The Ridicule Points Towards A Precious Mind

1 Oct

ChildrenIt is important to attend to the minds of your children. If you do not do it, the school will when they train their brains to comply with their sick teachings. They will infuse them with the images of powerful white pete and a pitiful black pete. The acceptance of these distortions opens the way to our children being ridiculed, and held back without a second thought.

I take offense to the ridicule, but it is the covert operation to hold our children back that really gets me upset. Our children are neglected and abused. While we all get misinformed. More and more children are drugged for behaving like children, and they get experimented on without the parents even understanding what is going on. The oppressors are not going to confess what they are doing. They are intent on keeping the lies in place and misdirect us. It takes a tenacious parent to understand what is really going on.

We have to take responsibility for our children’s minds. There is no other way. The savior is not coming. We have to do it ourselves. We are the ones who are responsible for allowing our children even a chance to be healthy of mind. Anything that they do as soon as they are able to learn to mimic adults, is what the adults show them to mimic. Children mimic adults all the way into their own adulthood. So, if their behavior seems to be filled with self-hate – even when directed outwardly at others – then it is what they have been taught.

Parents need to infuse the mind of their children with positive images and stories about Black people in the past, present and future. This means that we as parents have to know ourstory ourselves. One has to be aware of the ancient Olmecs or the Black people who built the pyramids, and know that they did so when white story books talk about their “stone age” or “ice age”.

One needs to know how slavery did not just benefit European tribes financially, but wealthy African Kingdoms became dependent on the slave trade too. Those kingdoms did not only acquire wealth by selling off their fellow Africans, more so, slavery was a handy way of getting rid of any enemy accept the white ones. If they did not have any African enemies left, they would simply create some in their midst.

We have to know how to be successful role models for our children in the present, and be able to point out others who are successful without showing off selfish psychopathic traits. We are the ones to explain to them that the minds of certain Black celebrities are not their own. To understand that the glitter and glamour that is being flaunted, is no match to their deep-seated depression or self-hate.

And we need to be able to guide our children into a future that has a place for them as worthy rulers or powerful participants. The children need to know their options. If they choose to work for corporations that do not have their best interest at heart, at least they will know so. If they want to be the top person in a company, then they will know that they have to start one of their own. In that case they will have to learn both sets of rules of the game, and not waste their time on shortcuts or tricks.

The easy part is to get to understand how the white system works. It is a system that does not care about color, but will use it to be able to divide and conquer. It is a system that only cares about money and property. The ones who own the system get to have it, others can maybe have it for a little while before the system takes it all back and then some. So, to depend on the system to do what is best for our children is not a healthy plan. The system is a lie, and that lie is flaunted in our faces.

It is no use to claim equality, and it is a tiresome track to demand damages for slavery to be paid. The system does not care about apologizing for slavery and paying for any damages. No, in Holland and Belgium they have decided to openly celebrate the way to control the slaves: Santa Claus and black pete (Sinterklaas en zwarte piet). To look at it is to learn to understand their white pathology. To understand that they are not interested in closing the wound of slavery. Clearly, the wound is to remain wide open. We are supposed to remain distracted by this short yet profoundly painful period of our past.

It is very painful as the system is still in operation. But, we need to understand that it is a short period in time. Black people ruled the world long before white people were about. How long did the Olmecs rule? How long did the ancient Egyptians of KMT rule? Who were the Moors that reigned in Europe until far into the Middle Ages? The Middle Ages are also called the Dark Ages. Why? Well, Black people ruling over white people would make them think of those times as Dark. No matter how much enlightenment the Black people brought them, white pete could only bear darkness.

It is in light of our story that one can understand their inherent dislike of Black people. We taught them how to talk, and they have used it to ridicule us. We are ridiculed to believe that we cannot reign and supposedly never have. And many of us have come to believe them. So, it is important to teach our children that they try to hurt us on purpose. The ridicule is intentional. It is another version of the blame-shame game that comes with brutal consequences. It is not a coincidence, it is not to be ignored. Children will be able to overstand the ridicule when they know we were rulers before getting shipped away as slaves.

Thus, it is powerful to get ridiculed. We need to know that the people who ridicule are unable to grow beyond their immature ways. We leave them to their kindergarten, and use our time away from them to mature and step beyond our former power. To be able to step beyond our former power, we need to know ourselves. We need to know how we stand in the past, the present, and the future. This knowledge is to become our wisdom. It is a wisdom that we already have, but we let their lies keep us from it.

Instead of trying to discipline white pete, we need to attend to our own children and their minds. To understand that the ongoing attempt to weaken the self-image and self-worth of our children, is to  manipulate them into behaviors that will cause them to undermine their self-esteem themselves. Our children risk internalizing the poison that they suffer at school. Without self-esteem our children cannot grow into mature adults. Instead, they will remain frightened children, like many of our adults seem to be.

We need to see the game for what it is. It is a sinister game of blaming the victims. Our children do not only get ridiculed and held back, on top of that they get blamed for it. It is up to us to let the children know that to get ridiculed, is to gather power for we are feared. By showing them how to use that stronghold to their own benefit, we can raise strong children worthy of the weak ridicule. It is time to give them their slave image back, and rule again.




One Response to “The Ridicule Points Towards A Precious Mind”

  1. berealblack July 27, 2013 at 11:33 am #

    Precious piece.

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