Black Pete, Where Did You Leave Sinterklaas?

5 Dec

The Mind of White Pete

Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Santa Claus and black pete) serve to get children indoctrinated. Nothing new there. Parents are to show that their indoctrination is still in effect, as they pass on their disease to their children. To get their children indoctrinated to buy into a white supremacy ideal, the poison candy and worthless gifts do not suffice. No, there have to be stories of black pete not able to live up to low expectations and simple responsibilities. “Black people are not to be trusted, you know. They cannot even take care of the simple assignment of guarding a horse.”

How can a slave robbed of his own mind, lose a horse? Does he not know that his life depends on it? Well, the slave will get his later. Set the example, and have him lose more of his mind. It is time to give the job to a more deserving mind-control subject. Let us get the children involved, and threaten them. “If there is no horse, there will be no gifts.” Would it not be horrible for the children to get punished for something that they did not do? The burden that was heaped on black pete now gets dumped on the children. Find the horse, or else. Oh what fun, it is… to pretend that the horse has disappeared, to keep children anxious ‘willing’ victims.

It is an important life lesson, though. In this materialized world, being good usually does not pay off. The people who put themselves in charge, do not care about what they made us think is good or bad. They want obedience. If one is good but not submissive one will get punished, while having to watch someone else get away with evil because that person knows how to be – or pretend to be – subservient. However, the black pete projection is so distracting that it is difficult for adults, let alone children, to pick up on that lesson.

What of the children? The children learn that it is okay that one weak white man controls a fleet of strong but dumb black pete. Enter white supremacy. That fun – pleasure – means that they no longer have to take into account the hurt of someone else. Enter psychopaths. That as long as there are candy and ‘gifts’, they can and should look the other way. They should not think for themselves. Enter zombies. That black pete is so dumb that he can lose a horse, but that they are smart as they are being called upon to help find it. Enter supreme delusion. That anxiety is good, it makes the reward seem worth its worthless while. Enter severe trauma. And the list goes on. All adding up to the children becoming worthy slaves like their parents.

See, the ones who created black pete do not care what they do to their own. As long as it serves their goal – to keep all of society under their control – it is not an issue. The children and their parents, do not see that they are not Sinterklaas. They associate what they perceive as race with the roles. They see themselves as the white man on a horse. They disassociate from their blackface, the more as they think of themselves as smart enough to find a horse.

The Real Sinterklaas. Not Black Enough

They associate with that the sick role of Santa Claus, and will seek to act this part whenever they can to seize control over other people. It is up to Black people to see the dress up – black pete is white – and not fall for the insanity. Without blackface, they are the ones in the sweatshops called offices. Working hard out of sight, and truly believing that they are not being victimized by psychopatic Santa-Satan.

Sinterklaas is only needed once a year to put people in their black pete place. White and Black people alike can trigger the program with ease throughout the year. There is no need to wait until December 5th. The program runs the whole day every day. Available for triggering and causing more trauma. Black pete may still have a bit of a mind of his own that he needs to get robbed of. Simply run the program. Offer a smile with the insult, and get the show on the road. Sinterklaasje, kom maar binnen met je knecht. (Santa Claus, enter with your slave.)

Instead of getting upset with the white pete slaves, I need to make sure that the program has no hold over me. Any emotion that can be aroused from recognizing the program running the minds of other people, should be seen as a need to get rid of more subtle programming from my own mind. To use the ridicule to retrieve more of my precious mind. Other than that, I have no need for blackface pete and Santa-Satan. End program.



3 Responses to “Black Pete, Where Did You Leave Sinterklaas?”

  1. Teenalicious December 7, 2012 at 3:58 pm #

    Interesting my brother and I read it together laughing. Def coming back to read more.

  2. berealblack July 26, 2013 at 5:39 pm #

    The horse is a woman and Black Pete the eunuch?

    • No Black Pete August 22, 2013 at 11:36 am #

      Good point. It seemed like it fit the Arab slavery era – which is still ongoing too – better. They had horrible castration practices leaving too many of our men bleeding to death. Those who survived were held in high ‘esteem’. What a price to pay for fake esteem. But, white pete had the same practices. It links tightly to their supposed fear of Black men raping their bland white women. And yes, white pete compares women to horses and dogs. To be broken in. Calling women whores and b@tches is not a Black thing at all. Just a projection of white insanity. Peace.

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