an international scale. To only allow for ‘accepted’ blogs to hit the mainstream, and block all else. There is no excuse to remain ignorant online either.

It is a small distraction. I have a lot of work to do, and I still set out to do it. I move away from addressing the open celebration of slavery and outward racism, to also deal with the covert racism. Like the ban on my blog, Black people get banned from higher education, management jobs, health cure and care, and even physical freedom. All the time. And we pay extra for the crumbs that they do allow us. We even pay the white doctors to experiment on us with their poisons and scalpels. Our consent is of no issue to them. They only look to get paid for their ‘work’ and do not care about the effect that their ‘work’ has on us. We need to keep smiling like white blackfaced pete.

We are denied many of the modern conveniences that are advertised in the mainstream media. The propaganda of human rights at school was written for whites only. If Black people want to be treated equally to white pete, then we need to equalize ourselves through money. We need to have so much money that the green blinds white pete from our Black skin. Enough money to be able to buy off all the white burdens heaped on us, whenever we step out to ‘mingle’. But, that equal treatment will still be less than equal. It will only be equal to white slaves. To be equal to powerless white robots and puppets seems all we can hope for.

That does not spell ‘success’ or ‘progress’ to me. I have seen many executives sell their souls for white success, only to crack under pressure. It seems like one needs to completely abandon oneself to be able to ‘succeed’. But once the greed for white success takes over completely, there can never be enough of it. Success still depends on the crumbs that those in charge award their slaves. It turns out that a soul is needed to understand the difference between success (pleasure) and wholeness (happiness). Looking down on the mindless zombies called society, the executive robots accept the loss of their souls to align with the minds of those in charge. As indoctrinated by Sinterklaas.

Debt SlaveryIf white pete has no mind of his own – or does not know what to do with it – nor has a need for a soul, then why are we trying to follow him into his hell? Of course, his hell is not presented as such. In the same way as white pete puts on blackface to call himself black pete, he puts a spin on everything else. Santa and Satan get split, so they can claim Santa when white, and Satan when blackfaced. They truly believe that white and blackface are two separate spheres. Thus, if they heap hell on Black people, then heaven must be for white pete. They will pharma-drug themselves into xtc to keep up the fantastic misery.

Why fight to be like white slaves? It is Christmass season, and we have the opportunity to watch white slavery at its best. The ugly side to all of it is plain to see. All the Christmass lights seem intended to numb our minds. But, we can stop staring at the lights, and look at white pete. Christmass time is the ideal time for soul harvesting. Many people get lost, depressed, insane or even suicidal. Over what? The white ‘success’ that has been dangled in our faces, is FAKE. All Santa is after is your labor, money and information. It is not “ho ho ho”, but “hoard hoard hoard”. And the slaves do as told. Their own children are used as weapons against them. Hey, is that not the spirit of Sinterklaas? Yes, but many times worse. Anyone dressing up like an “elf” is even more desperate than black pete. How to blame an “elf” for your own evil?

Christmass leaves little way to dump venom on Black people. For white pete to get drunk at a Christmass party or family gathering, is to attack other white pete. As the burden of performing to celebrate white slavery gets to be too much for most of them, there is a savior religion to turn to. Jesus will soon come to save them. Those who believe that, can remain blind to their own suffering. They do not have to become better people, for Jesus will lift them out of their self-indulgent misery. They are blind to what the last presumed Jesus looked like, so how will they recognize the next one? Maybe he already came, saw and… left. It does not matter to them.  Until Jhwsus gets here, they simply look for scapegoats to carry their burdens for them.

We need not take to their example. As long as we stay clear at Christmass time, they cannot get to us and our wallets. I have not had a Christmass tree this century, but I am starting to believe that a Kwanzaa table might be a nice new start for me. I have difficulty with Kwanzaa, because I do not understand why it does not start on winter solstice, December 21st. This ignorance that should be easy enough to lift. All I am declaring is that this year, I will be making an effort to put up a Kwanzaa-like table on December 20th, in time for the winter solstice. I need to break with any Christmass indoctrination, and that takes replacing it with something worthwhile. Something that comes with other morals than slavery, shopping and debt.

Clearly, I am not done writing about Sinterklaas en zwarte piet. But, it is time to turn my attention to how being regarded as black pete plays out in the real world. All over the world. And, to show that it is no better striving to become an executive white pete. Satan Claus does not care were his money comes from. He will order killings of his own white pete to get it. Slower forms of killing, that much is true.

We may think that we are getting ahead – look at all those millionaire entertainers and executioners… uh executives. But when will we stop to wonder where it is that we are going? The government has no interest in leading us to enlightenment. They are too busy tricking us with this war against arabs, Africans, and US. It is a war on all of us. Do not join them in their terror campaign. Black people are not sharing in the gain from the material and spiritual theft. On the contrary, we are only to be soldiers to help them kill, so they can steal our property.

Tyson Johnson - Nina BermanAsk soldier Tyson Johnson III and many many others. The government paid him to go get killed in Iraq, but as he refused to die and only got severely disabled, government wants the money back. Apparently, the money was to pay for his funeral. His orders were to kill and get killed. The computer games we give our children for Sinterklaas and Christmass, help their minds get used to it. Preparing our children for a short-life sentence in the prison called the military. We are handing over our money to help build it, and keep the monster alive. How many trillion dollars get transferred into ‘de zak van Sinterklaas’ – the deep pockets of Santa Clausduring war? Santa Claus? Yes, Satan Claus and his psychopathic slave drivers in charge of the propaganda they spin over the misery they keep creating for us.

The block on my blog shows me that they are set to keep their propaganda on the front pages of whatever medium, and mute most everyone else. They do need some protesters for show, but only those that they can control and/or play into their cards. I recognize that as long as I still have some of their programs controlling my mind, I will still be under their control too. It is only that where my hold-no-prisoners attitude used to get me in trouble with them, my can-you-hear-me-now writing has taken over. As I will continue to write, I will learn what to do about getting blocked, banned, boycotted and bullied. It is part of my self-education. Thanks Santa.


One Response to “No Black Pete Is Not Equal to White Pete”

  1. Twerk-A-Thon January 29, 2014 at 3:52 pm #

    Love it!!! You blasted through the block. You bent and twisted. Not Ho ho ho but got them to twerk drop twerk.

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