Black Pete – The Emblem of Pain That Can Lead to Maturity

27 Nov

Letting go of anger and fear, leaves room to feel the sadness and sorrow. To grief for the pain inflicted and still endured. To mourn for the prisoners kept in the dark dungeons of slavery. To feel sad for the prison guards, who are deprived of sympathy and empathy for fellow human beings. It is clear to me that both sides need to heal.

They hold on to their Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Santa Claus and black pete) so they can let know ‘who is boss’. They can only be boss if we still stumble around hurting from Black slavery, not understanding why. We need to know that we can heal, and no longer be distracted by their childplay.

If they can trigger us into anger by dancing around like clowns, it is because we allow them to still have power over us. Why look at the perpetrators for relief? We need to relieve them of their task. We need to look at what makes us mentally enslaved to their black pete insanity.

We are in no state to rule over them either. As we have not dealt with the trauma enough to be able to let it go. Even though I know better, I still find it hard to look at them in their black pete costumes, and see them for the insane children that they are. To see how long the road will be for them to reach maturity. We are to blame too.

To this day albino children are to fear for their lives, as they get abused or killed for being white. We could not see these white evil ones as our own children. We killed them before they could kill us. Some got abandoned, left in the woods for dead. But, what has become of those who got to escape the killing? It seems like our ancestors had not considered that.

It is now for us to consider. Either, we accept that there is but one race, which makes the evil ones our offspring too. And to accept that children learn from their parents. Or, we accept that there are different races, like they want us to. And that their races come from out of space, as their evil cannot possibly come from us. So, they look towards space to find their new old home, instead of their real parents who abandoned them a long time ago.

They had to make it on their own, not matured enough to understand Nature. All they understood was survival and violence. They have taught us the improved version as they enslaved us. What goes around… We did not get time to finish the sentence. We had forgotten, but they had not. They were going to take everything from us and claim it as their own. They were set to break us to avenge the ill-treatment that we awarded them.

And now we sit in shock – frozen and traumatized. Too numb and dumbed down, to understand what is really going on. This black pete is only a distraction. They get us angry at the dummy version, while their butchers continue the real work. The fight is not with the ignorant mass. They will change their tune as soon as they are told to. Their survival depends on it.

No, the mass is kept ignorant of real history, and to only focus on zwarte piet and consumption. They think they are eating candy, but it is poison sprinkled with gen-tech sugar. The real story is the private domain of the puppet masters. It is only because they know the real story, that they can be so effective in keeping in effect the ancient plan to destroy Black people. There is no equality to be gotten when it comes to the heart – the lack thereof – and mind of eugenics.

They are not looking to ‘merely’ control us. Their minds are set on annihilation, and they have many ways to do so. They have been using us as guinea pigs for centuries, and their methods of torture and killing have improved ever since. We are to be slaves used for our physical, mental and spiritual power. We are to remain in a constant state of terror, so they can have absolute control over us. Until they decide when it is time for us to die. And, we better like it. Smile and dance like black pete.

Slavery in any form, is a sad state of being that can be overcome. We stop fighting over black pete, and start addressing our own wounds. The trauma can be healed. The white black-faced pete is showing us that we need to. As we leave our traumatized state and grow back into our own healthy Self, they will not be able to keep up with us. But, as we get over our traumatized state, we will also come to realize once again that the deviant ones are also of us. We will finally realize that we can leave no child behind.

As we heal from Black slavery, we show them how to heal too. Is that not what all children look for? Parents that can show them the way to maturity. We mature first, and they will have no choice but to mature second. They will finally be able to let go of their sleeping doll. NO MORE BLACK PETE.




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