What Do They Need Black Pete For?

21 Nov

The difficulty with anger is that it is quick to rise, but slow to dissipate. I still cannot believe the scale of the Sinterklaas en zwarte piet (Santa Clause and black pete) event I saw last weekend. I did not see the celebration of slavery itself, as I had made a rash decision to get some food later in the day. But just the sheer mass of adults and children that I saw leave the scenes of the crime, got me to understand that the celebration was in no danger of abolition.

A year ago, I had decided to write on the racial concept of Black Pete from an informed perspective. I reasoned that sanity could replace insanity. I would go about it as methodically as these sick people go about protecting their precious celebration of the violation of intrinsic human rights of Black people. A year later, and I begin to understand the error of my ways. Even if the anti-black-pete movement got mass attention, the Claus event would only prove to get bigger.

My assumption was that this celebration of slavery is witness to the insanity of slavery and the ridiculous idea that Black people are like animals. It is the ill-treatment of Black people that shows the savagery of the oppressor. Anyway, as I started to read more on the New World Order and eugenics, I quickly realized that eugenics was not a Nazi invention, nor did it ‘go away’. The Nazis did perfect this deviant theory, but it did not start nor stop with them. After some Nazis left for other countries to continue their work at the end of the European part of World War II, eugenics was still a major pillar in the plans and activities of the New World Order.

Eugenics seemed out of sight, but it was never out of practice. The next step was to get the whole world to accept it, but to be more subtle about it. The race elimination plans were divided up in less obvious parts, while the aim to conquer – and annihilate – the ‘lesser’ humans remained the same. Schools, media and entertainment in the West and North, could indoctrinate in a much subtler way. While slavery, servitude and serfdom in the South and East, could continue its brutal way out of sight.

Never mind the Dutch Illuminati. They are low-level robots. They are the smoke screen to keep the monarchs, Ashke, Nazis, and kleptomaniac psychopathic oligarchs out of view. There are gods walking the earth, and they think they are it. Humans are to be enslaved to serve them. It is bad news for Black people, as we are at the top of the list of useful slaves, and at the bottom of the list of deserving human beings. As insane as this world view and plans are, that much do they think that they are sane. And, these self-appointed inhumane dogs of ‘gods’ have the power to implement any sick plan they can come up with. My little blog and brain cannot match that.

The scale of the Sinterklaas en zwarte piet travesty, got me to realize that things are going according to plan. It is a plan that had been laid out long before I was born. I cannot go back far enough up my ancestral line to find someone who knew of the plan well enough, to be able to warn me in my dreams. I suspect that is because we were once the rulers. It might explain the vast hatred that I find myself confronted with in the present. The vengeful greed is not pretty. Whereas we ruled in accordance with Nature, they demand that Nature gets cut up into ‘science’ to see how it works.

The New World Order has had a taste for Black slavery for centuries, and all plans are in place to keep slavery going. Not only in the South (Africa, South-America, the Caribbean) and the East (Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia). Not only to kill people in the middle (‘Arabia’ formerly known as Africa). No. The Black people in the West are a sore to pigment-void eyes. We need to be removed from the public, and trained to submit and accept menial jobs for low wages. Or get stuck with welfare checks which often do not even cover the rent.

Black pete shows me how next generations are sold the idea of Black slavery afresh. The New World Order knows how to sprinkle their insanity with sugar and call it candy. The plan is ruthless, and those in charge get their robots, puppets and minions to keep the System in place. The government is used to protect the perpetrators. Protestors get threatened with jail, or financial repercussions that come from losing their jobs, or getting audited by the IRS and fined.

The societies of white pete are not safe from their own psychopaths either. Psychopaths simply do not like people. No ‘people’ is good enough to match them. They do not have the feelings that are needed to get attached to other people and to want to take care of them. Their fair share is to take it from others. They deem those who have emotions weak. Easy prey. As they do not even like their own, I used to think that there was ground to rationally unite against their insanity. But, the special hate that is reserved for Black people cannot be countered with mere reason.

It was not enough to kill, torture and weaken Black people through slavery. As descendants we are denied the right to heal our wounds. We get ridiculed for not getting past the insanity inflicted on our ancestors. We get ridiculed for refusing to forget what has been passed down to us, and has become part of our collective mind. Hurt that cannot be healed, will get passed on. From one generation on to the next. It is not our skin, but what is underneath it that needs healing.

The horror and terror in the form of memories and emotions that get passed on. It lives on in us until it gets proper release. They know that. It is in their plans. They want to block us from healing so we remain in a slave-like state of mind. Our mind is their gold. For how much longer?

It took me long enough to understand that the pain of my ancestors cannot and should not be ignored. If I do not take a stand, then I will run the risk of passing it on myself. I need to speak up on what is still happening in the present. If not for us, then for our children’s children. I am convinced that the hurt can be healed. Even when they have mass celebrations to keep the wounds open.




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