Black Pete – Sinterklaas Left. Why Are You Still Here?

8 Dec

Petes and Santa on BoatSo, the mass slavery celebration has come to an end, and white pete has to cover up his racist mind again. Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Santa Clause and black pete) got back on the slave boat, and were waved out. I actually do not know what happened, because I was not around to see it. As the Dutch are a greedy bunch, I suspect that they did not get Santa and blackface pete on a private jet. No, they are to sail – or steam off – across the canal, so the white zombies can stand on the docks and wave them out.

Only to make sure that they do leave. Enough is enough, already. They can only pretend to be ‘good’ for so long. The fake smiles and blackface make-up are itching. The euphoria of cheering on the white man in a dominant position over a fleet of dumb black pete, has worn off. White children and adults are coming down from their gentech-sugar-induced high. It was the only way to keep themselves going. Now that the worthless gifts are unpacked and cast aside, there is nothing left to hide behind as the deep feelings of emptiness and worthlessness engulf them again. Right on time for the Christmass season!

Time for a reality check. The Dutch are not ready for Christ’s massacre. The celebration of slavery has taken its toll. The government does not help them deal with their crash back into reality. Back to underpaid work and paying their inflated bills. No matter how many times their newspapers report that they are the happiest people in Europe, they cannot live up to it. Looking miserable for almost suffocating on their own venom, when Black people are around who have no interest in acting like zwarte piet. This is how I know them: unhappy and frowning bigots. Always looking for a Black person to blame their miserable state on. Not realizing that black pete is… white!

I may have gotten over my anger, but these white Dutch are not done with me. I went into a white store yesterday. The white girl looked at me as if she was surprised – but definitely not happy – to see me. She then refused to comply with my order, when I did not want to give her my personal information. The only purpose to ‘checking’ my personal information in their computer, is so they can send me direct junk mail and sell my information to other companies. If they want my personal information, then they need to pay me for it. As long as I am the one paying them, they do not get to tell me what to do. Her face scrunched up even more. No problem, I could get the stuff somewhere else. It is my money until I hand it over, and that was not going to happen.

Minnesota GirlsAs they awaken from their manic state, their true faces show. They cannot help themselves. They have no more excuses to blackface in public. Any funny accent that they put on trying to act Black – just think of the Minnesota girls – is out of season, and will show their ignorant state of mind. No more government to protect them when they are stupid enough to show their racism out in the open now. The governing corporations want them back at work, as they need to get ready to perform again for the Christmass season. Christmass is all about blaming white pete for the crime of killing their savior. No more blackface to hide behind.

They are unable to accept that it is not Black people who make them work hard to waste ever more money on toxic food and worthless gifts. For some reason their brains are not willing to accept that they are white slaves to white Santa Claus. One Santa Claus for white blackfaced pete, and a second Santa Claus for plain white pete. White Pete does all the work and buying of the poison candy and mindless gifts at Sinterklaas, and now white Pete has to do all the work and buy more toxic food and bigger worthless gifts to pay for Christ’s massacre. This time the propaganda machine also dictates quality time with extended family and in-laws for further indoctrination. Oh what fun, it is… to be told what to do. I would look miserable and scrunch up my nose too.

Now that Santa Hypocrite has left, they can no longer get high on their own racist insanity out in the open.  Not able to deal with the white hand that deceives them and robs them blind, the white slaves use their indoctrination for all that it is worth. It is all black pete’s fault. After December 5th the show is over. Why are Black people still around after that? There was still room left on that boat! They get consumed with anger, and start to think of passive-aggressive ways to get Black people to volunteer to leave. Every time I walk into a store, I have to show them that I have the money that they want.

If they do not behave the way that I want them to, I leave with the money still in my pocket. There is nothing that I need desperately enough, to put up with their white pete attitude, and give them my money. That is the trick that their Santa is pulling on them. What makes them think that they can turn around and pull that trick on me? Oh, right. Their indoctrination. The Sinterklaas program is still running. Those poor souls – or whatever they are. They continue to believe their own delusions. They could not expel their own demons by acting a fool, so now they seek salvation through punishment. If only a fool will volunteer.

They cannot help but to be hypocrites. If the celebration of slavery was just a ‘children’s party’, then why are they mad at me? I told them that I was NO BLACK PETE. They need to pay me to leave. But, they are out of money. Buying toxic candy and gifts on credit, is not a smart move. Same as showing up for a celebration of slavery that is paid for by the government by means of the taxes that the wage slaves pay. The same government that raised taxes on consumer goods just in time for Sinterklaas. That euphoria that I saw that first weekend, comes with a nasty downside: more debt. I did not hang around to see them crash, but as soon as Satan Claus got on his boat, I came back to watch the damage done.

The Elves - Selves - SlavesWhen will they finally understand that Santa Claus is all about slavery? That the slaves are the ones providing the work and money to put on the pretense. The white pete is paying with his own life, to derive some – any – pleasure from ridiculing Black people. They are quick to give up their children to join in line. And, I do care about that, because it affects my children. All the Black children in the world who cannot begin to understand why they are hated and mistreated, only for the color of their skin. All the Black adults who do not understand why the hatred is still going on strong. All the people in the world who cannot see behind the surface smiles and fake reports of the happy white pete.

It would be foolish to wait for white pete to wake up to see who the real Santa is. White pete shows us how backwards he is when he puts on blackface. The retardation has nothing to do with the make-up. It is white pete in his comfort zone, telling us that he is in no position to lead anyone anywhere. He is the ultimate slave, willing to do anything Satan Claus tells him to, as he looks down on Black people. Not quite like the house slaves getting experimented on and raped, yet looking down on the field slaves for getting experimented on, raped, and worked to death. But, close enough for now. The point is that the white slave is not going to free the Black slave.

So, we better get ready and free ourselves. We have to turn off the white programs, and understand that we are around because we are of use to them. They want us to believe that we are dumb pete, so we give them our labor, money, and information, for free. Even if they were to give us money, it would only be a loan and heavy with interest. Why give them what we need for ourselves? We have the power to use all of our assets to build our own communities. Anywhere we want to. In the middle of their cities, or take over their dying debt-crash suburbs and revive them, or in the middle of nowhere. That is the kind of power we have.

Even a city like Detroit has a chance. But, not with white programming running the minds of its citizens. Not with the proto-Satans in our own communities running the show. The government supports them in their endeavors, supplying our children with more and more guns and drugs. Turning them into soldiers, ready to exploit and massacre their own. There are too many fractured minds to be able to heal at once. The only reasonable option might seem to abort, but how will that change anything? Is it not better to deal with the problem of indoctrination, than the guilt of aborting our own?

Many will not feel guilty abandoning anyone. Things can be so miserable that one has to save his own soul. Fine. But, then do so. Do not buy into white slavery and be lost in more ‘comfort’. That is not saving your soul, but only numbing your mind. It is still not your own house, it is still not your own car, it is still not your own food. It is still not your own land. Stop anywhere that does not allow us to control our own minds, and we will still be lost. Ready to be experimented on with new programs. The same white supremacy thinking, only a new name.

Santa SatanI have a bigger problem with Satan Claus than I thought a year ago. It is not just about the black pete insanity. It is time to stop buying into any of the Santa-Satan travesty. Anyone who wants to stay blind and behind, can adhere to the sickness of Santa Claus. Anyone strong enough to deal with reality of Satan Claus, can put in the work – there is no savior coming – and rise above it. But, one needs to dig deep into the mud of one’s own mind, and get the faulty programming out. It takes strength and courage. It is the only short-cut there is. We do not have to abort our own, but we do have to make up our own minds to abort the white supremacist programming.


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