See the Real Face of Black Pete

24 Nov

Behind the anger is always fear. The fear that things are even worse than deemed thus far. I had encountered their resistance to abolish the zwarte piet (black pete) nonsense at work. I suggested a simple celebration of children’s day. To allow children a special day with high fructose-glucose-syrup candy, and gifts to show their parents’ slave mentality. I got met with silence, instead of applause. My white audience was not ready for a change of mind.

Their silence was covert anger. They kept their opinions to themselves. That is, they waited for me to be out of their sight, to discuss my utter arrogance among themselves. Who da hell did I think I was?! No one touches their zwarte piet! My well-intended compromise – they keep their day to waste sugar and money on their children, but have to let go of black pete – was taken as a hostile attack. They started to have meetings to get rid of me. I should have seen that one coming. They were going to get rid of the Black person refusing to play black pete! I was no longer welcome at their children’s party.

So, every time that their zwarte piet is up for discussion, I know that it is futile to argue with them. Resistance will only strengthen their resolve to keep their black pete in play. By all means necessary. The more complaints, the bigger the celebration of slavery becomes. They will teach us to learn to like it, even if they have to kill us to accomplish it. Not that they will get their hands dirty, they will just make us work harder and let the stress kill us slowly. They will get rid of the people they look upon as black pete slaves. Even though the hypocrites will not admit it.

Is it still not about Black slavery? Just because there are no visible chains, does not mean that the chains have been broken. They have no need for real Black people. If we cannot fake being black pete, then we cannot be real. Why do we have to be so difficult? They will fight for their stereotypical black pete, before they will acknowledge the intrinsic human rights of Black people. For example, the right not to have to act like a black pete (or Sambo) to be able to get a decent job or a government contract for your company, or… to stay out of jail. Black people are not real people to them, so they award us no civil rights. They have one policy for us: punishment.

Their fear of us, fed my fear of them. They are a ruthless bunch, and they are legion. They do not think for themselves. They follow government orders, even though the government lies to them continuously. And to us. On our side I also see numbness and dumbness. The pain of the past and present makes a lot of my own grab for anything that can numb it. But, the terror and horror are patient. They are always at the gate of reality to be let back in. There is not enough poison in the world to cover it. Besides, their poison is engineered to dumb us down further. They demand us to leave them to think for us. What do slaves need a mind for?

We can try to hide from the injustice inflicted upon us, and copied by us to unleash among ourselves. Some close their eyes and keep them shut while they stumble around, others use any drug available to cause a blur and pretend to be invisible. I have been part of the group that kept too busy with fool school and work to have to look up and stare evil in the face. But, no matter how we try to avoid it, evil does not leave. It spreads. And, it gets so thick that its victims can hardly catch their breath. It is part of the plan, as the brain cannot perform very well without oxygen.

The brain focuses on survival, and there is no time to develop the heart and the intellect. We are kept to perform according to our instinctive animal mind. The intellectual human mind is reserved for them. They want us to forget that intellect comes naturally to us. The animal state is inflicted, and kept in place by human design. Our state of being in the present is not Natural. We have to understand that our traumatized mind can be overcome, and rise above the caged animal state. For most it takes other people to show the way. To show us what has been wiped from our memories by vile brutality.

Instead of remaining angry about the Sinterklaas insult, I take it as a reminder of what is underneath the propaganda. They want us to believe that we stand a chance in their society, if only we will do as they say. We tried that, it is called Black slavery. Nevertheless, they continue to lie, and tell us that we can overcome our ‘savage’ state, if only we buy into their white supremacy thinking. Of course, they do not call it that. They call it science. The cutting open of Nature to see how it works. They do not care that they have to kill Her to do so.

They paste theirsick perception over what they do not want to understand. Black people are made into their animal state, because that makes it easier for them to exploit us. Zwarte piet shows us what we are supposed to do. To smile, sing and dance, even though we get brutalized. They do not want to see or hear from us what we think about what they did – and still do – to us. They do not want to hear or understand that they are the beasts that they accuse us of being. So, they will fight to keep their black pete. Their insanity depends on it. They are their own real enemy, but how much easier to put the blame on other people.

It is good to know that I can reach the spiritual god mind that they so desperately seek but their evil ways keep them from. I no longer have to get them to understand what they do not want to understand. I see that fighting them on zwarte piet, only strengthens their resolve which comes from fear. Fear of themselves. The only way to rise above them, is…  to rise above them. Show the world the white faces underneath the blackface. It is time to hand them back their realm of fear, terror, and insanity. The anger is to be released, as I reach for the higher vibration of healing. Their black pete can no longer distract me.


4 Responses to “See the Real Face of Black Pete”

  1. gatsie December 16, 2012 at 10:31 pm #

    How about this for a thought:

    To make a parody of this entire Sinterklaas festivity all together. Let’s have Sint Nicole (a proud black elderly woman) come to Holland each year, pulled forward in a carriage by 16 white slaves! She will be pulled through every city, followed by more white slaves who will dance like they have no sense of rhythm.

    • No Black Pete December 17, 2012 at 12:03 pm #

      Lol. Pay back.
      The thing is that the Black Petes are white, the black-face only shows their ignorance. And they already show no sense of rhythm! I would not wish 16 white slaves on a Black woman. That would turn her into ‘mammy’ (Black woman taking care of the children of white people) in no time. How about we look at Santa, and stop being his slaves?

    • gatsie December 19, 2012 at 5:19 am #

      Hmmm… Santa is a big fat lazy bastard who takes advantage of little elves and reindeers.

      Pay back would still be fun, though. It May need some more thinking through, I agree.

  2. berealblack July 27, 2013 at 11:35 am #

    Not much to add to it, as the woman breast feeds her child with her blackface on.

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