Black Pete – Thanking the Enemy for Keeping Slavery Alive

30 Nov

Finally. The Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Santa clown and black pete) propaganda cannot get me thrown off my balance anymore. Most of the anger has been processed, the sorrow has been voiced. I can see more clearly again. And clarity is of the essence. I already knew that it was a waste of my precious energy, to get upset with the zombies looking for poison candy and Punishment of the Four Stakestoxic gifts, as a pay off to keep the propaganda of Black slavery alive.

A few days ago, I saw an article caption that read “Have you thanked your captors lately?” I changed it to “Have you thanked your enemies lately” and, almost immediately I got access to a better solution. It is not a “final solution”, but then again I have no need to channel Hitler. Even his final solution, was not final. That is why we have black pete around, to remind us that it can be ‘final’ any day now. Anyway, it is clear that there is an enemy, and that enemy is creating problems. As bad as the problems are for Black people, it is of no use to despair. Problems come with solutions.

The jhw-jhwsus “love thy enemy” and buddhist “there are no enemies” came to mind. Which one came first? They are from the same Source, but something must have gone wrong in the daylight robbery of our ancient texts. I had no desire to love those sick puppets, and the puppets have been very clear on seeing me as their enemy. I have many life lessons as proof. Still, some enlightened beings who could see more than us blind mortals stuck in Samsara, claimed that there was no such thing as enemies. Their enemies did not agree. To be a prophet is a dangerous thing.

As I considered that there had to be enemies to state that there were no enemies, I could come to a point where I saw an opportunity for Black people. First, know thy enemy. White people are the enemy, because they make themselves our enemy. Why? They need an enemy outside of themselves to blame for their evil ways. As long as they have zwarte piet to push around, they do not have to look at the real enemies in control over them. To be a puppet or a zombie, means that someone else is in control. If it is not Black people, then who?

It is their own abusing them. They take the abuse as debt slaves, and turn around to abuse those they consider weaker. They are their own worst enemy, but they want Black people to fit the profile. Skin color is only their skin-deep reason to be able blame others. Hitler did not demand jhws to wear blackface. He made them wear a yellow star. To alert other people who might have no idea what a jhw looked like. To be Black is like wearing a yellow star to the Dutch. As Black people get dehumanized through propaganda, the white puppets are allowed to treat Black people as less than human.

Any Black person objecting to the ill-treatment will be punished for not behaving correctly. The Dutch exclude Black people because of their “behavior”. I used to think that they meant that Black people acted too Black. And, just dismissed the insane thinking. Now, I understand that Black people act not Black enough. We are still too smart for their taste. We need to be submissive and dumb slaves, before they believe that our behavior is good enough. For us. We are not to have a mind of our own. So, if we refuse to do as they say, they will point at our behavior. It is up to us to translate it to “you are not black pete enough.” Know that we can only partake in their game if we are willing to ignore our selves.

blackface bubblesistersWe are to behave like the image that they made of us. They take to a four-week display to show us how to act like black pete, because that is how they know they can control us. They have no idea about the intrinsic value of a Black person, because they are not interested. They are only interested in control. We are to behave like black pete, or deal with the consequences.  They will show us how much they fear us by punishing us. The intense hatred against Black people, is deep-seated fear.

We are the enemy of our enemy. One could say that “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” That would be us. But no, we cannot get along either. Black pete also serves as a way to get Black people to fear their own. Black people get indoctrinated from an early age on by white schools too. It takes a strong mind to go against the current of sick ideas. The current is upheld by a government that gives the go-ahead signal early in November. Schools comply, and through the indoctrination of children, the whole Santa and pete machinery gets moving. Pictures of Dutch monarchs of the Orange shield talking to a random blackfaced pete start to surface in their main-trash-stream media. They lead by example. All leading up to the ultimate celebration of slavery on December 5th.

Were do the protesters get a voice? In jail. And my blog – this one – got blocked. I mentioned eugenics and nazis, and that woke somebody up. Freedom of speech on the Internet? Yes, but that does not mean that people are allowed access to my ‘free’ speech. In the meanwhile videos of Minnesota black pete girls get published on the same WordPress site. Whose WordPress is it? One cannot mention nazis, but ridiculing Black people is okay? Interesting. Black people can advertise for WhitePress, but that does not mean that we get treated equally. Deal with the consequences. Well, back to Black Planet then.

Solution? Right. We need to be our own friends, and stop looking for friendship with a vengeance-driven hostile crowd. Their parents – this sick society – taught all of us how to hate, and how to spend money to show solidarity with the hate campaign. “For the children.” And, to help “the economy” – the rich white oligarchs and monarchs stealing our money – do better. The only way to get a sick child healed, is to give it medicine. Not poison candy and distracting self-esteem-undermining gifts, but something that will open their eyes to the truth. That they are in the same boat with us. Surprise.

Our truth is that we have a story of Black slavery. It is only a small part of our story, but it is the story that they want us to focus on. Fine. Let us focus on it. As I look at their black pete theater production with fresh eyes, I start to see a major opportunity for us. We celebrate ‘independence’ on July 1st. It does not attract much attention outside of the Black community, at least not as much as Sinterklaas. Oh, except when Queen Beatrix of the Orange house did not want to be among us Black folks. That was the year that ‘we’ finally got a monument to point at and tell them “told you so.” Except that we were barricaded out, and could not see through the tent that Beatrix was hiding in. Black pete is to be laughed at, not to be joined in commemoration. Her Gouden Koets (golden chariot) with depictions of slaves on it, made that much clear already.

We can save our energy, and stop fighting the zombies to make them see the error of their way. It is pointless talking to someone who is sleepwalking. The government has firm control over their minds. We might have a better shot at circumventing the main plan to reinstall Black slavery in the near future, if we get to the minds of our own first, and theirs second. If we direct our energy to educate on slavery in the period that they gear up their zwarte piet, we will have a mass audience. It will be a resentful one, but that is irrelevant. Many of them have never picked up a book on slavery, so they may be vastly ignorant about what they partake in.

Juden2What did the Germans say? Wir haben es nicht gewusst. Well, we can fix that now. Just as Thanksgiving can be used to educate on the annihilation of many indigenous AmerIndian and African tribes, so can Sinterklaas be used to educate on Dutch slavery and the annihilation of indigenous African people. There is still much to get out in the open. But, as long as people get distracted by black pete, the government and its robots can keep us from re-membering the truth and exposing it. We need to show that we had enough of their poison. That we see no point in working harder only to afford to get more poison.

They show us their evil. We do not have to guess at it. It frees up time, and gives us a great opportunity to heal our selves. We keep celebrating the formal abolishment of slavery on July 1st, but we add to it the education on ongoing informal – but covertly legalized – slavery halfway through November until their sickness hits its peak on December 5th. Even though I do not support the United Nations, I understand that they proclaimed December 2nd as ‘International Day for the Abolition of Slavery.’ In Holland we can add “and the Abolition of the Celebration of Slavery” to it.

There is an international forum. Too bad that we have to compete with Black child soldiers for attention. The white child soldiers only need to wave flags and sing racist lyrics at the Black slavery celebration in Holland. In most countries – not only in Africa, but also in the US and Europe – Black children get weapons and drugs, and their orders are to kill other Black people. Or, to suffer the consequence of getting killed themselves. In Africa, the UN comes in – after refusing to intervene before the arranged massacres – to demobilize. Get those children to be decent dumb and submissive like black pete.

For our massive re-education defense, we have a choice. An international day against slavery on December 2nd, and to compete with child soldiers showing ongoing physical slavery. And/or, the Dutch celebration of slavery on December 5th, and to compete with the black pete indoctrination program. Wait. The solution is becoming blurry again. I simply cannot believe the sheer madness of it all.


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